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Tom Gores’ spokesman: Pistons not interested in hiring Isiah Thomas

David Mayo of MLive:

A spokesman for Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores called a report that the team is wooing Isiah Thomas as its next general manager "absolutely false."

"He is not a candidate for any job with the Pistons," Barnhill wrote about Thomas.

Mark Barnhill, a partner in Gores’ Platinum Equity, wrote in an email to MLive that he and Gores had dinner with Thomas a couple weeks ago in Los Angeles but the upcoming Bad Boys reunion "was the sole topic.  Period."

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Mar 3, 201410:44 am
    by Merwin



  • Mar 3, 201411:43 am
    by David


    Sigh of relief.
    Here’s my theory:
    This whole rumor was leaked by Isiah Thomas, who wants the job. If you follow Knicks news over the last few years similiar rumors happen from time to time. About the “ownership” thinking about hiring him to be the GM or the coach. This is Thomas’ M.O. 
    I hope so, at least. Because I can’t think of a worse move than replacing Dumars with Thomas. 

    • Mar 3, 201412:54 pm
      by matt's sandwich


      Totally believable take on the situation. You know Isiah is well-connected.
      Based on this report, I would like to use our mid-level exception on Mark Barnhill. Even before suiting up for the team, he has become one of my favorite Pistons.

  • Mar 3, 20141:08 pm
    by pablum


    Why should anyone trust your reporting here Dan? You reported completely false information on the Pistons/Rockets game, directly saying Loyer tanked that game. This is exactly what you wrote. Anybody reading your comment on the game would have to believe Loyer was tanking and the team as well. This is exactly what you wrote in print. But it’s completely false. It’s not what happened in reality. Loyer and the team didn’t tank at all. They played their asses off to win. Here’s a link to David Mayo confirming we busted our asses off to win that Rockets game — while you wrote the exact opposite. You wrote Loyer tanked. You didn’t write the truth, which was Loyer and the team played their hearts out trying to win, but still lost. If you’d written that — that would be the truth. But you didn’t. You wrote Loyer just tanked. So how can you be trusted? And why don’t you respect your readership enough to even care to answer this obvious screw-up on your part? You were wrong, Dan. It is a clear case of false reporting. It’s no different than Albom claiming he was at that Final 4 game with Mateen Cleaves and Jason Richardson. It’s really not. Except you refuse to be accountable.

    • Mar 3, 20141:44 pm
      by @GPMasters


      At least you have proved you’re capable of letting sleeping dogs lie…. Are you a parody account?

      • Mar 3, 20142:58 pm
        by pablum


        Dan and crew love their sheep here. If you want to be one of them and focus on me that’s fine. But when a pro-writer just all-and-out accuses our head coach of tanking (in a game where he clearly did not), when his words here imply the same for our players as tanking, (when they were playing their hearts out), and when he refuses to make any commentary on the truth or fallacy of his own words, (he’s said absolutely nothing), what he is saying is my readers are stupid ass sheep whom I owe nothing to and if I say something that is patently false or wrong I will not be accountable for it.
        Yes, it’s going to be very interesting to see how Dan writes up tonight’s Knicks game. I’m sure if we play our asses off as we did in Houston, but lose, everybody here who thinks I’m a complete ass-hole will be quite happy if Dan reports that Loyer and the players get an A+ for tanking! That’s apparently the level of commentary here now. Pro-scribes can just say whatever the fuck they want about the actual games and don’t have to be responsible for their own words. While the sheep eat grass and “Bah” that  I’m the parody.

    • Mar 3, 20142:35 pm
      by Prelove


      Yeah, because Dan was the source of the Isiah information. Gey Feg 

      • Mar 3, 20142:59 pm
        by pablum


        Redact this bigot, please.

        • Mar 3, 20148:48 pm
          by JYD for Life


          Agreed…there’s no place for that here or anywhere.

    • Mar 3, 20142:51 pm
      by Huddy


      You have very low expectations for the mental capacity of the readers here.  Everyone (but you apparently) get that dan is asserting that regardless of who is trying how hard the teams results are accomplishing the goal of a tanking team…its just a joke about a team playing badly…usually potheads with busty milf wives are more laid back.
      When you say the players “played their asses off” do you mean there is a team full of guys who’s asses fell off in the 4th quarter of the rockets game? I thought that would have gotten more press…unless you are falsely reporting this.

      • Mar 3, 20143:06 pm
        by pablum


        Your are completely wrong. It is Dan’s GOAL that the team should tank. Loyer and the team have NO interest in tanking. NONE. Read David Mayo’s column that I linked to today.  It doesn’t matter what Dan “meant.” It matters what he wrote. Don’t you get that?! And he wrote Loyer was getting the job done by tanking. It’s completely false. Losing when you play your ass off to win is NOT the same as losing when you tank! Don’t you get that?!

        • Mar 3, 20143:13 pm
          by pablum


          …And I’ll be laid back by tonight’s game, and thanks for the nod to el Trophy!

        • Mar 3, 20143:24 pm
          by Huddy


          I’m still waiting for you to own your words about asses falling off professional basketball players.  I’m a fan and I don’t like your implications about the strength of the glutes on my team.  They can squat with the best of them and you shouldn’t blatantly state otherwise.

          • Mar 3, 20144:06 pm
            by jerrific

            Lol best response

          • Mar 3, 20146:45 pm
            by pablum

            @Huddy. A superb post, sir! My own words did speak otherwise. I thoughtlessly slandered our warriors noble asses. Forgive me. Sincerely Pablum.

        • Mar 3, 20144:05 pm
          by JYD for Life


          Pablum – There has been some interesting takes on “tanking” in the national spotlight lately.  Look up an interview with Grant Hill and SVP & Russilo from last week and Colangelo’s take on Toronto’s plans in recent years.  
          RE: Loyer tanking…Inadvertently, he is responsible for a tank job there.  His guys were not ready.  That’s on him.  Again, from what I heard, the boys had a little too much fun down in Houston…Why wasn’t there a curfew or some accountability?  
          Is he telling his guys to throw the ball out of bounds or intentionally miss shots? No…so he’s not “tanking,” but his inability to get this group together is in a way, a tank job.  
          This starts at the top (and don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the biggest Joe supporters out there), but something has to change.  
          There have been a string of poor decisions over a few years and it could be Gores, it could be Joe, but the culture needs to change.
          Joe (like Mr. Davidson and Tom Wilson, etc.) is loyal to a fault.  It’s why Rip and Chauncey were rewarded with high-dollar contracts for past accomplishments.  It’s why Sheed has a position of leadership on this team.  
          I love the fact that he wants it to be a place where the players are happy, but it’s spiraled out of control to the point where it’s detrimental to the franchise.  The coaching changes, the mutiny, the coaching hires – Sheed is a brilliant mind, but obviously was not dedicated to keeping himself in shape for the last 6 or 7 years of his career.  He was also pretty open about his CTC philosophy (Cut the Check).  My guess is that while he can provide a lot of valuable tutelage to Drummond and Monroe, he can end up being more harm than good if he’s only doing to still collect a check and “play” on the road with the fellas.  
          I’m pretty sure he would be right there making it rain with Smith and Jennings…  

          • Mar 3, 20144:37 pm
            by oats

            Do you think that kind of thing is at all unusual for NBA players at any time? I really don’t, and that’s especially true when in a place like Houston that is pretty famous for it’s quality strip clubs. You can probably find stories from every team in the league having nights like that in Houston, Miami, LA, New Orleans, or a bunch of other cities. You remember the Gold Club in Atlanta and the stories involving all kind of players but most famously Patrick Ewing? Yeah, that was going on during the season. For that matter, listen to Jalen Rose talk about how while in cities that don’t have that kind of nightlife the thing to do is import ladies for the evening.
            I have to be honest, I don’t really care if a couple guys were out late at a strip club. I think that’s just typical behavior for a sizable portion of the league.

          • Mar 3, 20145:38 pm
            by JYD for Life

            Oats that’s not the point.  
            I understand that it will happen and has always happened.  That doesn’t make it ok.  That shouldn’t be what Drummond is watching happen every night.  
            What I don’t like about it is that it shows a lack of focus. You mean to tell me they can’t wait two months before going out and boozing/smoking/womanizing?  
            I wouldn’t care at all if they were in the playoffs or those specific guys were having outstanding seasons.   

          • Mar 3, 20146:01 pm
            by oats

            We’re not talking about 2 months though. The NBA season starts in October and ends in April. That’s the better part of 6 months where the only real break is All Star weekend. Do you honestly expect these guys to go that long without doing these things? I sure don’t. For a lot of these guys it is an important release valve, and it’s almost a part of their ritual. I’m just not convinced it’s always harmful. Even if it is bad for their play, if they are still able to be world class basketball players despite it then I just don’t care that much.
            I would like it if these guys would obsess over trying to make themselves into the best player they can be, that they would avoid the distractions and just buckle down. The reality is that very few people are wired that way and it’s unrealistic to expect it from anyone. A sizable percentage of pro athletes are going to go out and enjoy the nightlife while in Houston, and that’s just the way it is.

          • Mar 3, 20149:14 pm
            by JYD for Life

            You’re right and again, I’m not expecting them to all be choir boys or to play video games every night.  
            It’s not just basketball players either…Hockey players and baseball players are pretty well known to enjoy themselves in and off-season.  Did you see the pics posted of the Tigers partying with a Taco night and one of the guys wearing Kate Upton’s bikini? 
            I get it…With less than two months left of the season and this team still in position to possibly grab the 8th seed, I would expect a little more discipline.  Especially from one of “the few guys that gives a damn” as Jennings has been labeled this year. 
            If this were a situation that occurred in November (missing a team flight because he was partying in ATL) or even last October (as I’ve mentioned Smith was seen on numerous occasions blasted in Royal Oak), I could understand it a bit more.  The book had to have been written on Smith and the fact that Joe or Gores didn’t know this and did not take this into consideration when signing Smith to play a significant role around Drummond and Monroe or to be the highest paid player on the team is shortsighted and just really inexcusable. 
            In any profession, there are the folks who are wired that way and those who do just enough to get by.  There are doctors who get belligerent at continuing education conferences and those who spend their time prepping for the next session or casually grabbing dinner and a drink during their down time.  I get it.     
            This is different though…It’s crunch time and the fact that they weren’t focused and got blown out within the first five minutes of a game on Saturday says a TON about the leadership of this team.  
            Again, not judging them as men…young men at that…I was 25 once…and I definitely can’t imagine what life would have been like with multiple millions of dollars in my bank account or pocket.  I also know when to turn it on and to turn it off.  There’s a time to be serious and these past few weeks have been that time to answer the call…

  • Mar 3, 20141:24 pm
    by Parsons



    This is the reverse standings for those interested. It does take traded picks into account.

  • Mar 3, 20141:46 pm
    by Sop


    when I look at the Pistons remaining schedule I see…
    scenario 1, tanking:
    scenario 2, most likely: Pistons win all 10 games that look winnable but no other games (against NYC, Bos, Sac, Mil, Cle twice, Utah, ATL) leaving us at 33 wins and in what Dan calls the “danger zone.”
    scenario 3, Joe D’s dream: Pistons add wins at Den, Min, Brok, plus a handful of wins against other legit playoff teams like Phx, Tor, Chi to the 10 already listed and squeak into the playoffs at the 8th at just below .500. 

  • Mar 3, 20141:46 pm
    by Diabs


  • Mar 3, 20142:02 pm
    by Josh


    Wow, good, I’m glad that was said.. On an unrelated note, u guys see this? http://www.tmz.com/2014/03/02/icarly-star-jennette-mccurdy-andre-drummond-kissing-podcast/
    That little Disney slut just broke up with Drummond than went on a podcast and ripped on him for a while.

  • Mar 3, 20142:27 pm
    by Mike Whiteman


    Oh thank god. I almost cried when i read that

  • Mar 3, 20142:30 pm
    by joe dumars


    I think its very telling that Joe isn’t mentioned once in Barnhill’s statement.

    • Mar 3, 20144:15 pm
      by jerrific


      I agree. The fact that they went out of their way to state that Thomas was not in consideration for the job says everything.  

  • Mar 3, 20145:52 pm
    by grizz3471


    Dan Feldman reported what another reporter claimed was being discussed .., Thomas becoming the GM .. in NO WAY is Feldman to be blamed for that .. Dan is a Pistons writer … and this type of news is certainly news worthy .. And he reported it immediately when the rumor was proven to be false and Feldman qualified all information available as a rumor and discussed its implications .. This was all professionally handled ..
    Anyone who complains about that is a jackazz . Mad about Thomas not being hired? I am disappointed but .. it is stupid to blame the messenger.
    Dan Feldman and the other writers here have a great site for the Detroit Piston fans .. You got a problem with that .. then hit the road ..

  • Mar 3, 20145:54 pm
    by grizz3471


    …and anyone who thinks Thomas started this rumor is also a jackazz .. guilty of starting a rumor .. the exact thing they were hypocritically complaining about ..

    • Mar 3, 20146:14 pm
      by joe dumars


      I guess you don’t know the difference between speculating and starting a rumor.

  • May 23, 201410:50 am
    by houston sluts


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