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Road game in San Antonio


  • Teams: Detroit Pistons (23-34) at San Antonio Spurs (40-16)
  • Date: February 26, 2014
  • Time: 8:30 p.m.
  • Television: FS Detroit Plus

What to look for

The San Antonio Spurs are one of the best teams in the league because of their talent coupled with their coaching staff. Gregg Popovich continues to “cheat the system” that is called the 82-game regular season.

The Spurs rest starters throughout the campaign by having them miss games or simply resting during large portions of any given contest. This was on full display when San Antonio and the Detroit Pistons met a few weeks ago.

Tony Parker and Tim Duncan played a combined 43 minutes on their way to a loss. Despite the low-minute count for their top players, the Spurs still produced 100 points on 52.4 percent shooting.

San Antonio continues to be arguably the most diverse offense in the league because they rely on movement more than the average NBA team. The Spurs will go to isolations every now and then, but that is mostly by design.

For the most part, every look they obtain is the product of screens, floor spacing, drive and kicks and pick-and-rolls. And even when those “fail”, they will go to post-ups for easy scores or to attract double teams.

The Spurs are fascinating from this standpoint because they can seemingly plug just about any player in their system and score at a high clip. The secret to their formula is so simple that it sounds silly to be honest: Players get open shots from spots where they are proficient at making them.

Even though Popovich’s star players have missed a few games here and there, the Spurs still boast a top-10 offense because of their motion offense. Tonight’s contest might be a tad different in comparison to the last head-to-head matchup between the teams.

San Antonio hasn’t played since last Friday and as a result, the coaching staff might be inclined to ride their starters a little more tonight, especially at home. Detroit will have to play at a high level tonight to ensure they have a chance to steal the game late.

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48 Minutes of Hell


  • Feb 26, 20147:53 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Prediction: Pistons Wins
    San Antonio 

    • Feb 26, 201410:50 pm
      by Brandon Knight


      You see….hahah I was right on the Pistons! They scored 110 :P ….but we lost!

  • Feb 26, 20149:59 pm
    by Moonchild


    Jennings looking sad on the bench because bynum is stealing his minutes, sore toe my ass

    • Feb 26, 201410:38 pm
      by gmehl


      I think there is more to it than this. Something is a cooking!

      • Feb 26, 201411:49 pm
        by Smitty


        Like what? Jennings sucks! He is not a good player. 

  • Feb 26, 201410:01 pm
    by Parsons


    Wait, what happened? Why isn’t Jennings playing? I just turned it on at the start of the 3rd and Jennings is pouting on the bench and Bynum’s starting. What happened!?

  • Feb 26, 201410:42 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    It’s so hard to win games without shooting threes! It is a must!…you need guys that can knock down the threes.

  • Feb 26, 201410:50 pm
    by gmehl


    And we have an Austin Daye sighting… bringing his awesome 1ppg to the Spurs. What a bust!

    • Feb 26, 201410:59 pm
      by Brandon Knight


      Yeah no body talks about him being a bust…I am surprised
      Jrue Holiday
      Ty Lawson
      Jeff Teague
      Danny Green

      • Feb 26, 201411:27 pm
        by gmehl


        Ty Lawson is the one guy that i thought we definitely should’ve picked. Joe really reached for Daye and I do recall Joe going on about how guys with Daye’s skill set and body type are the future of the nba. I think i vomited after he said.

  • Feb 26, 201411:02 pm
    by Lorenzo


    Well….I think it’s time to put a fork in em’. This was going to be a brutal stretch and the way the result have shook out (especially those two games against the Bobcats) it would seem to be the death knell. Give the bench and young guys a shot (Gigi, Mitchell, Siva, KCP) and certainly experiment, mix, and match the line-ups to see what we have–or more importantly–don’t have on this roster. This team has been a disappointment and is heading for the lottery….one can only hope it doesn’t loose it’s pick.

  • Feb 27, 201412:06 am
    by gmehl


    Ok guys I’ve put my energies into something constructive which should give us all hope that we just might keep our draft pick. Ahhhh it seems like only yesterday that I was doing the very same thing last season in hope we could draft Oladipo. As of today the bottom of league standings look like this:
    26-31  Hawks (play 8 games against teams listed here)
    25-31  Nuggets (play 6 games against teams listed here)
    23-34  Pelicans (play 8 games against teams listed here)
    23-35  Pistons (play 9 games against teams listed here)
    23-36  Cavs (play 9 games against teams listed here)
    21-36  Knicks (play 11 games against teams listed here)
    21-36  Jazz (play 11 games against teams listed here)
    20-37  Kings (play 8 games against teams listed here)
    20-39  Celtics (play 8 games against teams listed here)
    19-39  Lakers (play 7 games against teams listed here)
    18-42  Magic (play 4 games against teams listed here)
    15-43  76ers (no way these guys are overtaking the Magic)
    11-45  Bucks (the Bucks will have the best odds to get the #1 pick)
    I’ve had a thorough browse over each teams schedule and we definitely have one of the hardest out of all the teams mentioned above. I can realistically see the Knicks, Cav, Jazz and Kings overtaking us. I guess it will be interesting to see if the team pulls the plug and play Siva  and Mitchell. It might even be worth shutting down Smith for the season to see how Dummond and Monroe go together with Singler at the 3. Thoughts??

  • Feb 27, 20141:50 am
    by Smitty


    Might as well try to lose.

  • Feb 27, 20146:19 am
    by @GPMasters


    Great result for us last night with the Cavs beating the Thunder whilst we slumped to defeat once again
    Forget the 8th seed, we need the 8th pick.

    • Feb 27, 20146:35 am
      by gmehl


      Don’t forget Utah won too and are now equal with the Knicks. I think in the next 10 games or so you’ll see the tankfest begin from the Nuggets all the way down to the Magic. I suppose the only team that has no reason to tank is NY due yo them not owning there 1st rounder but there just plain bad.

  • Feb 27, 20146:36 am
    by gmehl


    You know things are bad piston wise when there is no game review/gradings on here at pistonpowered

  • Feb 27, 20142:38 pm
    by STC


    Pop and the Spurs want Monroe. So, in watching the game last night I totally focused on everything that Duncan does and besides playing very good defense Moose does all of the same things Timmy does. What is amazing is Pistons fans seem to not value him. For a 23 year old player that has done nothing but continuously improve every year what more do you expect? Prediction Monroe gets offered close to max money by Spurs, Duncan moves to center and plays the David Robinson role and the Spurs revamp with a player that is tailor made for their system. Or the Pistons do a sign and trade which could include Singular for Green, Joseph, and a pick.

    • Feb 27, 20142:53 pm
      by Brandon Knight


      This is the point…HE DOESN’T PLAY DEFENSE!!!
      also he doesn’t have a jump shot like Duncan.

    • Feb 27, 20143:51 pm
      by gmehl


      Almost every guy that makes it to the NBA can score… it’s how you defend which really keeps you there. Most guys that can’t defend usually find themselves out of the league if they don’t improve on D unless you are really good at scoring the ball… see Monroe.

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