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Join PistonPowered on Facebook

We hear this Facebook thing is the wave of the future, so it’s about time PistonPowered pestered you folks to ‘like’ our badly neglected Facebook page. We promise to pay more attention to it.

You can find links to our posts there, but we’ll also get other discussions there and hopefully get more people in the comments section here. Laser, nuetes, DetroitPCB and Alan can’t be expected to shoulder the load in there every day, you know?

It’s totally worth your while. We already have celebrities such as Detroit Bad Boys bloggers Matt Watson and Brian Packey, ABC12 sports anchor Ryan Slocum and future GLIAC Freshman of the Year DeMarco Sanders from the Ferris State basketball team following us. Who wouldn’t want to join that group?

You can also follow our much more well taken care of Twitter page if you’re not already.

Back in business

Aaaaaaand, we’re back.

If you’ve tried to visit the site in the last few days, you’ve no doubt noticed that we’ve been having some technical difficulties. Dan’s tweet last week tried to shed a little light on the subject, allowing Twitter to prove it’s utility (really, you should follow us), but allow me to explain…

Presumably because of you, our ever-increasing band of loyal readers, our former webhost decided that we were using too many resources and suspended our account last Wednesday. It was not the first time they shut us down, but we’ve made sure it will be the last. To do our best to prevent future downtime, we decided to switch to a new host and in doing so learned even more reasons we should have made the change long ago.

Without getting into the gory details, it was a complicated process that probably shouldn’t have taken as long as it did. We’re still learning as we go with some of these things. Unfortunately, some comments posted Wednesday evening on Patrick’s undisputed stance on the ‘Mr. Big Shot’ moniker weren’t able to be included in the move. I was able to track down copies of them, however, and have reposted them under the article (here).

Though a bit painful, ultimately this is a good move. We appreciate your patience.

It’s good to be back.

I hate writing posts about commenting on this site

It’s a waste of my time and yours. And that’s why I haven’t done it before. I probably should’ve addressed this sooner – and I’ll keep it brief now – but here’s the deal:

No personal attacks.

Attack the idea, not its author. It’s really that simple. If you don’t, offending portions of your comments will be removed. Repeat violators will be blocked.

Our comments are pretty open right now. We’ll give a lot of leeway on what you can post, but this is where I draw the line.

I enjoy our comments section, and I read all of them. Let’s keep that area below the posts worth reading.

Let me know if you have any questions.

A note on comments

Dan and I started PistonPowered from scratch in January, 2009 to very little fanfare. The site design was minimalist if you’d like to be polite, uninspired if you’re not feeling so generous. Content consisted primarily of newspaper round-ups and sparsely attended live blogs. Our readership was made up of a few friends and our moms, the latter of whom aren’t even basketball fans. Ensuring proper comment formatting was not a top priority.

Fast-forward eighteen months. Thanks to our inclusion in the TrueHoop Network, the recent addition of Patrick Hayes to our writing staff, and general practice at this stuff, we have more readers than ever before. Good readers who often challenge what we write and participate in (mostly) thoughtful discussion. And the comments are a mess.

Make no mistake, it’s our mess. In all this time, we’ve strived to constantly improve the blog, both with more in-depth coverage and new features. But for technical reasons, the comments have lagged behind. After a couple levels of replies, it becomes necessary to practically climb into the screen to follow along.

We’re currently in the middle of a major design overhaul that will soon solve these problems, but it’s not yet ready for prime-time. In the interim, to improve general readability, we’ve decided to disable nested comments. You’ll still be able to weigh in on all the action here at PistonPowered, just not directly reply to other comments.

I hope this temporary inconvenience won’t deter you from sharing your thoughts with us. We really do appreciate your participation here on the site. After all, it was nothing other than a comment that prompted us to make this change.

As always, if you have any suggestions on how to improve PistonPowered please contact us.

Welcome Patrick Hayes, the newest PistonPowered writer

We’re very excited today to announce Patrick Hayes is joining PistonPowered. You might recognize Patrick from his excellent work at Full-Court Press. He will be writing regularly for this site now.

What this means for you

In the long term, better and more complete Pistons coverage (and probably the wrath of Patrick in the comments if your thoughts are nonsensical).

In the short term, Patrick has NBA TV and will be writing about the Pistons’ Summer League game against the Lakers tonight at 8 p.m. (Watch on ESPN 3.)

Patrick will contribute to the PistonPowered Twitter, and you can also follow him.

Again, we’re extremely happy to have Patrick on board.

Allow this post to serve as your open thread for tonight’s game.

PistonPowered 1.5

In an ongoing effort to make the blog better and more user friendly, we’ve decided to make a few changes to the design here at PistonPowered.

For starters, we’ve scrapped the left sidebar completely and added a new menu bar at the top of the site. The right sidebar has gotten a little bigger, and there’s more room for the main content which should allow us to put up better charts, pictures, etc.

Things have been moved around a bit, so here’s a complete rundown of what’s different:

Menu Bar

Many of the items that used to be found in the left sidebar have moved to the top of the page, and we’ve added a few new pages as well.

  • Login/Logout: This contains all account links, including registration, login, logout, and your profile page.
  • Schedule/Results: A work in progress, this currently takes you to a list of all Game Previews and Reviews. We’re still figuring out the best way to display this information, so stay tuned for the final version.
  • Roster: This is a new page consisting of all current and former Detroit Pistons that we’ve covered on the blog, including coaches. Each link will take you to that player’s Player Profile if they have one, and gives a list of recent posts tagged with that player’s name. The dropdown menu for Roster will list all current players and the head coach for easy access to their info. We almost forgot to include Kwame Brown in the list though. Close call.
  • Salary Chart: Here you’ll be able to find a rundown of the Pistons’ salary obligations for the next few years, including player and team options. I have a feeling this might come in handy when the league is working on a new CBA in the near future.
  • Archives: This is where you can find every post we’ve ever written. Scary, right? They’re broken up by both date and category, and you can always search to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • More PistonPowered: Can’t get enough? Here you’ll find links to our Facebook page, Twitter accounts, and RSS Feeds.
  • About: This has some general information on PistonPowered, and a page for each of the blog’s authors where you can see recent posts, and all kinds of juicy personal details. Enter at your own risk.


  • Other info from the now-defunct left sidebar has made the jump across the page to the other side. The site search, links to other sources for Pistons coverage, Feldman’s recent articles (even more recent than before!), and The Glove Compartment have all survived in tact.
  • We’ve gotten some questions lately about where we get our data, so we’ve also added a few of our favorite NBA resources, including Basketball-Reference, Hoopdata, and BasketballValue. Hopefully some of you will find them at least a little bit useful.


Feel free to poke around the site to get acquainted with the new layout. We’d love to hear any of your questions, concerns, or feedback, so go ahead and shoot us an email (pistonpowered[at]gmail[dot]com). All suggestions are welcome.

Become a fan on Facebook

For those readers out there who just can’t get enough of PistonPowered (and honestly, who can?), there’s yet another place you can go to get your fix. We’ve created a Fan Page on Facebook where you can and go to view regular blog posts as well as the contents of The Glove Compartment.

But wait! There’s more! Act now, and we’ll also throw in bonus community features including a discussion board and an exclusive Facebook Wall at no extra charge. Tell the world how you really feel about PistonPowered and become a fan today!

Blog schedule, including ESPN chat


I’ll be joining Chris Broussard in a chat about the Pistons at 2 p.m. tomorrow. Join and ask some questions.

If you’re unavailable then, a transcript of the chat will be available here.


I’m also going to do individual player previews between now and the start of the season. They’re ordered by who I expected to have the biggest impact this season, from least to most.

I’ll also do a team preview and a bigger-picture look at the Pistons before the regular season starts.

Here’s a tentative schedule:

Oct. 14: Deron Washington

Oct. 15: Jonas Jerebko

Oct. 16: DaJuan Summers

Oct. 16: Chris Wilcox

Oct. 17: Austin Daye

Oct. 18: Jason Maxiell

Oct. 19: Kwame Brown

Oct. 19: Ben Wallace

Oct. 20: Will Bynum

Oct. 21: Charlie Villanueva

Oct. 22: Rodney Stuckey

Oct. 23: Tayshaun Prince

Oct. 24: Richard Hamilton

Oct. 25: Ben Gordon

Oct 26: Season preview

Oct. 27: State of the Pistons

Computer troubles

Sorry for the lack of content the last few days, but I’ve had some computer troubles. I’m hoping to have it all squared away tomorrow.

And I’ll also try to have something up after tonight’s game.

PistonPowered will participate in mock GM league

Ngozika Nwaneri at PASPN.net has set up a mock GM league for PistonPowered readers, friends of PistonPowered readers and anyone else who signs up.

I’ve played this game a few years, and it’s great. Everyone comes up with trade ideas, and this is your chance to act on them.

Here’s a brief explanation:

This is the first fantasy basketball game that enforces the rules of the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement. Participants can chose to either take over an NBA team as a General Manager (GM) or create an NBA sports management firm (Agent) for the purpose of managing the relationship between NBA players and the teams they play for. During the first half of the summer, GMs trade players and draft picks, decide team options, create draft boards and position themselves for the free agency period. The first half ends with the NBA Draft where GMs select college players for the up and coming season. The second half of the summer is the free agency period where Agents and GMs interact to negotiate contracts for players who are free agents, players who have been released, players looking for extensions from their rookie contract, etc. By October when other fantasy games are just starting, you would have already assembled your fantasy teams for Head-to-Head (GMs) or Rotisserie (Agents) competition for the upcoming NBA Regular season.

More information is available at the league’s home page.

You can pick your team Thursday at 4 p.m. here.

And thanks to Ngozika for putting all of this together.