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Stan Van Gundy Press Conference open thread

You can watch Stan Van Gundy’s introductory press conference with the Pistons here.


  • May 15, 20148:41 pm
    by oats


    It’s interesting how often he brought up Drummond and Monroe. He mentioned them far more often than anyone else, and even had a part where he called them building blocks while calling Smith and Jennings talents. That is probably at least partially just coach/GM speak, but it’s encouraging to hear him say he understands that Monroe is a valuable piece. I think the team should entertain trades for Monroe, but they should demand a solid return and if they don’t get it then they shouldn’t be afraid of just bringing him back.

    • May 15, 20149:12 pm
      by gmehl


      At least Gores didn’t seem to give the ‘playoffs or bust’ ultimatum this time around. I mean SVG has 5 years so he has time on his side.

  • May 15, 20149:02 pm
    by gmehl


    What I got from the SVG presser was that Drummond is the guy he’s going to build around and that he certainly was trying to talk up Monroe’s value. He was pretty much saying to any other GMs that spent the time to listen to the presser that if you want Monroe then be prepared to offer something good in return because if you don’t and hand him an offer sheet then we’ll match. The other major thing that I got from it was that he hardly even mentioned Smith or Jennings and I’d be very surprised if he wasn’t shopping one or both as I’m typing these words. I have a gut feeling that he will try and get Ryan Anderson if his back injury checks out ok.
    Finally how strange was it not having the same-old same-old type Joe Dumars presser with the typical generic Joe Dumars type answers. They usually went something like:
    “First and foremost we’re ecstatic to have <insert coaches name> as our new head coach”
    “First and foremost we feel like this is a good trade for our team and gives our organization flexibility as we move forward this season and in the future”
    “First and foremost, obviously he has the talent and skills to do that on the floor”
    It was always “first and foremost’ and blah blah blah blah blah blah.

  • May 15, 20149:07 pm
    by Lorenzo


    Hmmm…seems like he wants to build around Drummond and Monroe, that much seemed clear. I think his discussion of Smith and the ’3′ big line up seems to indicate that one of those guys is more than likely coming off the bench rather than starting together…assuming they all stick around. And he blatantly made it clear that he wants shooters. My guess is he intends to take Monroe and Drummond (his core to build around) and put a bunch of shooters around those two. I actually think this is probably bad news for someone like Jennings more so than any of the bigs…alas it’s all conjecture, lets see what happens.

    • May 15, 20149:23 pm
      by gmehl


      As mentioned in my comment above I can see SVG wanting Ryan Anderson but how about Eric Gordon for Josh Smith. Gordon had a relatively healthy year and comes with 1 less year on his deal. You’d assume NO will be one of teams looking to pry away Moose so in that case the trade would be moot but works with tradechecker.

      • May 16, 20141:31 am
        by Lorenzo


        Yeah I have seen the Gordon for one of the bigs scenario tossed around quite a bit. It does make basketball sense: Pelicans I’m sure would like to go with a Holiday and Evans back court and could use some front court help, while the Pistons would love to swap a quality guard for one of the bigs that are clogging the floor. Solution, Gordon for a Pistons big.

        The problem with the Gordon scenario was never basketball related. First as you mentioned that Gordon had a ‘relatively’ healthy year this season but it was still only 60 some games, nor has ever finished a complete season over his career. It’s still possible that Gordon gets his health in order and changes that but I still have heavy doubts. Why? The guy has balky knees. I mean how many surgeries has he undergone on his knees? Honestly the tally seems to be going up by the season, so much so that the dreaded ‘micro-fracture’ word has started to crop up. Seriously, there are only so many arthroscopic surgeries, tendinitis flare ups, and general set backs (mind you at such a young age) before you have to start asking serious questions. I think the fear is that Gordon is developing degenerative knees and I think that has to be the fear amongst NBA front offices who may have interest into acquiring him….especially with those hefty two years left, not to mention assets.

        I also think you have to think about the scenario from NO’s stand point. I honestly do think that they desperately want to get out of Gordon’s contract. But I don’t think that means that they want to take on an extra year’s worth of (sizable) salary that comes with Smith. I think their primary target is probably expiring deals that will help them dip into the FA market before Davis comes up for his re-up. Taking on Smith’s deal will handcuff them from doing that.

        Finally it’s the intangibles, I think Gordon’s attitude certainly has rubbed many people the wrong way down in NO. When you look at what SVG said about establishing a ‘culture’ for this team would he be interested in that type of guy? Equally would he be interested in building with a guy like Josh? I don’t know the answer of course but it’s a set of questions worth asking at the least.

        With that being said and my long narrative aside I do think it’s a battle between Smith and Monroe. I agree with what you said; I think NO will be one of those teams that will strongly pursuse Monroe, while we counter with Smith instead. End game might be status quo for both sides.

        • May 17, 20143:27 pm
          by JYD for Life


          You’re spot on with the poor body language from Gordon…doesn’t seem like it would make sense if we are trying to move away from that stuff.  
          The one thing I would point out is that he was basically forced into staying there because NO matched.  He had one foot out the door and was headed to Phoenix.  
          A change of scenery might do him some good.  If he can play 30 mins coming off the bench, I could see it working.  Arnie might do wonders for his knees as well (which might have been one of the biggest reasons he wanted to go to Phoenix becuase of the training staff).  

  • May 15, 201411:37 pm
    by The Microwave


    Gores reminds me of a valley girl

  • May 16, 20142:04 am
    by Stan Van Dayum


    really? every time i see gores, he reminds me of richard grieco the king of 21 jump street.

  • May 16, 201410:06 am
    by Oracle


    Watched the presser.  Relatively unimpressed with Gores.  He looks like he cares, but doesn’t know anything about basketball, so he stuck with a few talking points the whole time.  I was very impressed with SVG.  He didn’t say “we have everything we need to win” or “it’s going to take a long time…”  He said it will take some time, he has plans, but come the start of the season he’ll have a plan to make whatever pieces we have fit together in the best way.  
    Also, he seemed disgusted by the three big lineup, even if he avoided saying he would NEVER use it.

    • May 17, 201410:49 am
      by oats


      I like owners that know they aren’t the experts on basketball. That’s why they hire GMs in the first place.

      • May 17, 20143:23 pm
        by JYD for Life


        It almost seems as if he’s in tune to the reaction from the public about him…that’s a fantastic thing.  He takes a beating daily and if he can learn how to not be meddling, then this can work really well.  

  • May 16, 20141:16 pm
    by I HATE LOSING (predicting a strong finish)


    He was on Mike and Mike…he said right now it 95% front office, and 5 % coaching…. when Training camp starts it will flip….
    Just seems and feels right 

  • May 17, 20141:55 am
    by James


    The Gordon talk needs to DIE NOW, please. Pay attention to how many other teams WON’T pursue him, a la Jennings and Smith last year.  Been there, done that, and don’t wanna go back.  Since he is here,  I am willing to give the blowhard SVG his opportunity to improve this team thru his own vision.  However, I gave grown on the Stauskas kid, his size and skill gives him 3 positions in the league if his shot is falling.  He would look pretty good on the perimeter, hopefully the Pistons can pry an Aaron Brooks from Houston as an upgrade at point ASAP. I would take him in a new York minute over Jennings.

    • May 17, 201412:08 pm
      by Tim Thielke


      Eric Gordon is overpaid without a doubt and would not be worth giving up any assets for. However, a Smith for Gordon swap gets rid of a comparable contract and brings back a player who fits much better. That’s why it would be a fantastic trade.

      • May 17, 20143:22 pm
        by JYD for Life


        I agree…even just 60 games each year over the next two are most likely a better fit than 82 of Smith.

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