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Pistons hire Jeff Bower as general manager

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Stan Van Gundy’s making his first major front office hire, finalizing agreement with Jeff Bower to become Detroit’s GM, sources tell Yahoo.

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Jun 2, 201412:21 pm
    by Anthony


    What will it take to get Chris Paul?

    • Jun 2, 20142:54 pm
      by Matt


      A miracle and major drug addiction by the LA Clippers GM.

  • Jun 2, 201412:32 pm
    by Larry


    I think we should not overlook the fact that this gives the Pistons the #1 team in the NBA in terms of mustache rankings.

    • Jun 2, 20146:55 pm
      by gmehl


      Yeah those 2 join Joe Abdenour and Arnie Kander in our moustache posse. You’d think SVG is assembling a staff readyfor an old western gun fight rather than a basketball coaching staff. In all seriousness though i’m happy with the hiring.

  • Jun 2, 201412:44 pm
    by Edgar


    It’s a little discouraging that there were no reports of any young, up-and-coming GMs under consideration. It’s pretty clear SVG was primarily looking for an administrator rather than an innovator (someone who could potentially undermine him). After his last experience it seems like SVG isn’t a huge fan of the Lincoln-style team of rivals approach.

    • Jun 2, 20141:05 pm
      by JYD for Life


      Not only that, but he wasn’t going to get any of the young/up-and-coming GMs. 
      Those guys won’t make a lateral move to a worse situation.  It’s clear SVG will have the control, so why would those guys leave places like SA, OKC, Boston, etc. to still not be able to make decisions.  They’ll ride that out and hopefully land an actual GM job.  
      Having an administrator who has proven success evaluating talent in the draft isn’t a bad thing.  This or Jackson would have been the best-case scenario given the other candidates in the mix. 

      • Jun 2, 20141:52 pm
        by Edgar


        Fair points. And, maybe SVG did pursue some younger guys and we just didn’t hear about it. 

  • Jun 2, 201412:47 pm
    by BigDogg


    @edgar he was pretty successful in Orlando & Miami, so i have no problems bringing the gang back together.

    • Jun 2, 20141:55 pm
      by Edgar


      Oh, it’s absolutely an upgrade and I think they’ll do well. I think I’m just expressing a personal preference for a younger guy like Zarren, but it’s not like Bower is a bum. His connections around the league and ability to work the phones might end up being more valuable than Zarren’s stats-savvy acumen.

  • Jun 2, 20141:08 pm
    by JYD for Life


    The biggest positive of this might be the signing of Darren Collison: 
    The dude is extremely efficient: 

    • Jun 2, 20141:09 pm
      by JYD for Life


      *potential signing

  • Jun 2, 20141:36 pm
    by Shockwave2k


    @ Larry, wow was that freakin hilarious! LMAO!

  • Jun 2, 20148:23 pm
    by Hook Shot


    Why would Collison come here when he can potentially vie for a championship in LA?  I like his game.  We would have to ditch Bynum. 

    • Jun 2, 20149:09 pm
      by JYD for Life


      I would think there might be 6-7 million reasons why.   LA can’t pay him.  
      Plus he would most likely start over Jennings.  

      • Jun 2, 20149:30 pm
        by oats


        I’m still wondering if he makes sense for Detroit. He’s better than Jennings, but he’s not $7 million better than Jennings and since the team is fairly likely to be stuck with Jennings I don’t know if I’m all that interested in Collison.
        I like that Collison doesn’t take a whole lot off the table, but we’re still talking about a guy that only puts up a 12 and 5. Is that good enough to be a starting PG for a team that doesn’t have an obvious second ball handler to pair him with? I guess they could try to focus on the passing of Monroe and/or Smith to try to cover for Collison’s pedestrian passing ability,  but that’s a pretty major flaw to have in a starting PG when a significantly better passer is also on the team. If the Pistons can dump Jennings then I get why Collison makes some sense, but I think he’s too likely to just end up as the 6th man for it to make sense to make him the primary target instead of trying to address the holes on the wing.

        • Jun 2, 201410:16 pm
          by JYD for Life


          At this point, I’d rather have you or I run the point than Jennings.  
          First tandem move by Bower and SVG should be to ship him out or use the stretch provision.  
          as for Collison:
          - you’re absolutely right that his numbers are underwhelming and I agree about upgrading the wing position.  
          The thing that makes me want to move on a guy like Collison is that he is only 26.  He’s had some monster games throughout his career (some 20/20 games as a rookie). He’s affordable and would be a good fit for the type of PG the Pistons need if they are building around Drummond and Monroe (And especially if they run some sets through Moose on the elbow). 
          I don’t know what the problem was in Indiana, but I would say that he was still very young when they turned the team over to him.  
          - The only thing Jennings does better is pass.  
          - There really aren’t that many options at PG available now or over the next two seasons.  
          - Even if he ends up as a 6th man two years from now, we could do worse.  

          • Jun 2, 201411:32 pm
            by Jon

            Not that I disagree with you about Collison, but Jennings also had some huge games as a rookie so that’s kind of a moot point

          • Jun 2, 201411:54 pm
            by JYD for Life

            Very good point…he has superstar moments…it’s unfortunate he’s not able to get past all of the nonsense and become a better player.  
            To counter that though, Collison has shot 46% for his career.  He’s not as talented, but drastically more stable.  
            if they are building around two bigs, the offense needs consistency at the PG spot.  Erratic shooters only work when surrounded by grinders like they did in Philly with Iverson (Ty hill, Mutombo, Lynch, etc).  

        • Jun 2, 201410:22 pm
          by JYD for Life


          We lost the thread from the other day, but I like your suggestion of going after Gordon Hayward. I’m just not sure how they can pull it off.  
          He would actually be the perfect type of SF in a system with Monroe and a PG like Collison.  Having three guys you can trust will the ball (more often than not) is intriguing.  

        • Jun 3, 201410:56 am
          by Huddy


          @Oats, I agree about being iffy on paying a guy like Collison without dumping Jennings, but I don’t think he is as underwhelming as you make it sound.  12 and 5?  Kind of.  15 and 6 per 36, which coupled with a team of strong passing big men is not too shabby IMO for a starter.  I wouldn’t call Jennings a significantly better passer, for their careers their numbers are quite similar, I could see Collison being able to add an APG to his average with good targets around him and given the reigns to the offense, last year it was just as sketchy that Jennings would be able to transition to a passing role based on his previous numbers…the difference is Collison doesn’t have the addition of horrible shooting decisions on top of the assist concerns.
          I mentioned this in the PJ Tucker thread, but it is difficult to endorse almost any FA move without knowing whats happening trade-wise on this team.  Almost every scenario I look at comes with an asterisk of still needing to address Jennings, Smith or both. 

          • Jun 3, 201412:25 pm
            by JYD for Life

            The other thing to look at is the market…There just aren’t that many good PGs available in the next couple of years.  Next summer, you have Tony Parker, Jeremy Lin and Rondo as UFAs.  Rubio is a RFA.  We’re not landing Parker or Rondo and Minn will most likely match a Rubio deal outside of a max, which I wouldn’t do for him.  Not interested in Lin (unless it’s an acquisition this year to dump Smith or Jennings).  Conley is available in 2016, but he will be 29 years old. 
            Whether they move Smith or Jennings (or both), I think a signing like this can help the team tremendously (throw Chalmers in there too).  Stability at a position they haven’t had in nearly a decade.  
            Speaking of which…Collison will turn 27 at the end of the summer…what if he ends up following a Chauncey-like path?  Wishful thinking, I know, but a majority of the time careers can come down to coaching and opportunity.  
            Bower coached him during his rookie season and DC played pretty well as a rookie.  They moved him because he was hot at the time and deserved an opportunity to start. 
            In Indy – they were really young his first season and finished 37-45 (2nd in the putrid central).  That’s tough to find conclusive evidence there that he was the problem.  It was his 2nd year in the league as well.   
            During the next year after the lockout, he started 56 of 66 games and they were 42-24.  They decided to go with Hill after they traded Kawhi for him and I’m not sure that’s because Hill is better or if it’s because they saw how good Kawhi was for the Spurs…    
            Dallas was close to .500 last year, despite having a hodge podge of vets on one-year deals…It’s hard to evaluate that season.  Even Dirk said it was just chaotic because people had different agendas and they were never comfortable playing together.  

  • Jun 2, 201410:32 pm
    by Geoff


    The Pistons is Gores’ ego driven circus. Bower won’t do anything here as GM. I’m expecting Dumars to get another GM gig, hopefully sometime soon after the draft.  I think it will be great fun to compare your Pistons with Joe’s team. 

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