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Pistons fall to Wolves in a mostly noncompetitive game

Detroit Pistons 101 Final

Recap | Box Score

114 Minnesota Timberwolves
Greg Monroe, PF Shot Chart 32 MIN | 8-17 FG | 4-4 FT | 15 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 20 PTS | -8Monroe was the only guy keeping the Pistons in the game early. Sorry, I retract that. The Pistons weren’t in the game early. But Monroe may have been the only reason they weren’t down 40.

He was also a part of one of the stranger sequences I’ve seen recently in which a Minnesota turnover led to an easy dunk for Greg… which he proceeded to clang hard off iron. That put the ball far behind the Pistons who’d led the break (Monroe, Drummond, and Smith???). So that gave Pekovic on easy dunk on the other end… which he clanged hard off iron. The Pistons actually managed to convert the ensuing fast break.

Josh Smith, SF Shot Chart 29 MIN | 4-14 FG | 5-8 FT | 7 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 4 TO | 13 PTS | -32Smith shot poorly (Smithly?) and his defense wasn’t exactly impressive. He did have a nice fast break block to clean up his own mistake, though.

Kyle Singler, SF Shot Chart 30 MIN | 3-8 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 7 PTS | -33Singler, as has been discovered long ago, is not a highly capable defender at SG. Hence some assertions that the Pistons look like they’re tanking. But Singler didn’t do much with his 30 minutes.

Andre Drummond, C Shot Chart 21 MIN | 3-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 0 TO | 6 PTS | -9Drummond fouled out in 21 minutes and didn’t have too much of an impact in those minutes. For those hoping for a Pistons victory, that’s unacceptable.

Brandon Jennings, PG Shot Chart 31 MIN | 6-13 FG | 4-8 FT | 5 REB | 5 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 17 PTS | -23I was conflicted on Jennings as he never looked like he was playing well, so I intended to give him a poor grade. But then I looked at his box score and it was excellent, apart from the fact that he was part of the lineup that let the Wolves put this game out of reach.

Good game anyway, Brandon. Why couldn’t you do this more when a successful season was still a possibility?

Jonas Jerebko, PF Shot Chart 18 MIN | 4-7 FG | 2-4 FT | 7 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 10 PTS | +4Jerebko did all we could reasonably expect of him and more.

Charlie Villanueva, PF Shot Chart 8 MIN | 1-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | +8Villanueva played? Are we sure the Pistons aren’t tanking? Anyway, his production was about what it should be for 8 minutes.

Luigi Datome, SF 14 MIN | 0-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | +18Datome couldn’t hit a shot (his only reason for being one the team), but somehow, his defense was a part of the Pistons storming back. Not that they ever put the game in doubt, but at least they made the final score respectable.
Will Bynum, PG Shot Chart 21 MIN | 6-14 FG | 3-3 FT | 3 REB | 3 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 17 PTS | +12Bynum was awesome. And he was really fun to watch. And that wasn’t diminished by any concern by the possibility that he may cost the Pistons a loss thanks to the early performance by the starters.

Somehow, Detroit’s PGs (in 53 minutes, so there were 5 minutes of SG there) combined in this game for 34, 8, and 8 with 2 steals to 3 turnovers and rock solid shooting.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG Shot Chart 20 MIN | 2-5 FG | 3-3 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 3 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 7 PTS | +13KCP had his first good game in a while. Nothing especially noteworthy, though.

Rodney Stuckey, SG Shot Chart 16 MIN | 1-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | -15Stuckey really helped Detroit lose this one.

John Loyer
Some would give him credit for the Pistons’ comeback. I do too, but I also give him credit for the early going that made that ultimately futile.

The Pistons lost by a reasonable margin to a better team. The rotations and plays looked decent, but not exactly brilliant.

Loyer coached a mediocre game.

Two Things We Saw

  1. Man, that was fast. For the first while, I had to check my browser settings because it looked like the video feed may have been playing at a slightly increased rate. But no, the Pistons and Wolves were just running hard on every early possession. That style of play favors the Wolves.
  2. Minnesota rapidly jumped out to a huge lead early, taking a 20 point edge in the first quarter. That’s really hard to do. They continued to dominate for most of the game, getting a 31 point lead just before the end of the third.The fourth quarter was all Pistons as the Detroit bench hammered the Wolves’ reserves. If I believed in the sports version of “momentum”, I would have thought the Pistons had a legitimate shot when Bynum brought them within 11 with 2:44 remaining.

    But in spite of the domination required to close the gap that much, overcoming a double-digit deficit in under 3 minutes is awfully implausible.


  • Mar 8, 20142:11 am
    by MoATL


    The comeback came when KCP was inserted. He’s our Best perimeter defender and arguably our best on the ball defender. Think about. We were in playoff contention when he started. Yet now he is lucky to get a few minutes here or there. He’s a first round draft pick. You have to develop him. That’s been our downfall since Darko. We do not develop them properly. Then they go to other teams and if nothing else they contribute. 

    • Mar 8, 20146:19 am
      by Vic



    • Mar 8, 20149:45 am
      by JYD for Life


      You are right…There’s no reason to think KCP can’t be a 14ppg, 4 reb, 2-3 ast, 1-2 stl, 1 blk per game guy.  If they didn’t have Smith and Jennings chucking and this was a more balanced team overall, he would get 12 shots per game.  
      You don’t get better riding the bench.  

    • Mar 9, 20146:51 am
      by grizz3471


      Mo ATL .. you are so right about KCP and the way we develop rookies … What the he11 are we doing? What do we have to lose? Run the offense like the Spurs and share the ball instead of letting 2 or 3 players jack it up like they won’t get sex tonight without at least 10 bad 1 on 1 shots each..  For sure it is a lot easier the oppoenents to stop hero ball in the 4th quarter than if we ever become a real team ..

  • Mar 8, 20142:15 am
    by MoATL


    I say all this because it’s all about balance we need the starters to be in balance and have a backup system and Singler has been better coming off the bench because he can play two or three whereas KCP strictly is the two.  He brings energy. and if nothing else you will want to develop him

    • Mar 8, 20146:22 am
      by Vic


      Balance? What’s that? We got talent. Who needs a winning gameplan when you can just put big name talent on the floor.

  • Mar 8, 20142:20 am
    by Mister Sample


    So glad I didn’t purchase league pass…

  • Mar 8, 20143:55 am
    by sebastian


    In the two contest against the T-Wolves, they have been able to successfully demonstrate why the starting line-up of Josh, Moose, and Dre doesn’t work.
    And, another thing, this team does not have one player that plays with any passion. None!
    Like, Chauncey said, guys don’t feel any different, when they take a “L”.
    Keep cashing them checks Pistons. Damn!

  • Mar 8, 20145:39 am
    by kptn


    So dear pistons, please develop something instead of trying to maximize winning with a product that will be off the market soon anyway -Even if some may call it tanking.
    A lot of people do not appreciate tanking – me neither. The word tanking is often associated with “losing games on purpose” or “not trying hard”.
    But let’s view it from a different perspective: Teams with a championship perspecitve (or at least a punchers chance) may sacrificing a lot of things in order to win now. One of these things is player development. You can see it everywhere around the leage, that teams either pick up bought out players or move up their own veteran palyers in the bench order for the stretch run.
    Focusing on nothing but winning means getting the margin of error as close to zero as possible. In order to develop young player hower, you need to give them a chance to make plenty of mistakes and learn from them.
    So I don’t get it why expiring contracts like Stuckey or CV along with a 31 year old Bynum are still getting more playing time, than young players like Siva, KCP or Mitchell.
    If you compare it with a tech company, you will face the same issue. Put your effort into marketing and production and your current sales figures (=immedioate winning) will go up. However if you put your devotion into personell development and research you will lack immediate results, but make sure you can offer a compettitive product for the long run.

    Nobody (exzept some shortterm shareholders) would call out the second strategy for reasons of tanking.
    So dear pistons,  please develop something instead of trying to maximize winning with a product that will be off the market soon anyway.

  • Mar 8, 20145:55 am
    by Zdwtr


    tank captain bynum does it again. a stat stuffing performance in a foregone concluded affair. if only he did that stat stuffing thingy in the second quarter when the game is not out of reach yet. 

  • Mar 8, 20148:06 am
    by bonerici


    the reason we had a comeback isn’t bynum but that the wolves got tired out from beating us so badly and they let up in the 4th quarter.  It is a familiar strategy to the pistons.   We make them go to sleep by playing impossibly bad.

  • Mar 8, 20148:17 am
    by gmehl


    So looking at my favorite website atm www.tankathon.com we actually might just keep our draft pick after all. Just need the Cavs, Pelicans and Knicks to keep on winning. One can only hope.

  • Mar 8, 20149:16 am
    by hoophabit


    I can’t believe Jennings got a B!  I know he came abnormally close to shooting 50% from the field (an aberration for him,) but 50% on FTs and 5 assists in 31 minutes for a point guard?  Must be grading on the “Jennings Curve.”  An A for Bynum for his usual ball-hogging hero ball antics all performed when it no longer matters?
    Seriously, we must be in the running for having the worst guards in the league.  It’s very hard to evaluate our bigs when they have to deal with the constant lane penetration allowed by the guards.  Maybe we should come up with a new term for our back court as “guard” doesn’t really seem appropriate.

    • Mar 8, 201410:17 am
      by Ken


      Agree. Everyone deserves an F for this game. Even Monroe who had 20-15 but gave up 26 and 14 to Love.
      No one should be graded on offensive production and rebounding in a game where they give up 67 pts in the 1st half.
      The problem was on defense and everyone failed

      • Mar 8, 201410:26 am
        by Ken


        Jennings, Bynum, and Stuckey provided such little resistance on dribble penetration, it looked like we were playing against 5 Michael Jordan’s, except it was against Rubio and JJ Barea

      • Mar 8, 20144:23 pm
        by Huddy


        Monroe isn’t a good defender, but citing those numbers from love isn’t really a huge knock on him.  That’s his season average so if anything that would equal a fairly average defensive job against him.  It’s like when people gauge SFs defensive ability on stopping Melo Or Lebron.  I didn’t get a chance to see the game, but it would seem like Monroe would have had more run at center than normal as well with Drummond limited and pekovic’s shooting percentage was pretty poor.  

        • Mar 8, 20145:11 pm
          by oats


          The weird part is how many people congratulate Smith for his great defense if he holds Melo or LeBron to their season average.

  • Mar 8, 201410:10 am
    by Ken


    Jennings was crap. Trust your instincts more, regardless what the boxscore says.
    I thought Jerebko was crap too, especially in the 1st half. It seemed like every tim he was the near the ball it resulted in a turnover somehow.

    • Mar 8, 20142:59 pm
      by frankie d


      Jennings gets the most meaningless numbers of any player in memory.  Even when he was putting up those big assist numbers, his stats never really contributed to wins.
      On the rare instance when he looks to pass first instead of first trying to get his own shot, he not only surprises fans, but he catches his teammates off guard.  The big guys dont even roll to the basket on the P&R anymore.  It is like they figure, why waste the energy…he is never going to pass to the dive man…
      He is poison to a winning environment.  He simply cannot be your PG if you want to build a winning team.

  • Mar 8, 201412:08 pm
    by MitchEPooh


    Another shamefull game in a season of shame. This game was over in the 1st Qtr! Our guards looked old and slow. Again. Bitching at the refs. Again. What does Loyer have to lose? Don’t ever play anyone who will not be here next year! The fact that Charlie V and Stuckey are still here is enough to fire Dumars. I want to see Mitchell and Siva. What is the worst that could happen? Get blown out in the 1st Qtr against a non-playoff team? We already have that!

  • Mar 8, 201412:20 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    How dare you give Monroe a B+ … Do you guys just look at stats? He is the worst….he’s just like Jennings, they don’t even try on defense. Did you see how he played early on? The turnover? the fouls? the miss shots? the frustration? the bad defense? …he is the reason the Pistons were down so much in the first half. 

    • Mar 8, 20143:15 pm
      by Kamal


      Yes,Monroe going to the bench in the first quarter with the Pistons only down by 6 is the reason the Pistons were down so much in the first half.
      We get it.  You hate Monroe, but don’t make stuff up.  Monroe was on the bench when it all went to hell.  Love scored the majority of his point on Smith and Jerebko.  Geez.

    • Mar 9, 20142:24 pm
      by kevin s.


      You do realize the people who compile the stats also watch the games, right? Like, they saw the missed shots, the fouls etc, and credited him accordingly. Unless you are arguing they are reporting their observations incorrectly, you don’t have much of a point here. 

    • Mar 9, 20142:50 pm
      by Huddy


      How dare he accumulate one turnover over the course of the entire game.

  • Mar 8, 201412:38 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    We won 3 games out of 12 since Cheeks got fired…when I said this is the worst move ever! you guys laughed at me! Idiots!  I am so pissed! That is 25%. I know for sure that Cheeks record was much better than this! 
    The team is much worst with Loyer! Cheeks is probably laughing now! 

    • Mar 8, 20141:28 pm
      by Josh


      If you haven’t noticed what has been painfully obvious for months, losing is the best way to go my man.

    • Mar 8, 20144:05 pm
      by Huddy


      Yeah I preferred worst to much worst as well

    • Mar 8, 20144:09 pm
      by Huddy


      You seem to be under the impression that people thought loyer would mean more wins.  Cheeks being fired was a good move because of how bad he was not how good loyer is.  If you want the team to make a playoff run then a replacement should have been hired mid season.  it’s not breaking news that little is expected from loyer.

      • Mar 8, 20145:21 pm
        by pablum


        Gores did in fact fire Cheeks to win more. He dissed Joe and doubled down on his pre-season mandate for the team to make the playoffs. 2nd half schedule (which I failed to consider in my then all engulfing Drummond Spurs Kool-Aid stupor) has killed us. Bobcats are a legit title contenders and Wolves flat out better. Overall though, given the clearly superior teams we’ve faced, we have played well. And clearly Loyer has coached well. No doubt. Tim said he coached a “mediocre” game , which at least gives him credit for not tanking. But the truth is Loyer coached a helluva’ game and that we got blown out in 1st quarter because , as Tim correctly noted, Drummond was a disaster. Add Moose, who couldn’t even make a point-blank uncontested dunk into the mix, and Loyer had no chance. None. Game over.
        Drummond’s drubbing here by Peck actually hit my old man brain hard. Love you expect to kill you, but Drum made Peck look like the 2nd coming of Moses Malone. He did. It caused me momentary hoop’s despair.

        • Mar 8, 20145:27 pm
          by oats


          The Bobcats are not a legit title contender. There is a lot more in this post that I disagree with, but that sentence is so dumb that I’m not even going to address anything else. No team with a losing record is a threat to the Heat or Pacers in the East.

        • Mar 9, 20149:45 am
          by Huddy


          Well I guess you can keep enjoying these “helluva” games where the team is blown out by starters and plays well against teams benches (especially the wolves who have an exceptionally bad one) and loses.  Your admiration for losing must be how your brain decides the bobcats are good.  I’m going to live in reality where good teams win more than half their games.

    • Mar 8, 20145:22 pm
      by oats


      I think that switching to Loyer increased the team’s chances of getting wins a bit. Not because he’s good, but because teams tend to play harder for a bit after firing a coach. Detroit’s effort in the first couple games did look improved, so that part of the logic still holds up. They also happened to play some good teams so they weren’t winning. Now they seem to have largely quit on Loyer too, which is the inevitable outcome of not winning in those first few games when the team’s effort is at its best. He’s now just more of the same, which in truth he probably always was.
      I also think that Cheeks would probably have them with more or less the same record. I really don’t think the firing impacted the team’s winning percentage meaningfully at all.

      • Mar 9, 201412:07 am
        by pablum


        (1) Heat/Pacers are the EZ picks & have been all season. But if u think either team will just walk-over Jefferson and the Bobcats in a playoff series you’re nuts. Jefferson’s arguably been the best C in the league last 20/30 games, Walker is excellent, and the Bobcats thrive in the half-court, which is how most playoff games are won. Plus, they’ve already proved they can hang with Heat/Pacers (just blew Indy out and have had tiight games with Heat, albeit haven’t won). Point is this. They do have all the weapons to threaten either team. To say it’s “dumb” to they couldn’t pull off the upset is going with the crowd. Money says plenty a of pro-scribes pick them as a dark horse in the East. You can book it.
        (2) Team hasn’t quit in Loyer at all. That’s BS. Only the Wolve’s game can possibly support this view and Loyer still ended up putting a rotation out ther that forced Wolves to bring in their starters after taking a 30pt. lead, which we cut to 11. Give coach some due credit please. But I will say this, Oats. You want to know what’s truly dumb? To even begin to argue Loyer’s the same as Cheeks, a coach who didn’t even know his own injury reports 2 hours before game time, had a kindergarten understanding of click mgmt., didn’t even actually appear to be coaching games at times, and who did in fact lose the team. Yep. that’s all fact. Yet somehow, startlingly, not enough to persuade you that Loyer’s any different.?! It’s lemming thinking…

        • Mar 9, 20148:58 am
          by oats


          1) It is dumb to think that they can challenge in the East. Apparently you aren’t aware of this, but going 29-33 means they aren’t a good team. They have the 25th best offense in terms of points per possession, which quite frankly sucks. They don’t excel in the half court, or anywhere really. Al Jefferson is a good enough player to cause any teams problem, but outside of him the team is pretty bad. Walker is a pretty average starter. Gerald Henderson is a bad SG and he’s the third best player on that team.
          Look, if you think how Indy plays in their 4th game in 5 days in March is even sort of related to how they would fare against the Bobcats in the playoffs then you are in for a rude awakening. That was the kind of game where Popovich wouldn’t bother playing his starters. Off nights like that happen in the regular season, Indy won’t do that in the playoffs. As for the Heat, they have a tendency to let teams hang around because they think they can just flip a switch in the 4th quarter and beat anyone. There is a reason that regular season records don’t have much of a correlation to postseason match ups, because the circumstances are just too different. More rest, more prep time, and higher stakes change things dramatically.
          Al Jefferson is really good, and I wouldn’t be that shocked if the Bobcats stole a game from one of those teams because they are taking the series too lightly. I seriously doubt the Bobcats would get two wins though, and I really can’t see them actually winning a series against either team without major injuries to key contributors. To be a legit title contender you would have to think they have a real chance to go through both teams and could then compete with whoever comes out of the West. There is absolutely no chance of that happening.
          Oh, and some writers might pick the Bobcats as dark horse if the writer thinks they absolutely have to pick a dark horse, but I’d bet that the vast majority of writers asked the question will point out the futility of picking a dark horse in the East when there are really only 2 teams with even a little bit of a chance to win the conference. I expect the majority to just refuse to take a dark horse. I’d also guess that most of them that do pick one take Chicago or Brooklyn, although the same caveat applies that the dark horses aren’t actually contenders by any stretch of the imagination.
          2) You clearly see things that no one else does. I’m watching a team that has clearly been going through the motions lately. The Wolves lost their lead because their backups suck and they were clearly coasting with a huge lead. So the Pistons outplayed some scrubs that weren’t really trying, how big of an accomplishment is that really?
          As for all those differences, which of them has actually mattered? He’s done little to address the team’s schematic flaws. Personnel wise his big moves are inserting Kyle Singler in at SG even though he sucks at guarding SGs, burying the team’s best perimeter defender on the bench, and cutting into Jennings minutes in the 4th quarter for a guy that isn’t actually better at playing in the 4th quarter. I sort of support that last one, but his use of Singler and KCP makes no sense to me at all. The end result of these changes is that he has the team performing exactly the same as it had been under Cheeks. This is where I repeat that the team appears to have quit on Loyer too, although apparently I’m directing this at the only person who doesn’t recognize that the team has been pretty listless the last few games.

          • Mar 9, 20149:38 am
            by Huddy

            admirable that you took the time to explain why the bobcats are not a contender.  The unevenness of the eastern conference cannot be overstated.  7th and 8th seeds are ao much worse than 1-2, it is one of the least exciting series in professional sports.  It’s pretty sad that Indy and Miami essentially spend 82 games fighting for home court advantage.

          • Mar 9, 20141:08 pm
            by pablum

            Nothing like a little Sunday afternoon puffy to pair with some Velvet Underground (I’ll be segueing to 1937 Rex Stewart “Relaxtious” in a bit — it’s my funeral tune…).
            Ahh… That’s better..Okay. Love the ease with which you and Huddy think I’m a a gargantuan vapid idiot. It fits the moderator troll meme going on…but let me explain.
            (1) Bobcat’s sub-.500 record no refection of the talent of that team. None. They must be +500 team since mid January, I’m guessing (nearly 2 months) and they are a threat to Heat/Pacers precisely because of Jefferson and their half-court game. Big Al most skilled offensive C on the floor against either of those teams and they’ve got the shooters and slashers to be a real pain in the ass. No sir, by any stretch, are the Bobcats going to be an easy out for anyone. Utter BS. They have to be the most feared team in the East outside of Heat/Pacers and Pacer’s 3 game spiral isn’t helping their confidence any. Obviously, Bobcats would be huge underdogs to both teams, but stranger Baron Davis-GSW/Dallas shit has happened…Hasn’t it? Hell yes it has young hoop’s acolytes. Bobcats are for real.
            (2) You said Pistons look like they’ve quit on Loyer. BS. ONLY the Wolve’s game looked like this, and Loyer  brought the team back — it wasn’t just scrub time. Wolve’s didn’t want to bring back their starters! Come on! Just like Dwight was pissed about our come-back against Rockets (though our starters played Houston better). Point is, again, every other game except that Wolve’s game, we’ve clearly been busting out butts — and even in that Wolve’s game there was Moose diving for balls down 30. There was Bynum being Bynum. Did you even bother to read the quotes from Loyer after the Wolve’s game that Mayo reported. There were all about out team’s heart and effort for “every minute of every game.” Easy thing to do is write this off as lip service. But I’m not buying it. Pistons are absolutely NOT TANKING. And they are absolutely trying to make playoffs. That’s the realty of this team right now. It is. The quitting, tanking, no heart, no-respect for the game — that’s all moderator troll driven BS. That’s what a “losing mentality” (i.e., tanking) does to your perception of the real game.

          • Mar 9, 20142:07 pm
            by Huddy

            Stranger things have happened like golden state and Dallas?  Oh yeah you’re right…in the west where the lower seed teams are MuCH more competitive.  
            Charlotte isn’t good.  No matter how long your essay is that will remain true.  I’m sure when they lose in 5 you will have a lot to say about their valiant effort anyway.

          • Mar 9, 20143:03 pm
            by kevin s.

            The Mavs-Warriors series was pretty major anomaly. First of all, the teams’ records belied their respective abilities. Based on point differential, the Mavs were a 61 (not 67) win team. Second, the Warriors shot the lights out. Their top three in both minutes and usage had TS% above 60%.
            Much of this owed to lights out three point shooting on the part of the Warriors, paired with terrible three point shooting on the part of the Mavericks. None of the Pacers, Bobcats or Heat rely on the three point shot, so that is not likely to be a variable. 
            Lastly, Avery Johnson decided to match up with the Warriors by playing small ball, an unfathomably stupid decision that saw the Mavericks benching Dampier, their second best player. I don’t think the Heat are going to bench Dwyane Wade in hopes of matching up with Gerald Henderson or whatever. 

          • Mar 9, 20143:17 pm
            by oats

            1) There is no need to guess on the Bobcats record since January when you can just look that shit up. They are 15-16 since January. That’s not much better than the 14-17 they went prior to January. They are better than the Pistons, but this isn’t a good team we’re talking about. Them beating either Indy or Miami would be stranger than that Golden State win because that Golden State team at least had a winning record, and their conference wasn’t nearly as awful as the East this year so it was harder to get that winning record than it would be for Charlotte to do the same.
            The other thing you need to be aware of is why that Golden State team was only barely above .500 in the first place. The only reason that Golden State team was a low seed is that Baron Davis missed 19 games, Jason Richardson missed 31, and Stephen Jackson was acquired with only 38 games left in their season. That means their 3 best players in the playoffs weren’t active for the Warriors for a combined 94 games. Yeah, that playoff team was also just a lot better than the Warriors record suggested they were. So far Jefferson has missed 9 games, Walker 7, and Henderson 4. Their record does a much better job of telling us what kind of team the Bobcats are than it did for Golden State.
            2) I would say they played bad against San Antonio, Houston, New York, Chicago, and the Wolves. They had a few moments where they didn’t look like they were just mailing in the entirety of the games versus the Spurs and Rockets, but I thought they looked pretty bad for the majority of those games. I thought they looked bad for most of that game against New York, the Knicks just looked worse. Obviously you disagree since you’ve congratulated them for their efforts in several of those games, but I sure as hell didn’t see anything all that praiseworthy effort wise in those games. So this is the 5th straight game I’ve been unimpressed with their work ethic, and each game in that stretch has looked a little worse than the one before. I might be reading something into it that might not be there, but it looks a lot like they’ve given up to me.
            I don’t think the team is tanking though, or at least not intentionally. I do think that bad teams have a hard time getting themselves up for games once it starts looking obvious that they won’t go anywhere. When that happens they sort of go through the motions a bit. They also largely tune out their coaches. I’ve seen it at various times from the Pistons each of the last several seasons. I suspect that is what has been going on, although I will concede that it could just be a normal lull in focus that is making them look like they are going through the motions. I still think it’s more than that, but I could be wrong.

          • Mar 9, 20144:31 pm
            by oats

            Sorry, I had a couple typos before, The Cats are 29-34 on the season and went 14-18 before January, The 15-16 since January was right though,

      • Mar 9, 20144:28 pm
        by Tim Thielke


        I agree with Huddy. It’s amazing that you actually took the time to explain how the Bobcats are a bad team. Of course, pablum won’t understand because they somehow look impressive to his eye test. Stats are only for when they support his predetermined position. Otherwise, they are, in his terms, “analytical bow wow”.

        • Mar 9, 20144:42 pm
          by oats


          I was originally planning on just calling them bad and moving on, but apparently pointing out their losing record wasn’t good enough. I definitely spent way more time explaining this than should have been necessary though. I’m probably wasting my time, but I had a bit to kill anyways.

          • Mar 10, 20141:43 pm
            by pablum

            Bobcats are 4-5 games Over .500 since Jan. 14. (nearly 2 months) And they’ve had a string of impressive wins in that time. If you think any team that plays them thinks they are quote “BAD” you are living in a different NBA universe. Moreover, if you just read their own pro-scribes, fan forums, and player quotes, including several recent by Big Al — Do you know what they’re consensus is?? That they’re better than their record, that they are a good team. Yep. Jefferson says he’s proud that when Bobcats come into arenas now no one writes them off. And as I said, and already checked BTW — folks already picking them as a “darkhorse” in the East. So don’t tell me they are are “Bad.” That I’ll say “Mighty Bow Wow” Too! — not to analytics — which have some utility. Bobcats are most definitely not “Bad.” We are “BAD.’ That I will say. But Bobcats?! Bow Wow Hell No. They are feared. Big Al, to quote Loyer, is a “nightmare for the league.” 

          • Mar 10, 20142:08 pm
            by Tim Thielke

            Woah, they think they’re better than their record? No way!?! Well, that just clears everything up, then. Because I’m sure the other 29 teams in the league would tell you that they’re worse than their records.

            Also, in what universe is 14-11 “4-5 games over .500″? I know you hate analytics, but I recommend learning the basics. I mean the really, really basics. As in, how to count.

            Not to mention that stats don’t get any more cherry picked than that given that the Bobcats had lost 8 of their previous 9 games before the stretch with your meaningless start point.

            I dare you to find one decent team that fears the Bobcats. Even Hollinger’s rankings, which give extra weight to recent games, pegs them at a generous 16th.

          • Mar 10, 20149:57 pm
            by pablum

            Holy Hollinger was too easy but I couldn’t ditch it and couldn’t figure out where else to put it.
            Then I wanted you to call the self described most sarcastic asshole in the west, but read it and thought it too crass, even though it’s true.
            Then I ended the sentence with a “dismount Feldman.” It just worked.
            So, yeah, ’bout those Bobcats. Just surfed the Google and saw several nice big pieces just today all over the sports news about the Bobcats “rise,” “turn-around,” and march toward playoff’s and dare I say even greatness-something — close enough. Big Al. Little series. Big AL. I’m getting my Jenning’s crow back, unless that faux-Pac delivers in the 4th, Amen.
            Lastly, please , no Baby Metal. I said 4-5 games over . 500 — it was 3. I was one off. Baby Metal….

  • Mar 8, 20148:01 pm
    by Kevin


    Six Championship Drive: Looking Ahead to Next Year – Coach

    • Mar 9, 20149:26 am
      by JYD for Life


      I have to say that your post about the next GM was wildly uncreative and even less informative, so I’ll probably skip this one.  

      • Mar 9, 201411:31 am
        by Kevin


        Okay. Thanks for the update, mind telling me more about your opinions? How do you feel about weathermen? I’m more of an Al Roker guy myself, I like the classics, but that Ginger Zee really does a nice job. Your thoughts?

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