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Rasheed Wallace out as Pistons assistant coach

Pistons team release:

Detroit Pistons Head Coach and President of Basketball Operations Stan Van Gundy announced today that the team has named Brendan Malone, Bob Beyer and Charles Klask as assistant coaches and Adam Glessner as a team scout.

The team also announced that assistant coach Henry Bibby, player development coaches Rasheed Wallace and Bernard Smith, advance scout Kamran Sufi and video coordinator Raman Sposato will not be retained.

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

John Loyer is still part of the organization. Still listed as assistant coach – although another role could be in play.

Malone, Beyer and Klask are no surprise – part of the Stan Van Gundy’s old guard I wrote about earlier today.

I really like Malone and Klask.

Anytime you can credibly add someone who coached the Bad Boys – Malone – you have to strongly consider doing it. If Malone feels physically up to coaching at his age, I’m on board.

Klask previously worked as Van Gundy’s “statistics guru” in Orlando before joining Lawrence Frank’s staff in Detroit. Though Frank couldn’t stay out of his own way with the Pistons, Klask still impressed many with his sharp mind. And do I enjoy the idea of a Michigan native on the staff.

I’m not as familiar with Beyer, but he served under an excellent head coach last season in Steve Clifford (another Van Gundy disciple). He was also arrested before the season, which doesn’t thrill me, and served a year in Mark Jackson’s dysfunction, which is interesting but might say absolutely nothing about Beyer. I’m definitely willing to give him a chance and learn more about him, but as the one of three who didn’t work previously in Detroit, I’m less familiar with him.

Glessner is another Van Gundy guy, having worked in the Orlando film room.

The departures of Bibby, Smith and Sposato – three Maurice Cheeks hires – are no surprise, and Sufi probably had to go to clear room for Van Gundy’s guy.

I believe Loyer has another year on his contract, which probably explains why he’s staying in some role.

The loss of Rasheed Wallace hurts. Sheed is bright and colorful, and I really want him to make it in coaching. Van Gundy dumping him is totally reasonable. I just wish it weren’t.


  • May 30, 20149:06 pm
    by Dr0L0


    Oh the feelings this makes me feel. Who in their right mind would do this?

  • May 31, 20147:30 am
    by EMan


    That was pretty much the last connection to the 2004 Piston championship. The Pistons now have a new owner, new president, coach, players, etc. It’s really a clean slate now.

    • May 31, 201410:44 am
      by Tim Thielke


      That was the case when the team traded away Prince. Sheed was hired later. And technically, Billups is still on the roster.

  • May 31, 201411:24 am
    by Maximus


    Who’s gonna yell ” ball dont lie ” now ???? :( :( :(

    • May 31, 20141:45 pm
      by Anthony


      Rasheed… From his couch!

  • May 31, 20141:46 pm
    by tim*


    I guess I’ll have to do it…

  • May 31, 20147:48 pm
    by gordbrown


    Van Gundy better win, because we’re stuck with him and pretty much only him. I agree with having one person in charge and because the biggest problem with this team has been ownership (starting with KD but Gores has been Frank-ly worse), ownership stepping back and not fucking things up (at least for a while) is a step in the right direction. But this is very disappointing nonetheless.

  • May 31, 20148:26 pm
    by Ryan


    SVG’s honeymoon is officially over.

  • May 31, 201411:30 pm
    by James


    Understanding that it takes two to tango, if this team goes into training camp basically with the same roster, I see this as an immediate failure with lingering effects. For every person that likes SVG, there are probably 3 who don’t. I just don’t see players lining up to choose SVG and the Pistons over other destinations and coaches/front offices. I see the same problems ahead for the Knicks. The person in charge says a hell of a lot about the culture and the team being assembled. Phil Jack may be the greatest or top 2-3 greatest coaches of all time, but not many people care for his persona at all. Same with SVG. Its going to be a long ass 5 yrs, stay tuned.

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