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Should Pistons buy out Charlie Villanueva?

For the Charlie Villanueva to be eligible for another team’s playoff roster – the whole point of these buyouts – the Pistons must waive him by the end of the day Saturday.

Villanueva, for his part, said he’s interested in a buyout. Via David Mayo of MLive:

“I want to play.  If it’s not here, then I’m still young, I’ve still got a lot of years of playing left.  I just want to play,” he said.

“It’s hard because I love this game, I’m very passionate about this game, so it’s hard not to let my frustration out,” he said.  “But you’ve just got to come to grips with it.  They made their decision.  It is what it is.  So there’s nothing I can do about it.  There’s nothing I can do about it.  It doesn’t matter what I do in practice.  It doesn’t matter what kind of work I put in.  It doesn’t matter.”

At this point, I don’t care whether or not the Pistons buy out Villanueva. He’s remained generally patient through these five years, the prime of his career washed away as now four coaches have marginalized him. If he wants to try to land a playing job with a different team, the Pistons should have the decency to consider letting him.

Of course, Villanueva is culpable in his own demise. He’s a score-only player who sometimes seems more concerned with whether he looks fluid rather than whether he’s productive. Each offseason, he hypes his renewed dedication. Each season, the results underwhelm.

There’s no guarantee Villanueva would get picked up, but that risk should be his to take — if he and the Pistons reach a suitable settlement. Villanueva will surely have to return some money in exchange for his freedom, and the Pistons should assess the market to avoid Villanueva going to a team competing with Detroit for a playoff berth (no matter how slim the Pistons’ chances are).*

*Unless the Pistons are tanking. Then maybe they should want Villanueva to join an Eastern Conference playoff contender. Then again, maybe Villanueva would sabotage that team. In that case, they should buy him out if they think he’ll sign with a competing team.

This is just getting too complicated. Buy him out if the money is right. Don’t worry about where he goes.

Finally, not to dig up the past — aw, heck, I’m totally going to dig up the past. The Pistons should have amnestied this guy when they had the chance. Really, they should have amnestied Ben Gordon, but they were too cheap or foolish or some combination of the two to do that. But amnestying Villanueva would have been better than amnestying neither.

Getting ridding of him now won’t undo that mistake. The Pistons can no longer trade him. There’s no indication they’ll play him. They almost certainly won’t re-sign him.

Like I said, I don’t care whether or not they buy him out. The Pistons’ and Villanueva’s long overdo separation will happen soon enough, either way.


  • Feb 27, 20147:16 pm
    by tim*


    Is Joe even allowed to buy him out?

  • Feb 27, 20147:17 pm
    by Ryan


    I hope they buy him out and dude gets a chance somewhere. I don’t think he’ll ever be good but he’s always seemed like a nice guy to me and I wish him well.

    • Feb 28, 20147:31 am
      by Ryank


      This season was a player’s option.  Now he wants the money and he wants to go sign with another team to either chase a championship or another big contract.  Screw him.  If he wanted those things he shouldn’t have opted into this season.  
      He’s tortured us for 5 years having to watch him, give him some pay back and make him watch in street clothes the rest of the season.

  • Feb 27, 20147:57 pm
    by Oracle


    CV to the Pistons: You don’t buy me out, I buy YOU out!!!

  • Feb 27, 20148:56 pm
    by I HATE LOSING (Predicting A Strong Finish)


    Lol… only a true fan could love this team

    • Feb 27, 201410:00 pm
      by gmehl


      “Lol… only a true fan could love this team”
      That’s why us true fans come here (pistonpowered) to vent/argue with each other. This forum is like lying down on a psychiatrists lounge and trying to make sense of things. Some guys here like to vent and some guys like to just plain old argue with others. 

  • Feb 27, 20149:46 pm
    by CityofKlompton



  • Feb 27, 201410:07 pm
    by DoctorDaveT


    At this point – why do him any favors? He certainly hasn’t done the ‘Stons any. Make him stay and endure until the end. A significant part of this misery is his fault due to lack of performance.

    • Feb 27, 201410:13 pm
      by lisa


      The guy probably did the best he could, he tried. He even tried reinvented himself, tatoo’s, boxing…… Nothing worked. It was joe’s fault giving him a contract he couldn’t live up to.

    • Feb 28, 20147:36 am
      by DoctorDaveT


      You’re right, Lisa. Joe didn’t pay him for the promise of performance; he paid him for the promise of trying “the best he could.” /sarcasm
      But CV still failed. He never was in shape; rarely played defense. Missed a ton of shots. C’mon, Lisa. This is big boy sports – not “everyone gets a trophy in little league” sports. You get paid, you work hard to be in shape. You get paid, you make the most of your minutes.
      CV stunk up the joint. Make him finish his contract out here. Then let him get his next contract somewhere else.

  • Feb 27, 201410:10 pm
    by pablum


    CV will give you all-star like showings two out of every 12 games, approximately. My Pistons compatriots once calculated this sum, carried out to a net seasonal worth of 14 games, CV’s total worth — your analytics needs this stat — I, repeat, his total worth as a player per season, 14 games. That’s it. (We could call it the “reductio ad absurdum seasonal stat”: e.g., Luigi Dattome: 1 game.– Josh Harrelson: 4 games, Peyton Siva: 1/10th of 1 quarter, etc., etc.,).
    BUt now on to my continuing one man clarion on the epic drama unfolding before our eyes as a great Greek Tragedy in its latest turn our very own variation of Achilles in the fated form of a toe; a toe that has suddenly stricken our hero (anti-hero?) at the eve of his battle with himself over his very manhood as a player. Yes. This is the spectacle of Brandon Jennings currently and where its next movement ushers us I will defy even the finest of sooth-sayers to say sooth, so to speak.
    Empirically however things couldn’t be more lucid. Brand Jennings has 24 games to take his job back from Will Bynum in the 4th quarter or face the fact he is a scrub. 

    • Feb 27, 201411:30 pm
      by Smitty


      It’s pretty bad when Will is outplaying you!

      • Feb 28, 201412:13 am
        by Parsons


        It’s pretty bad when Will is outplaying everyone but Drummond.

        • Feb 28, 20145:12 am
          by Zdwtr


          You cant relly solely on energy alone, at certain point will bynum is not clever enough, skillful enough and tall enough. BJ were doing good when Mo was the coach. His main problem is still guarding a point guard and make plays in the fourth (last 5 min). Now he reverts to the BJ pre “im a point guard first”. Steve smith once said pistons relly on their PG play to succeed. 

  • Feb 28, 20143:04 am
    by something


    Buying him out is like giving him a pass. He picked up his player option didn’t he? And now he wants out?

  • Feb 28, 20143:22 am
    by Mister D


    Remember the season Charlie tried to fight everyone?

  • Feb 28, 20148:01 am
    by Brian


    I am OK with a buyout. How much money is Charlie V offering the Pistons to let him leave?

  • Feb 28, 20149:37 am
    by Kevin


    What we should really do is fire Joe Dumars.  Click ahead for a run-down of Joe’s moves of the last few years, and a rundown of who might be the new GM.

  • Feb 28, 20149:41 am
    by I HATE LOSING (Predicting A Strong Finish)


    Here’s the sickness…The Hawks are falling and we are only 3 games from the 8th spot

  • Feb 28, 201410:08 am
    by JYD for Life


    What do you guys think about Bosh as a potential fit? 
    I truly believe he would be the perfect fit next to Drummond.  
    There are more reports coming out about he and Lebron not wanting to play for a discount (like 3 mil per  less now than what they could get) And I think Kyrie is going to force his way out of Cleveland or Carmelo is going down to Miami this summer.  Their cap situation is almost entirely clean if their big 3 opt out.  
    They could go about it a few ways: 
    - sign him outright if they let Moose sign an offer sheet. 
    - explore a sign and trade – smith and a re-signed Monroe or Jennings/Monroe or even a Jennings/Smith (We can dream, right?).  Any of these would work once Bosh signs an extension for the Max (his would be near 23 mil). 
    This could work for Miami because it gives them a cheaper replacement, would put smith (and/or Jennings) in an environment they have to stay focused in.  A Jennings/Wade/LeBron/Smith/Random dude lineup would be a good start at reloading.  
    Higher level concept, but something could work in a 3-way trade with Monroe/Jennings to Cleveland, Bosh to Detrout and Kyrie to Miami – Doesn’t sound like Cleveland is open to moving him though…especially not to Miami.  
    - From there, fill in the roster with guys like Ariza, Blake, Brand, etc.  

    • Feb 28, 201412:56 pm
      by CityofKlompton


      No way the Pistons trade two of their best players to a division rival.

  • Feb 28, 201410:17 am
    by travis


    All you have to do is look at that ripped body to understand CVs dedication to the game. Pff. This guy has made a fortune bilking the system. 0 sympathy

  • Feb 28, 201410:23 am
    by travis


    Jyd – no no no. Moose is a better player. Monroe is one of the better per minute rebiunders in the game and he does that playing next to the very best. Bosh is awful at rebs and d. Monroe will refine his jumper some  and game. Hes 23. he will always be a great compliment because he can play backup center for Drummond 14 mpg too. 

  • Feb 28, 201410:46 am
    by I HATE LOSING (Predicting A Strong Finish)


    Monroe is gonna be a overpay one way player….its also going to limit this teams growth….i’ve said it all year he freezes the ball too many times…
    Bur I believe we have have a 10-6 March and get that 8th spot

  • Feb 28, 201412:16 pm
    by Andrew


    I was actually somewhat for offering CV a buyout until someone pointed out how he opted in his contract for the season.  He’s getting what he deserves.
    Also surprised we haven’t heard more about the Pistons’ decision not to amnesty Gordon.  Granted it would have cost them some cash but would have been better than selling the first round pick to save a year on his contract.  Off course there’s not a whole lot going on with the Pistons these days that makes a lot of sense.

  • Mar 1, 20141:00 am
    by Willy


    If we have to put up with this mess then so does he, especially since he’s getting paid. So let him ride the pine for the rest of the season like he opted to do 

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