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My 2014 NBA draft big board

At ProBasketballTalk, I wrote about my preferred method for for ranking draft prospects – the tier system. You can read more about the logic behind it there.

Here, you can see see how I’d build a 38-man draft board for the Pistons, who have the No. 38 pick.

Tier 1

1. Jabari Parker

2. Andrew Wiggins

Tier 2

3. Joel Embiid

Tier 3

4. Dante Exum

Tier 4

5. Marcus Smart

6. Noah Vonleh

Tier 5

7. Aaron Gordon

8. Julius Randle

Tier 6

9. Gary Harris

10. Nik Stauskas

Tier 7

11. Tyler Ennis

12. Elfrid Payton

13. James Young

14. Kyle Anderson

15. Adreian Payne

16. Dario Saric

17. Zach Lavine

18. Jusuf Nurkic

Tier 8

19. Doug McDermott

20. Shabazz Napier

21. Rodney Hood

22. Clint Capela

Tier 9

23. Cleanthony Early

24. Jordan Adams

25. P.J. Hairston

26. K.J. McDaniels

27. Mitch McGary

28. Jarnell Stokes

29. Nikola Jokic

Tier 10

30. T.J. Warren

31. Jerami Grant

32. Spencer-Dinwiddie

33. Glen Robinson III

34. Walter Tavares

Tier 11

35. Bogdan Bogdanovic

36. Damien Inglis

37. Roy Devyn Marble

38. Jordan Clarkson


  • Jun 26, 20144:08 pm
    by DetroitP


    I like when you post the tiers.  I feel McGary dropped just too much, remember after we lost in Finals and everyone was loving him?  Guy dominated that tourney feel like he could be pretty good, why did you rate him so low?

    • Jun 26, 20144:23 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I probably have him a tier higher than most do. Biggest issue is his back. His mobility for his size set him apart, and if that’s diminished, it could unravel his game.

  • Jun 26, 20144:21 pm
    by Chris Burrell


    No Joe Harris?

  • Jun 26, 20144:37 pm
    by Parsons


    Wow Adreian Payne #15. I really like him. Glad to see his draft stock increase so much. I wonder how much his limited stamina hurts him. It doesn’t seem like that’s something a few laps in the gym could help.

  • Jun 26, 20146:19 pm
    by JOB


    I like Clarkson as a flier, and cheap way to get some “Stuckey” minutes. Floaters and pick n roll strengths, if he caught any jumper OR ability to defend the PG spot it’d be a great pick up I think.
    I also would like to think Luigi will pick it up in nba year 2. Teletovic improved a lot, it just takes time to deal with man d and the speed.

  • Jun 26, 20146:35 pm
    by anacaniwelk


    Well look at that, Charlotte spends 15 million bucks for the privilege of drafting Harris or Stauskas.  LMAO!!! Thank god Cleveland moved up and bumped Detroit out of the 8th spot. Better Charlotte getting nothing at 9 this year than maybe getting a hall of famer at 2 next year. 

    • Jun 26, 20146:42 pm
      by Parsons


      We’re not picking 2nd next year.

      • Jun 26, 20147:32 pm
        by Tim Thielke


        Don’t worry about this guy. He’s been trolling with this exact comment ever since the lottery.

      • Jun 26, 20148:27 pm
        by Tim Thielke


        And look at that, the Pistons could have had Vonleh, probably the seventh best player and the third best fit for them in the draft.

        • Jun 26, 20148:42 pm
          by anacaniwelk


          And look at that, Thielke hypes another bust.  No surprise. So Thielke would write a check for 15 million for an NBA reserve.  Gores, the much bigger success in life, said no frick’n way.

          • Jun 26, 20149:16 pm
            by Tim Thielke

            Well, I hope Gores saving money, which doesn’t do anything for the Pistons, makes you happy.

            The Pistons doing well makes me happy.

        • Jun 30, 20141:43 pm
          by Rojo


          Yeah, it sure is too bad we missed out on Vonleh, all these other lotto picks led their teams to the NCAA Tournament (except Exum who was playing against the best high schoolers that basketball powerhouse of Australia has to offer up), but it takes a special talent to lead your team to the College Basketball Invitational

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