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Video: Cleanse yourself of the Orlando Magic loss by remembering that Andre Drummond is still tons of fun to watch

Yeah, the Pistons lost to the Magic. Yeah, Andre Drummond continues to not play enough to satisfy most fans. But on the bright side, he did play enough to do the things above.

Video: Big Baby gets dunked on, Jason Maxiell, Big Baby-eating version

I couldn’t find separate video of Jason Maxiell‘s dunk on Glen Davis, so you’ll have to sit through Tayshaun Prince‘s first before seeing Maxiell’s in this clip, but it’s worth it. Maxiell eats the biggest baby.

Video: Big Baby gets dunked on, Tayshaun Prince version

Glen Davis had a good night — he had 17 points and 13 rebounds and his team won. But he was the target of two fantastic dunks, this one by Tayshaun Prince.

Video: Greg Monroe hits free throw with one eye closed

Greg Monroe was poked in the eye by Spencer Hawes last night, but still calmly stepped to the line and knocked down a free throw (although he missed the second) with one eye closed.

Monroe is actually the second Piston to have to shoot free throws with only one eye in the past week. I don’t have video, but Jonas Jerebko had to shoot after getting elbowed in the eye against the Kings. He didn’t have as much luck though — he missed both attempts.

Hat tip Deadspin

Video: Kyle Singler leveled by Kwame Brown, doesn’t care, hits three

In his first career start, Kyle Singler is having a great night for the Pistons with 13 points on 6-for-12 shooting against the Philadelphia 76ers as I type this. But in the first half, Singler made a vintage Singler from his Duke days play, colliding head-first with Kwame Brown’s ample backside, getting up, staying in the game and knocking down an open three moments later. He’s brought elements of toughness, energy and shooting to the starting lineup that, to this point, had been missing from that unit.

Also funny — how the couple of vocal complainers about Singler getting the starting spot tonight from earlier today have been strangely silent during tonight’s game. Jodi? Sebastian? Where you bros at tonight?

Video: Thomas Robinson elbows Jonas Jerebko’s head, gets ejected

Hat tip: Reaction

Video: Andre Drummond getting back to his forte, throwing down a lob against the Denver Nuggets

Andre Drummond surprisingly hit a 3-pointer agains the Denver Nuggets. But he also had a more Drummond-style first half highlight as well, finishing this lob pass from Will Bynum, who continues to be great at looking for and finding Drummond when they’re in the game together.

Hat tip to YouTube user GrantHill for getting these videos up so quickly.

Video: Andre Drummond hits a 3-pointer against the Denver Nuggets

Just when you thought Andre Drummond is only about flashy dunks, blocks and rebounds, he showed off a little more in his repertoire in the first half against Denver Tuesday with the shock clock running down. He might already be a more reliable 3-point shooter than a couple of Detroit’s guards who shall remain nameless.

Video: Rasheed Wallace will grace us with his presence

We could all use a little pallet cleansing after two bad losses to open the season, so distract yourselves with this fantastic conversation between Knicks coach Mike Woodson and Rasheed Wallace from last night. Also, via Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today, ‘Sheed had this to say after the game:

So good to have him back.

Video: Jonas Jerebko finds Kyle Singler with a behind-the-back pass

Commenter Otis rightfully put Dan Feldman on Front Street for not mentioning the above play by Jonas Jerebko to Kyle Singler in Wednesday’s recap. Jerekbo’s all-around game really looks improved early on this preseason and season.