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Pistons officially announce Jeff Bower as general manager

The Pistons – as expectedofficially announced Jeff Bower as their new general manager:

“I’m pleased to welcome Jeff Bower to the Detroit Pistons organization,” said Van Gundy. “Jeff brings great basketball knowledge and NBA experience to our organization and he’s enjoyed success in building teams. He’s a great evaluator of talent and Jeff will bring solid leadership to our front office.”

“I’m excited to join the Pistons organization and play a role in helping this franchise build on its great basketball tradition,” said Bower. “I look forward to working with Stan, his staff and everyone in the Pistons organization to put together a team that the community can support and be proud of. I’m also excited about ownership’s commitment to winning and their demonstrated commitment to the community.”


  • Jun 3, 20149:23 pm
    by Carl


    Wonder if Stan will try to trade back into the 1st round. 

    • Jun 3, 201410:27 pm
      by Shane


      I hope so. I hope he decides to go young and build for the future.

  • Jun 3, 201411:04 pm
    by Anthony


    I really hope he goes for that kings pick. It’s a perfect swap smith-8pick. It would be like the signing never happened. Kings want that veteran PF to pair with boogie. We want a pick. 

    • Jun 4, 20149:48 am
      by Steve K


      I imagine Sac-town would erupt in flames if they traded a #8 for Smith.
      That’s about as one-sided as it gets.
      Smith has negative value. The best the Pistons can hope is that Smith has some incredible rebirth this season that makes him marketable again.
      We should all accept the fact that the Pistons will not be players in the upcoming draft. It was Joe D’s final f*** you to the fans.

      • Jun 4, 201410:17 am
        by Huddy


        Smith having negative value is an exaggeration.  As a fan of the Pistons he was very frustrating to watch, no argument there.  But in reality there is a lot to be said about what put him in the position to be as frustrating as he was.  Playing at the 3 he attempted more 3s than he ever has before, he was in a line up with 2 good-great rebounders (lowering his rebound numbers) and he was a part of a line up with such horrible spacing a lot of stats could be effective.  He is by no means a useless player his skill set is just a horrible fit as the Pistons are constructed.  I don’t necessarily think Sacramento is a fantastic fit, but with Cousins having range he isn’t a horrible PF fit.  If a team looks just as Smith’s last season and assumes all previous seasons are irrelevant they are stupid (not that a team passing on Smith is stupid, but not looking at the whole would be).  If the Clippers played Griffin at the 3 for a year I don’t think he would suddenly become useless (not the same, but similar out of position equivalent).

        • Jun 4, 201411:20 am
          by bonerici


          cousins is a worse shooter than josh, under 20% from 3, 72% from the free throw line.  Like josh he likes to keep shooting no matter what to get his pointz.  It wuld be a horrible disaster for the kings to do this.  But maybe they do it

          • Jun 4, 20141:09 pm
            by Tim Thielke

            Smith has shot a higher percentage from three, but we don’t have significant data on Cousins. He has 61 three point attempts on his career.

            Cousins shoots much better from the line: 72% compared to 64%. Also, he has slightly improved there over his career. Smith shot 70% over his first four years, 64% over the next four, and 52% over the last two.

            Cousins shoots 35% from midrange (10-16 ft) compared to Smith’s 26%. Although, to be fair, this has improved for Smith over his career. He shot 24% for his first five seasons and 29% over the last five.

            On long twos, Cousins shoots 39% to Smith’s 35%.

            Both are chuckers and yeah, I wouldn’t want to put them on a team together. But Cousins is a better shooter than Smith.

          • Jun 4, 20141:46 pm
            by Huddy

            “range” has a broader definition than 3pt shooting.  Andre Drummond has zero range because dunking and maybe a hook here or there is currently his range.  Cousins took 7 threes last year, I don’t think hes a sharpshooter, he can however hit a mid range shot and has improved his FG% steadily through a combination of taking better shots and improving his shooting…hes still young that 39% on long two could easily be a respectable low 40s on mid range shots, which makes a world of difference in spacing the floor for the big men.

      • Jun 4, 20141:06 pm
        by JYD for Life


        I’m not sure that’s one-sided…
        They’re in a spot where they have an incredibly young team already (as do the Pistons). 
        Cousins and McLemore are their core moving forward with potentially I.Thomas.  Gay isn’t exactly old and they’re looking for another veteran piece.  

        Given the dearth of talent at the wing position, Gay and Mclemore have significant value.  
        What big can they select in the draft that would have more of an impact than Smith this year? 
        Vonleh?  Gordon?  You would be ecstatic as a Kings fan if either of them turned out to be as talented as Josh Smith down the road.  
        Like Huddy mentioned, he’s a horrible fit for us, but has value and was a key piece on a number of really solid Hawks teams.  
        Personality issues aside, I think the judgement of Smith (albeit warranted) is a bit shortsighted.  
        I hate his attitude and shot selection (although they put him in a position to do that…he had the green light after Cheeks allowed him to shoot 8 triples in the season opener), but I think Jennings is a bigger problem and has significantly less trade value.  
        Smith could be the missing piece in Chicago or Houston…he could provide tremendous value for Dallas or possibly Phoenix and even Sacramento.  
        The question is would the Pistons trade him for the 8th pick?  I WOULD HOPE SO, but we’re in a similar situation as the Kings in that there is a lot of young talent, but we do need to start winning.  

    • Jun 4, 20149:59 am
      by Brian


      To make the salaries work, Sacramento would likely have to send us two players from a pool of Carl Landry, Jason Thompson, and Derrick Williams. Williams will be in the last year of his contract, but the other two still have three years left on their contracts. If they were taking on Josh Smith and giving up a number one pick, I have to believe they would want to dump both Landry and Thompson.

      • Jun 4, 20141:09 pm
        by JYD for Life


        Still can’t see either team doing that…and I love Thompson, so it would be awesome if Smith for Thompson/Williams and the #8 happened, but that’s a longshot.  

  • Jun 3, 201411:10 pm
    by frankie d


    Hopr one of his first moves is to trade that clown jennings.  Just saw a video of jennings offering nick young some kind of little white pill in a club.
    Young refused the pill.  He probably saw the guy recording the incident.
    A poster on another website posted the smartest thing possible: what does it say when nick young – one of the league’s certified idiot/clowns – is smarter than your point guard!
    That thought should be sobering for any pistons fan.  I have said it before but believe it more firmly now: get rid of that idiot. ASAP.

    • Jun 4, 20141:10 pm
      by JYD for Life


      He needs to go.  The worst.  
      I’d rather give 30 minutes to Bynum.  

      • Jun 4, 20141:14 pm
        by JYD for Life


        Important to point out that I’m not making moral indictments on him…I was the one who pointed out that he was having a great time in Houston earlier this season (to which many said it doesn’t matter because he’s young)…it’s just not something I want out of the starting point guard of my favorite team.  
        There’s something to be said about guys who are focused and dedicated to their profession (and yes, I understand that every workplace has sliding scales of that) and it pains me to see that this guy is essentially blowing his career…
        At this point, given the amount of horrible decsions he’s made throughout this past year, I’d move him to the bench as a 6th-man type in the mold of a Nate Robinson.  
        He’s got some value as a heat-check guy off the bench.  Nothing more until he gets a clue.  

  • Jun 4, 20141:03 am
    by Mr Carter


    Smith + Cousins + Gay = chemistry disaster. 

    • Jun 4, 20149:12 am
      by Keith


      Since when has Sacramento cared about chemistry? You know what is a built in chemistry disaster? DeMarcus Cousins.
      That said, at least Smith-Cousins make sense from a basketball perspective. Despite his terrible offensive year, Smith was actually a big positive defensively, much moreso at PF than SF. Boogie is big, but he hasn’t been much of a defender in his career. Put them together, you still get dumb decisions, but you also might have a solid interior defense. That’s going to have a bigger impact on wins next year than a rookie.
      I still doubt the Kings would make such a trade, but we really need to figure out the Smith-Monroe thing quickly. 

  • Jun 4, 20148:04 am
    by Anthony


    Yea but obviously if they traded for gay in the first place, they might not think that way. Hey it’s always worth a shot right? Why not make the call to be sure?

  • Jun 4, 201410:08 am
    by jinzzy


    I think we should go for quincy miller the dude has potential plus he’s 21

    • Jun 4, 201410:15 am
      by sebastian


      Seriously though Jinzzy, the Quincy Miller kid did look good the times he was on the floor last season for the Nuggets.

  • Jun 4, 201412:51 pm
    by Marq


    Greg Monroe for Chandler Parsons. Please make this happen Stan and Jeff!

  • Jun 4, 20143:41 pm
    by Mike


    Now way on God’s green earth Sactown gives us the 8th pick in a loaded draft for a soon to be 30 year old ball stopper like Smith. Our best bet is to pawn Smith off on teams dumb enough to think he can help get them over the top in the playoffs… like Indy, Toronto, Brooklyn etc.

  • Jun 5, 20141:47 am
    by frankie d


    Chandler for monroe?
    Van gundy only makes that trade if he gets his hsnds on some of that shyte jennings was trying to give nick young.  If you dont understand thhst monroe has much, much more value than parsons..
    Well…i cannot really continue on without saying something rude.
    And no…i doubt van gundy would be dumb enough to ever make that trade…absent a diabetes-inducing sweetner or two.

    • Jun 5, 201412:50 pm
      by Marq


      I’m curious to know what would you would consider to be a fair trade for Monroe.
      I think you’re criminally underrating Parsons. His skills (playmaking, 3-point shooting, respectable perimeter defense) are huge needs for the Pistons. I can easily see him as the equivalent to the 08-09 Turkoglu that made Orlando so dangerous.

      • Jun 5, 20141:07 pm
        by Dan


        I agree that Parsons is a borderline all star but I can’t see Houston wanting Monroe. I don’t think Moose make Houston THAT much better than they are now. The Rockets would be better off dangling him for Melo or Love.

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