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Rasheed Wallace promoted!

Dave Pemberton of The Oakland Press:

Assistant coach Max Trakh is no longer with the #Pistons

With Trakh gone (fired? resigned?) and John Loyer the head coach, the Pistons are down two assistants.

What’s one level beneath an NBA on-bench assistant coach? A player-development coach.

You know who’s a player-development coach? That’s right, Rasheed Wallace.

Dave Hogg of the Associated Press:

Rasheed is going to be a front-bench assistant, moving up from his second-row seat as a player-development coach.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)



  • Feb 10, 20146:25 pm
    by I HATE LOSING (Predicting A Strong Finish)


    John Loyer! Is a hero!

  • Feb 10, 20146:26 pm
    by Gordbrown


    Finally some good news

  • Feb 10, 20146:35 pm
    by gmehl


    Moose better start playing some D or else Sheed is gonna chew him a new a$$hole

    • Feb 10, 20147:17 pm
      by Tim Thielke


      The idea of chewing someone a new asshole doesn’t leave a very pleasant taste in my mouth.

      • Feb 10, 20148:28 pm
        by gmehl


        It’s not supposed too. It’s a funny saying we have down here in Australia. Sometimes I forget that in posting here it’s to an American audience and even though we speak the same language the sense of humour can tend to be a little different at times. I always laugh when you guys write something like ‘your rooting for your team to win’. In Australia we use the term ‘root’ as a slang for fcking or having sex. Another one is when you guys talk about a ‘thong’ which is in regard to a g-string. In Australia a thong is actually a pair of flip flops. You guys call your ass a fanny where down here fanny is slang for a vagina. You might also when I post I use international English not American English which i’m sure leaves half of you thinking I cannot spell.

  • Feb 10, 20146:39 pm
    by DasMark


    I’m hoping Loyer goes next week and Rasheed is running the team after the all-star break. It would be nothing short of amazing. 

  • Feb 10, 20146:40 pm
    by Matt truxton



  • Feb 10, 20147:05 pm
    by Windy


    I know one way to improve our 3pt shooting, put your best 3pt shooter on the court…I know he has struggled with this hectic, crazy team but hopefully Loyer wakes up and puts GiGi on the floor…

  • Feb 10, 20147:21 pm
    by Hook Shot


    are some of you guys nuts?  I don’t know the dynamics of Cheeks and his staff, but they are just as responsible for this fiasco as Cheeks.  Big deal Wallace is”promoted.”  Since he is our big man go to specialist is Greg Monroe any better defensively?  Does Drummond have a go to post up move?  Who is responsible for instituting defensive rotations?  I will,wait and see how Loyer does. 

    • Feb 10, 20147:37 pm
      by oats


      Wallace hasn’t exactly had a lot of time to work with these guys so it’s unfair to expect big changes just yet. As for defensive rotations, that is usually either the head coach’s job or one of the actual assistant coach’s responsibility. It most definitely is not the responsibility of a developmental coach.

  • Feb 10, 20147:39 pm
    by Ryank


    WE’d be better off if she laced up and went out of the floor instead of Smith…he can make an outside shot!

    • Feb 10, 20148:22 pm
      by Ryank


      Sheed, not she…suggestive text is killing me!

  • Feb 10, 20148:11 pm
    by Hook Shot


    I am not suggesting Wallace was/is responsible for defensive rotations , but since he is the big man coach( he has had 6 months)’, Monroe has not improved defensively or developed a jumper and Drummond has no go to move.  

    • Feb 10, 20148:33 pm
      by gmehl


      Monroe hasn’t improved defensively but I disagree about his jump shot. I think its has ever so slightly improved. He passes it up more than I think he should especially when you have the best offensive rebounder in the game to clean up a miss.

    • Feb 11, 20148:20 am
      by oats


      I think Monroe has improved defensively. A combination of a bad scheme and his growing increasingly disengaged has since caused him to regress, but he has shown signs of improvement this year. As for Drummond, you do realize how long it takes most guys to develop a go to post move? About half the league’s big men don’t really have one, and that’s not all young players. Drummond has gotten better at scoring from the low post even without a go to move, which is the first step. He’s got a long ways to go still, but he’s starting to move in the right direction. I have no idea how much credit Wallace should get, if any, but there are some signs of improvement there.

  • Feb 10, 201410:30 pm
    by James


    Can’t turn a gelding into a Clydesdale, Monroe is exactly what he is going to be, marginal on offense and terrible in defense. Can’t teach speed!!

  • Feb 10, 201411:03 pm
    by BadBoyEst.1984


    Monroe is better now in comparison with Dwight Howard or a Andrew Bynum. Neither of them had or has a post up move until they started working with NBA Hall of Famers. He’s still learning don’t count them out yet.

  • Feb 10, 201411:14 pm
    by Ryan


    This seems like a clear positive to me. Rasheed Wallace is a guy who loves the game and is focused on getting guys to play the right way. I’m glad to see him get promoted.

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