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Stan Van Gundy on re-signing Greg Monroe: ‘It’s obviously got to be a mutual thing’

Stan Van Gundy on Greg Monroe, via Yannis Koutroupis of Basketball Insiders:

I’m not hesitant at all about that. I mean, I didn’t mean to be. No, we want Greg Monroe back. But it’s obviously got to be a mutual thing, too. So, there’s no hesitation there. From day one, I think Greg can tell you, I went down and met with him. He was the first player I met with. I went down and met with him within a few days of getting the job and made it clear to him that – met with him in Miami – made it clear to him that we want him back. And we haven’t wavered on that at all.

I’m confused by Van Gundy – after implying the Pistons would match even a max offer for Monroe – saying Monroe’s return must be mutual.

It really doesn’t need to be.

Monroe is a restricted free agent, meaning the Pistons can match any offer he receives. It’s 100 percent in the Pistons’ hands whether he plays for them next season.

Some restricted free agents have signed offer sheets elsewhere and declared how badly they want to leave. See Eric Gordon with Phoenix. These players have no leverage other than threatening to brood as they play out the contract with their previous team. See Eric Gordon with New Orleans.

If Monroe does that, would Van Gundy not match? Is he allowing this decision to become mutual?

The psyche of a player is important, and an unhappy Monroe probably won’t produce as well as he has the previous few years. But even if he says he’d be upset with the Pistons matching an offer sheet, they’d have time to win him over again.

There’s no guarantee he’d stay mad. Heck, if Monroe actually pulled such a stunt – and I’d be somewhat surprised if he did – I’d bet he gets over any misgivings shortly after Detroit matches.

I’d much rather risk changing Monroe’s attitude than letting him walk for nothing.

Does Van Gundy share that mindset? I would have guessed yes – most executives would – but his latest comments open the door for a different philosophy.


  • Jul 9, 201410:14 am
    by JYD for Life


    The best take away from this clip was how Yannis kept inching the mic closer to SVG…what a goon.  Langlois looked slightly annoyed.  

    • Jul 9, 201410:16 am
      by JYD for Life


      You can see it better on the freep.com clip…Vince Ellis was almost zoomed in on Yannis.  

  • Jul 9, 201411:09 am
    by Ryank


    SVG said over and over he knows what he’s going to do.  Now it’s just a matter of time till his agents gets offers from other teams.  Obviously they are going to test the market instead of working out a deal directly with Detroit.  Is he willing to play for less here then he can get elsewhere?  Does Monroe believe there’s a better situation for him with another team?
    If Monroe gets a max offer, it’s likely Detroit will match and then trade him.  SVG probably has had these talks with multiple teams already…lined up teams that will take him in trade (on a max deal) for something SVG thinks is fair.  SVG would be foolish not to have had these talks and to have something preliminary lined up if this is his plan.  Or SVG might match the max deal and keep him in Detroit…  I don’t see how he could just watch him walk away though.
    Monroe is not in control if he signs anything that locks him in beyond a year.  If Monroe wants out, he needs to sign the qualifying offer and play one more season in Detroit.  Then he will be unrestricted and can sign anywhere without Detroit having control over who he plays for.

  • Jul 9, 201411:25 am
    by iutjt


    This isn’t LeBron. If Monroe doesn’t want to be here, then you don’t sign him to a max contract and worry about smoothing things over later.
    Its one thing to grossly overpay a 15/9 big man with bad defense if he’s all in committed and wants to be here. Its totally different thing to grossly overpay a 15/9 big man with bad defense when he doesn’t even want to be here. If you though his careless effort on D was bad before (when he wanted to be here and was playing for a contract) wait until he doesn’t want to be here, is mad at the organization for forcing him to stay here, AND already got his money. What reason left does he have to start trying on defense then?
    SVG is right. You don’t want to let him walk for nothing. Which is what he alluded to when he said they value Monroe more than any FA on the market. Translation: ‘we have no interest in letting him walk for extra capspace just to have more money to spend on players we value less’. At the same time though, you don’t want give a huge contract to a player who doesn’t want to play for you. See Eric Gordon and how that worked out. So I think that’s where we are right now. SVG probably has some trades lined up to teams that he wants to deal with, but maybe Monroe prefers to play for other teams who aren’t offering what SVG wants. Thus Stans comments of “we’ll wait weeks or month if we have to…” Stan is playing hardballl and is content just waiting it out and seeing if Monroe’s camp gives in and either agrees to play here or accept a trade to the team of our liking.

    • Jul 9, 201411:56 am
      by Ryank


      The waiting part is on Monroe’s side.  They’re not getting offers because everyone’s waiting on Melo, Bron, and Bosh to figure out what they’re going to do.  When teams lose out on those players, they will look for a second tier…Monroe is one of the best second tier options going right now.
      Monroe would probably be a 18/11 guy if Drummond wasn’t sucking up all the rebounds.  But at 15/9 and only playing the offensive side of the floor it’s foolish to pay him a max deal.  For the pistons I think letting him walk is the worst option.  Second worst option is matching a max deal and keeping him.  A potentially positive option is signing and trading him…depends on the deal.  The best option is signing him to an $8 million deal that’s fair for his value.  He’s obviously going to get more than $8…

      • Jul 9, 201412:37 pm
        by iutjt


        Worst case to me is signing him to a max deal. The bigger the contract, the harder it is to trade. So the idea that its better to resign him at all cost and then worry about trading him later, than to let him walk for nothing, I don’t know about that. What if you can’t trade him later? Last thing this team needs is another 14 mil/yr contract they can’t trade to go along with Smith’s (and both at the same position to make it even worse). It would be like the Rip-Gordon situation all over again, where we end up having to buy one of them out, and use a 1st round pick just to trade the other,
        Second worst case is resigning him to a 10-12 mil/yr deal instead. I wouldn’t have a huge problem with that because that should be a tradeable contract. Though I’m with you that he’s really worth no more than 8-9 mil/yr based on his impact. Which is why I don’t want to sign him at all and prefer to either do a S&T or just let him walk for nothing and use the capspace to fill other more important needs.

        • Jul 9, 201412:49 pm
          by Parsons


          I agree. It almost seems like Monroe is alone in his tier. None of the players in his tier are available and none are SFs. I’m afraid that you’re right and we won’t be able to trade him especially if he is stuck playing PF which he isn’t all that good at. That and an awful contract could decrease his value and make it so we can’t move him. Having all that money tied into 3 unmovable contract in Smith, Jennings, and Monroe will make it a lot harder to put a decent starting unit on the floor.

          • Jul 9, 20143:46 pm
            by JOB

            contracts other teams could be willing to move w a Monroe max in play: Bledsoe, Hayward, Stephenson, Parsons, Frye (prob why he got that deal), Gay, Avery Brad, Hibbert, Lee, Gordon, Iggy, Pek, Batum, Tyreke, Thad, Larry Sanders. that’s without going deep in 4-8mil contracts of decent guys OR bringing up recent first round picks teams would considering throwing into a package with one of these guys to even out a Monroe trade.
            now I’m not saying we’d want half those guys, but once a Monroe and any of those players are in play, all types of stuff can shake loose. we have to sign the guy. The “max” term is being thrown around, but it’s not even that high currently and stands to be less substantial over the next several years with likely cap increases.
            People here are talking about Monroe’s risks, ways he doesn’t fit, and might not grow, but ALL the guys I listed have fit risks with whatever team they’ll be signed to, some health risks, upside risks, it’s not just a Monroe thing. he’s a great asset to have the RFA situation with, we need to utilize it.

  • Jul 9, 201411:57 am
    by iutjt


    Michael Wallace has a great article on ESPN on the situation. He says Pistons are looking to get a deal done in the same 5 yr, 60 mil area that Gortat got. I’m guessing he means price per year because Monroe isn’t getting a 5 yr deal. But if they are looking at only giving him 12 mil/yr, and he wants more, that could be where the whole “mutual” thing comes from. Maybe he wants to play here, but doesn’t want to take less, and SVG wants him here but 12 mil/yr is his limit. 
    Thus, Monroe waits for the market to clear up to see if he can get more elsewhere, and if not just takes our offer and stays. Still wonder though what would happen if he does get more elsewhere. Will Stan just take whatever he can get in a S&T or match?

    • Jul 9, 201412:50 pm
      by Tim Thielke


      Why wouldn’t Monroe get a five year deal?

      This is a new contract, not an extension. So he wouldn’t have to be Detroit’s “designated player”.

      • Jul 9, 20141:22 pm
        by Ryank


        He can only get a 5 year deal with Detroit.  If he signs elsewhere he can only sign for 4 years and Detroit would match that deal to retain him.

        • Jul 9, 20141:34 pm
          by Tim Thielke


          True, but if the “Pistons are looking to get a deal done in the same 5 yr, 60 mil area that Gortat got”, then why does it matter what other teams can offer?

          Let’s say another team is willing to give Monroe $49M/4 yrs. I would at least try to get him to consider the lower annual rate but higher guarantee of $57M/5 yrs. This is assuming that Monroe brings the offer to Detroit but hasn’t yet signed it, which is how these things are often done.

          • Jul 9, 20141:43 pm
            by JYD for Life

            Can we give him a 5-yr in a S&T? 
            Say he agrees to the other team’s 4 yr/49 Mil offer…can we then sign him to 5 yrs/62M and trade him to that team? 

          • Jul 9, 20141:44 pm
            by Tim Thielke


          • Jul 9, 20142:22 pm
            by Ryank

            Remember, he’ll almost certainly put an out option in the deal at 3 years.  With the out option 2-3 years out, he stands to get a new, more lucrative deal (or at least an extension) if he plays well, while having the insurance of opting in for the remaining years he he plays poorly.  
            He won’t sign for 4 years when he can have 5 and an option to get out at 3 unless Detroit is low balling compared to what he can get elsewhere.  A 4 year deal isn’t good for Monroe unless Detroit lets him walk…in which case it’s his best option.
            He’ll likely get $65 million for 5 years from Detroit with an out option after the third year.  That’s a much better deal than 4 years $56 million that he can get elsewhere.

          • Jul 9, 20142:32 pm
            by Tim Thielke

            I don’t think the player option changes anything. The Pistons can offer that but so can every other team. All the Pistons have that others don’t (besides intangibles like continuity) is an extra year.

            Technically, they can offer slightly bigger raises, too. But since I don’t think they should be offering a max contract, that’s irrelevant. Whatever number they agree to should get as front-loaded as possible to increase flexibility down the line.

          • Jul 9, 20142:59 pm
            by Ryank

            The out option means this is a 3 year deal if he plays well and a 5 year deal if he doesn’t.  With another team it’s a 3 or a 4 year deal.  
            The point is what I posted above.  He won’t bring an offer sheet to Detroit for 4 years to match.  He’ll either sign the offer sheet because Detroit is low balling him or he’ll negotiate a 5 year deal directly with Detroit.  He’ll have have the out after 3 years, so it only makes sense to get another year guarantee in the even he underperforms.  
            I guess we’re saying the same thing.  

          • Jul 9, 20143:59 pm
            by Tim Thielke

            Nope, you can only have one option year in a contract–except for rookie deals that come with team options for years 3 and 4. But those have their own caveats that the team has to make up its mind a year earlier than normal. So the Pistons will have to pick up KCP’s option third year option in the next four months (they can’t until tomorrow).

          • Jul 9, 20145:00 pm
            by Ryank

            I didn’t say there was more than one option year…not sure where your comment came from.
            With the pistons he’ll likely have a 3 year option on a 5 year deal
            With another team he’ll likely have a 3 year option on a 4 year deal
            All things equal, he will work out a deal with Detroit so he can have that extra year guarantee.  The only way it doesn’t happen is if he’s low balled by the pistons.

          • Jul 9, 20146:16 pm
            by Tim Thielke

            He can’t have a 3 year option on a five year deal. It would be an option after four years.

          • Jul 9, 20146:27 pm
            by Ryank

            Do you have a source for that rule?  I’ve studied the cap rules more than most people, but I don’t know it inside out.

          • Jul 9, 20146:38 pm
            by Tim Thielke

  • Jul 9, 20141:15 pm
    by Domnick


    Just a smoekscreen…. The best time to work it out is when bron and the divas are done

  • Jul 9, 20141:35 pm
    by Derek AKA Redeemed


    I think what SVG says makes a ton of sense.  He wants Moose to know the organization values him and is willing to pay him.  He also wants to make it clear the organization does not want to hold him captive if he absolutely does not wish to return.
    Hopefully whatever happens in the end works out in the favor of Detroit getting back to the winning ways.

  • Jul 9, 20141:50 pm
    by oats


    Combining this with the Pistons not wanting to dump Smith makes me kind of wonder if they want Monroe to be the bench player in the big man rotation. Locking up Monroe to come off the bench in Detroit when he wants to start and wants to leave is probably not a good plan. This route also makes sense on the court because it makes it easier to make certain the team always has one of Monroe or Drummond at C, and Monroe would likely be the primary scoring option with bench heavy lineups. If that’s how Van Gundy is currently planning to use Monroe then thinking of it as a mutual decision makes some sense to me.
    Maybe I’m reading into this something that isn’t there. Still, this makes sense with what we’ve heard so far. The team wants to keep Smith, they want to keep Monroe, and they see the decision to keep Monroe as a mutual decision between them and Monroe. Wanting to put Monroe into a role he might not accept would explain why the team would be thinking that way for all 3 of those things.

  • Jul 10, 20144:55 am
    by jeff m


    It looks like it is likely that monroe is going to be moving on eventually. I’m guessing he takes the qualifying offer, so he can get out of Detroit next year, or that they come to an agreement for a trade this year. I just have this feeling he is done here, in Detroit. I know they can keep him if they want to, but I just have a feeling they won’t force him to stay, and will do a trade they have lined up, to bring in cheaper assets, that can shoot, better from the outside.

  • Jul 10, 20149:20 am
    by MarvinM.


    Ill keep it simple if bron and bosh leave the heat miami is going after Monroe and they will match and he will be gone to south beach

  • Jul 10, 201411:47 pm
    by gtg2013


    Ainge and the Celts just got Marcus Thornton, Tyler Zeller, and a 2016 1st-rounder… for a 2nd-round pick.

  • Jul 11, 201410:54 am


    I like Greg but I’d like to see him moved

  • Jul 11, 201412:56 pm
    by MarvinM.


    Lebron back in Cleveland bye bye Monroe 

    • Jul 11, 20141:10 pm
      by JOB


      why bye bye? we can match any offer. this is why I’m glad we didn’t do the Celtics trade w Cle… thanks for helping make our division unwinnable for next 5 years, and maybe the eastern conf.

      • Jul 11, 20141:11 pm
        by Tim Thielke


        So you’re glad the Celtics got some assets for almost nothing instead of the Pistons? If LeBron chose the Cavs, it’s not like they weren’t going to find a way to make it work.

        • Jul 11, 20141:14 pm
          by JOB


          being paddle boarded by your neighbor for Tyler Zeller? that’s not nothing

          • Jul 11, 20141:37 pm
            by Tim Thielke

            Zeller + Karasev + first round pick to enable something that would be enabled by someone else anyway.

            Besides, this isn’t the NFL. A strong team in your division isn’t very different than a strong team anywhere else in the conference. And even that only matters once you’re a legit contender with a realistic shot at the title.

  • Jul 11, 20141:35 pm
    by JOB


    I know Tim. But I am happy not to facilitate it.
    Anyway, I do think this is more support for Monroe as a trade asset even signed to max.

  • Jul 11, 20146:49 pm
    by JOB


    Looks like Thomas gets his 12. I think this helps are odds w bledsoe in a trade? Also could we trade signed Monroe for signed bosh?

  • Jul 12, 20147:34 pm
    by T Casey


    I like what Monroe brings to the 4 spot next to Drummond, especially if he contues to develop his shot. But, if he doesnt want to be here for whatever reason, there’s only so much you can do. I wouldnt be hapoy to see the team lose him, but Id be eager to see what the team works out to replace him with other quality pieces.

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