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Tweet-troit: Tracy McGrady, Greg Monroe and Austin Daye all vying for funniest Piston Tweeter

We all need a little levity, right? This is our periodic roundup of the best of the Pistons on Twitter.

When I do these Twitter roundups, I usually like to focus on just one or two players who had particulary prolific stretches on Twitter. Three guys this time were pretty good. Tracy McGrady, Austin Daye and Greg Monroe are all highly entertaining, but there can only be one winner. Here’s what they were talking about over the last couple weeks:

Here was Daye’s best:

Laying in bed Watchin a movie…is it weird that at my age I think Disney movies r hilarious (Kung Fu Panda, Shrek ect.)????

The multiple question marks make me think Daye is very concerned about his kids-movie watching habit. It’s OK. I think.

Monroe, meanwhile, is more concerned with why people always rush to Beyonce’s defense:

y beyonce fans gotta defend her for no reason everytime another female artist doin somethin? she the best dang. lol jus let them ppl perform

But as you’ll see, the next two by McGrady are clearly the winners. First, the runner-up, in response to a question from a fan about what it will take to sign him next year:

brinks truck lol RT @Eburgess116 @TheReal_TMAC hey mac with your contract being up this year can we count on u to resign in the off season

Haha. But seriously, don’t listen to him Joe Dumars. You’ve taken a lot of free agents up on that ‘Brinks Truck’ contract demand lately. Here’s McGrady’s winner. No words to describe it. It’s just gold:

yeah cant rock the skinny jeans. gotta smh at that… construction issue. crane in da way

Tweet-troit: Lazy Pistons Tweeters beware of Need4Sheed

Catching up with the Pistons on Twitter

For all of the very active Pistons on Twitter, Natalie at Need4Sheed exposed the Piston with the most inactive account, Rodney Stuckey.

Natalie discovered that Stuckey’s Twitter page was essentially a RSS feed that just captured headlines from around the web mentioning Stuckey and Tweeted them. Not a bad strategy for a player who gets a lot of positive press. But for a player like Stuckey, who is as polarizing a Piston as it gets with many vocal defenders of him on one side and many on the other who believe he has no future as a point guard in this league, there are as many negative headlines as positive ones. And sure enough, Stuckey’s Twitter account was not descriminating, as evidenced by Stuckey’s account Tweeting a column Justin Rogers wrote entitled ‘Tracy McGrady should be the Pistons starting point guard.’

The definitive proof came when Natalie wrote a headline — “Rodney Stuckey: I like Unicorns, Cotton Candy, Star Trek and Harry Potter Movies” — which was, sure enough, Tweeted by the Stuckey account.

All of the offending posts have since (surprise!) been deleted by whoever it was who was supposed to maintain Stuckey’s account for him, but they are preserved for ever over at N4S if you care to look.

Most other Pistons-related Tweets this week were travel-related, since the team was on a road trip. First, Charlie Villanueva was sure to hear crickets when it came to responses for this query:

What is there to do in Utah?

And beat writers Vince Ellis of the Freep and Vincent Goodwill of the News had some adventurous sounding commutes. First from Ellis:

Stuck on the tarmac in Atl for 30 minutes waiting for a gate. #hartsfieldsucks.

As for Goodwill, at least he got on the plane. Unfortunately, so did an apparently annoying kid next to him:

“I’m thirsty” “what’s that thing” “is that the gas tank” “why do we have to fly delta” “cut the light off” “when r we taking off” #annoyed

And since no other players really Tweeted much interesting this week, we’ll just stick to the wild and crazy guys covering the team. Here was Ellis from the Lakers game:

Staples Center wireless is awful so tweets rare tonight. #Pistons.

Makes sense. Just stick to the most important observations. After all, who wants to mess around trying to get off a frivolous Tweet only to have the wireless fail? And his very next Tweet was certainly no frivolity:

Mario Lopez courtside with backward hats on. #Pistons.

Tweet-troit: Greg Monroe is becoming quite the prolific Twitter user

There are a handful of NBA players who are very entertaining to follow on Twitter. Pistons rookie Greg Monroe is quickly becoming one of them.

First, he shows he’s a man of principles when it comes to Twitter etiquette:

RT @Cwright_4 its funny how ppl tweet but dont respond to texts lol < son I hate that. Its disrespectful on the low. Lol

He’s also not a fan of these shoes. I can’t say I blame him.

#random but if any girl eva have on the them nike/jordan heels from facebook, idk what i would do, but they def would lose my respect!

It’s good to see Monroe is a student of classic comedies:

Cosby show! I haven’t seen this in foreva.

#question yall like tichina arnold more as Pam on martin or chris momma? She hilarious as both.

Monroe made a trip to the mall this week. And was rewarded handsomely:

The workers at Mrs. Fields gave me a free slice of cookie cake. #ftw

He also took a moment to celebrate a milestone with his fans:

everybody take a shot. we celebratin my 3,000th tweet in #clubtwitter lol

Tweet-troit: Tracy McGrady’s pitching arm could get him Cliff Lee money

With the Pistons playing poorly and things growing negative around here, I’m going to try and shake things up a bit with some random posts that will hopefully remind people that there are still likable guys on this team, it’s still the NBA, and ultimately, we’re all lovers of basketball, right? There’s certainly a time and a place to be critical, but a couple times a week, I’m going to at least try and post some lighter fare that is a reprieve from the swirling negativity around the team’s immediate future.

The only place to find pro athletes unfiltered nowadays is on Twitter. Periodically, I’ll compile the best of what Pistons players are Tweeting about.

We all know that Tracy McGrady is working his way back from a knee injury that contributed to him going from one of the highest paid players in the league to a player who had to beg around for a veteran’s minimum deal last offseason just to prove he could still play.

But if the whole basketball thing doesn’t work out, McGrady’s not giving up on other ways to get big-money contracts:

I think I need to get my pitching arm back in shape the way these baseball players getting that $

And don’t just think it’s McGrady joking around. He’s crowd-sourcing Twitter for help realizing this dream:

I need a part time catcher to help get started..any volunteers? Lol

I’ll give my catcher 5% once we make the big league

That’s great pay in any economy. But it’s a shame he’s going to concentrate on pitching with this kind of power:

Tracy McGrady Softball Classic

Barry Bonds would be proud of that home run trot. And just to prove that McGrady is a man of fancy tastes who can afford to pay a personal catcher such an exorbitant salary, he concluded his day of Tweeting with this:

Ight I’m off to have some moscato and a cigar..y’all hold it down on this Twitter shyt!!