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Pistons decline Chauncey Billups’ team option

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Pistons announce they will not pick up option on Chauncey Billips

Chauncey Billups was an all-time Pistons great, and this is definitely a sad say. It’s also a necessary day.

There is no way to justify a $2.5 million salary for a 37-year-old who’s missed 169 games the last three years. Billups had to go. There’s no way around it.

You can read more of my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Jun 30, 20146:41 pm
    by @GPMasters


    Shame Langlois couldn’t even spell Chauncey’s name right after all CB did for us.

  • Jun 30, 20147:07 pm
    by Motowner


    A mistake in spelling CB’s name? Yeah, right. As long as Chauncey is an active player he will be my favorite. He was brought back to end his career here; not quite like this though. Another diss for the 2004 MVP. Nice going  SVG. Kind of reminds me of when the Shock was translated to Tulsa. They then proceeded to divest the team of everyone who had anything to do with Detroit; they’ve been in the tank ever since. SVG once said that he “hated” Detroit “Pistons fans. So now I guess he has 35 million reasons to “try” to love us. Or if not love, like us just a little bit. Joe D is gone, Sheed and now Chauncey. Arnie’s and Abdenour’s future with the Pistons doesn’t sound too promising right about now. 

    • Jun 30, 20147:33 pm
      by Corey


      That’s ridiculous, Motowner. Chauncey is incapable of playing nba basketball anymore. Acknowledging that and moving on to try to build a new Pistons team is not a horrible betrayal. I know they were hard to watch last year, but did you see Billups utterly failing to stay with anyone on D? He was one of my two favorite Going to Work Pistons, but it’s over. He should have had the class to retire, rather than make the team decline his option.

    • Jun 30, 201410:29 pm
      by JYD for Life


      @motowner - 
      maybe he will love “us” when the Pistons sell about 5,000 tickets per game.  
      The team lost 26M this year, so yeah, I’m sure he’s pumped about our fair-weathered friends we call “fans.” 
      It makes me sick to see the Palace when I’m watching on league pass.  It’s reminiscent of Shock games (Which, btw, sold out the Joe when they won the title in 2008 – so yeah, fair weathered all around).  
      I currently live in Chicago and was going to split a half-season ticket package (just to see games…not to cheer for the bulls)with a buddy A few years ago…we would have been on a waiting list over 300 deep…for half seasons.
      It’s been like this since the 90s.  These fans stick with their teams through and through.  Look at all of the idiots with Cubs season tickets…
      Yes, it’s been a tumultuous 6 years since Mr. D passed and the roster was rough for a bit…but that team is way too young and way too talented for fans to not want to see them.  
      In addition to League Pass, I go watch them live whenever I can in Milwaukee or here…even flew to Houston for a weekend just to see them play this year.  
      I was one of the guys who drove cross country in 2001 to see them play the Clippers, Kings, Warriors, Blazers and Sonics…the group that Rick Carlisle said was “stupid” for driving all that way.  
      So yeah, I can see not supporting a prick like him…but to say SVG has to earn anything  from the fan base is absurd.   The guy is a proven winner and has a roster with one of the best young players in the league in addition to some awesome young talent in Monroe and KCP and “lunchpail” guys like Singler and maybe Bynum…and guys that induce vomiting like Smith and Jennings.   
      My point is not to say that I’m a super fan or anything like that, but if I bust my ass to see then when I can and I’m a few hundred miles away, it pisses me off that people down the road or 45 mins away don’t make an effort.  
      Detroit has some of the best sports fans in the country…it’s just a shame a majority only show up when the good times are rolling.  

      • Jun 30, 201410:38 pm
        by JYD for Life


        And i just want to say that I’m not referring to anyone on this site…we all invest quite a bit of time and emotion into this team through this outlet. 

    • Jul 1, 20141:21 am
      by Geoff


      I don’t care for SVG at all.  He is not glaringly successful and certainly has done nothing to deserve his present position with the Pistons (or praise on this backstabbing site).  He and Gores can go to hell.  Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to pick up CB’s option.  But, as a fan, the man needed to retire a Piston.  Fuck Gores and SVG.  The Pistons are going to plummet to new depths and its all the attrition on these dick moves that will destroy any sense of loyalty to this franchise. 

      • Jul 1, 20148:31 am
        by JYD for Life


        pure ignorance.  

        • Jul 1, 20141:31 pm
          by Geoff


          Actually, I am planning to be laughing quite a bit this season.  As dumb as Piston fans can be, it’s a marvel that you guys think a Gores (yes, he does affect front office decisions), Stan, and Bowers brain trust will amount to anything.  By the way, SVG wasn’t in high demand anywhere.  Nobody was lining up to give this guy both coaching and front office authority.  WTF is Gores thinking? We will see who is right.

          • Jul 1, 20143:15 pm
            by JYD for Life

            - 371-208 NBA coaching record 
            - Took the Magic to the NBA Finals in 2009 
            In the last 27 years (since 1986-87) only 9 coaches took the ring home: Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Rudy Tomjanovic, Chuck Daly, Gregg Popovich, Larry Brown, Doc Rivers, Rick Carlisle and Erik Spoelstra
            I’ll take my chances on a guy with a comparable winning percentage who has been to the NBA Finals.  
            Who did you want them to sign?  

          • Jul 1, 20143:18 pm
            by JYD for Life

            Let me guess…Bill Laimbeer?  
            And should they have made Zeke the president?!?! 
            Let’s just celebrate history by jeopardizing the future of the franchise!  
            I’ll take a ceremony or two every few years and some banners in the rafters to validate my respect for the former players and tradition. 

          • Jul 1, 20143:38 pm
            by Tim Thielke

            JYD nailed this one

  • Jun 30, 20148:36 pm
    by gmehl


    Just to make things seem even more suckier in pistons world Austin Daye is being kept next season by the Spurs. You just know Daye will now all of a sudden have a breakout season and make us all vomit in our mouths.

  • Jun 30, 20149:47 pm
    by Saul


    It’s a bad say? Misspell in article!

  • Jun 30, 201410:36 pm
    by I HATE


    Jameer Nelson just waive by the Magic there’s our veteran PG…. sorry Siva looks like you are gonna be out

    • Jun 30, 201411:25 pm
      by gmehl


      Yep and I wouldn’t be surprised to see SVG trade for Ryan Anderson who is apparently on the market

    • Jul 1, 20141:40 am
      by Ryan


      I’d be cool with Jameer Nelson, especially if we can trade Brandon Jennings for decent value (ideally value in picks) and move Will Bynum along. Nelson, Peyton Siva and Spencer Dinwiddie would be better than what we had last year.

    • Jul 1, 20141:41 am
      by Ryan


      Not very interested in Ryan Anderson though.

  • Jul 1, 20142:10 am
    by BigDogg


    Does anyone know if this increases the cap space up from 13.5mil?

  • Jul 1, 20148:19 am
    by Huddy


    Billups can’t play, most of the time he physically isn’t able to.  If you think he deserves his contract picked up regardless of the harm that does to the team even though his body has been telling him he is done for 3-4 years then enjoy living in candy land.  It isn’t a slap in the face, Billups very likely will retire a piston because he has nothing left.  It is very likely that he was informed about his option prior to the reports so its not as if he just heard it on ESPN like everyone else.  Guys who are crying about it act as if they know how the team came to the decision, how much input Billups had and what his plans are going forward.

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