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Pistons return home to take on Atlanta


  • Teams: Atlanta Hawks (25-28) at Detroit Pistons (22-32)
  • Date: February 21st, 2014
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Television: FSD

What to look for

The Pistons are 0-2 against the Hawks this season (they were supposed to have played three games together by now, but the bad Atlanta weather this winter caused a cancellation), both from very early in the season.

In both games, Hawks budding guard Jeff Teague played very well, making Brandon Jennings look rather foolish on defense. According to Keith Langlois, Teague (and fellow Hawk DeMarre Carroll) is a game-time decision tonight. Teague not playing would be a huge boost for the Pistons, but they shouldn’t bank on it. The Hawks are also missing rookie Pero Antic and star Al Horford to season ending injuries, so they’re just a shell of what they were when the Pistons played them back in the fall.

Also, it seems worth mentioning the Josh Smith narrative. Smith, as you all probably know, spent his first nine NBA seasons with Atlanta. In his highly-anticipated first game against Atlanta, he scored 11 points. In his second game against the Hawks, though, he was held scoreless. Tonight’s play from Smith will probably be marginally influenced by the fact that he’s playing against his former team, although the fact that he’s been a part of the Pistons for over half a season now will probably minimize the effect it has.

The Hawks are currently in a downward spiral, down four rotation players (Pero Antic, Hoford, Teague, DeMarre Carroll) and on a seven game losing streak. They were towards the upper quarter of the Eastern Conference most of the season, but after this abysmal stretch they have dropped down to seventh in the East, only two spots ahead of the ninth place Pistons. The Pistons are 0-2 since the break, being dominated by the Bobcats two straight nights. A win for either team in tonight’s game would break a bad spell and maybe start a turnaround towards prosperity and a playoff berth. With only 28 games left to go, each game remaining is pivotal.

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  • Feb 21, 20147:39 pm
    by starlight0997


    A paraphrase on Greg Kelsert: “The Pistons are the second in the East on fast break points allowed. This needs to change. Now.”
    Or they could always wait till next year…

  • Feb 21, 20148:00 pm
    by sebastian


    So, what?!

  • Feb 21, 20148:02 pm
    by gmehl


    Does it make me a bad fan that I’m hoping we lose EVERY game for the rest of the season or is it more on management that I’m feeling that way?

  • Feb 21, 20148:28 pm
    by dominic


    i knew john loyer really is not that great of a coach.  they leave everybody open its unbelievable

    • Feb 21, 20149:01 pm
      by gmehl


      You know you can make a beautiful sculpture out of poo but at the end of the day it’s still poo. You can blame Loyer all you want but the fact remains that this roster is still a piece of poo.

  • Feb 21, 201410:10 pm
    by James


    Pretty much! Poo poo!

  • Feb 21, 201410:42 pm
    by pablum


    Bah to Tankers, I say! Bah to their cowardice! Take your tanking to Will Bynum. Tell Bynum we should tank I say. He will tell you quite differently, methinks.
    (1) Loyer showed real coaching tonight; going with Bynomite all(?) the 4th — as Jennings “sulked,” to use Bill Simmon’s words. But maybe that’s the only way you get through to Jennings? You make him earn his minutes. You have to like this strategy if you’re a Jennings hater, which most of you are. Thing is, Loyer ‘aint frontin’ him like Skiles — and we won with Bynum. Next few games should be pretty interesting.
    (2) Singler — When we have a #2, a Bynum can lead the way.
    (3) Two new tricks for the old dog tonight:
    (a) Half-time and Sheed in a suit, steering Moose from the refs and calming him down! (Like Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. — it’s an inmates take-over the asylum flick for the youth who don’t know — all with a downy pillow ending…). (b) I learned the word “Kulat” tonight from el Trophy: she dared interrupt my 3rd quarter revery with the query, “Pabs, what do you think of these coconut Kulats?”
    What else could I say but, “What the fuck is fucking Kulat???”

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