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Free Agent Focus: Introduction

Another offseason of hope, speculation and inevitable misery is upon us as the Pistons prepare for the draft lottery, draft and free agency this summer. Detroit’s needs are many – a general manager, head coach, new arena, good players, new “Motor City” jersey designs and I’m sure many other things.

To help with the players part, let me introduce to you … “Free Agent Focus.” A new series examining available free agents this summer who the Pistons should or should not consider and the reasons for each. It’s “Draft Dreams” for adults.

Some parameters:

1) This is a realistic perspective on who the Pistons can sign this offseason considering their cap space, current roster and projected plans moving forward. Key word: realistic. Feel free to go beyond realism in the comments. That’s what you do anyways.

2) We are disregarding the Super Friends – LeBron, Wade and Christopher Bosh. They exist on their own plane and are not relevant to Detroit unless they are crushing the Pistons in the first round of the playoffs at some point.

3) I’m going to institute a strict “No Carmelo Anthony” policy. It’s sad because I used to love Melo in Denver. I loved “Bully Season” and his ability to make Kenyon Martin gyrate uncontrollably. But I’m tired of him. I’m suffering from Melo-fatigue and Phil Jackson is only making it worse through his public ploy to devalue his star. The only thing that intrigues me about this situation is what book Jackson will give Melo during his annual regular season book club. My guess.

4) We are focusing on unrestricted free agents, but the right restricted free agents will be considered.

5) Salary or “value (however you define it) is considered but not a priority. Let’s get some good players and hoop. Let the statisticians and cap-heads deal with how much someone is worth. I just want to see the ball go SWISH!

6) Feel free to share player suggestions in the comments. All suggestions will be considered except the clique mentioned in #2 and the gentleman in #3.

Up next on Thursday, May 8 –  Kyle Lowry.


  • May 7, 20144:33 pm
    by Haan


    Going beyond realism? Sure I’ll take the bait and be the first to be outrageous.  If Josh Smith could be subtracted from the present roster, allowing LeBron to be signed, I’d like his championship prospects more with the Detroit roster moving forward a year or so (also assuming a nice pick up at #8) than with an increasingly creaky Miami roster.  There, I said it. 

  • May 7, 20144:54 pm
    by J-Ruff


    So, just to be clear, do you not like the Motor City Jerseys? 

    • May 8, 201410:06 am
      by Pardeep Toor


      I do not. They are flat. 

  • May 7, 20145:36 pm
    by Eric


    Realistic players I wouldn’t mind in a Piston uniform:

    -Channing Frye
    -Kyle Lowry
    -Jason Smith
    -Zach Randolph
    -Thabo Sefolosha
    -Steve Blake
    -Alan Anderson
    -Mike Scott
    -Aaron Brooks
    -Jason Richardson
    -Patrick Patterson

  • May 7, 20146:01 pm
    by greg


    aaron brooks for 3 mio a year as a backup pg would be huge…at the moment he would probably be the best pg on our roster and a huge upgrade over bynum…

  • May 7, 20146:25 pm
    by Mongoslade86


    Jodie Meeks would be a good back up. Also wish we could get a trade off like this http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=nccbkum

  • May 7, 20146:39 pm
    by Lorenzo


    I’m going to with Trevor Ariza; the guy contributes at both ends of the floor, solid shooter and a defensive presence. A good athlete who plays on the wing and is only 28 (albeit with LOTS of miles on him) sounds like a good fit for the current roster.

    I’ll also throw in Thabo Sefolosha, he is intriguing though not as much as Ariza, his shooting numbers from long range have fallen off a bit, which is concerning.

    As for restricted FA’s I feel Gordon Hayward might very well be able to walk away from Utah and is worth a look based on his offensive skill set. Greivis Vasquez is also an interesting look and who could be had depending on what happens with Lowry.

    • May 9, 20141:05 am
      by Parsons


      Too bad we can’t just flip Smith or Monroe for Heyword. Utah already has too many bigs. Maybe a 3 team trade between Denver and Washington would work. We get a draft pick, Otto Portor Jr., and Wilson Chandler. Its too late for me to work out the rest but I’m guessing Singler and Monroe would be traded. We might have to settle for Gallinari though but at least he doesn’t have a face tattooed on his neck. I might shoot for Gallo over Chandler just for that.

      • May 9, 20143:13 pm
        by oats


        How does Utah have too many bigs. The only ones that are decent are Favors and Kanter, but Kanter kind of sucks and lost his starting gig to Marvin William. They definitely could draft a big man, or they might just decide that Hayward is more valuable for their team, but I can’t imagine them feeling confident that they are set with their big men.

  • May 7, 20146:45 pm
    by Vinny


    I’d like to see Eric Bledsoe here, but I don’t think he’ll leave the Suns. Vasquez would be decent, especially if we draft a Tyler Ennis. I’m not sure how you talk these players away from up and coming teams though. Tough job for the new GM. 
    One possible scenario for Josh Smith I think is with some combination of Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik in Houston, but I don’t see those players making the Pistons a better club. 

    • May 8, 201410:36 am
      by ThatMichiganFan


      Vasquez would be a great addition. He is a pass first PG, but he is a good shooter and good size. Only downside is that he is not a great defender

  • May 7, 20146:49 pm
    by Oracle


    Love the palace. Love the motor city unis

  • May 7, 20146:58 pm
    by Eric


    I’m afraid we are going to get an impatient GM, because an impatient Owner is going to make the hire. Impatience has been are downfall in player acquisitions ever since the hasty Billups for AI trade.

    • May 7, 20148:50 pm
      by JYD for Life


      Wouldn’t we have a new GM now if the ownership was impatient??

      • May 7, 20149:06 pm
        by Eric


        The Owner is more impatient with needing to win now. He will probably hire a GM that will make potentially more risky moves to get us back into the playoffs sooner even at the cost of being mediocre in the long run. For example the Ben Gordon trade to free up cap space to sign Josh Smith, or trade a prospect like Brandon Knight, for a high risk high reward player like Jennings. These moves were to make the playoffs, but it didn’t work and now we might lose our draft pick this year because of it. Sometimes holding off and developing through the draft is better, or signing veterans that can be leaders in the locker room and be fine with coming off the bench.

        • May 7, 201410:01 pm
          by JYD for Life


          Totally agree with you about building through the draft and adding quality vets (I said in December to make moves for available guys like Humphries, Andre Miller, R.Jefferson, etc ).  
          But I don’t think winning now is a bad thing.   If they keep this pick, you potentially have four lottery picks in the rotation (excluding smith and Jennings).  
          There wasn’t a problem with trying to win this year, they just whiffed on every move (Billups, Jennings, smith and Datome) And went a little bigger than they needed to.  

  • May 7, 20147:27 pm
    by adams


    Shaun Livingston please!

    • May 8, 201410:08 am
      by Pardeep Toor


      Definitely will be addressed. Thanks. 

  • May 7, 20147:44 pm
    by Kevin