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Pistons probably won’t trade Greg Monroe.

Jason Zwerling of Bleacher Report:

hearing Greg Monroe won’t move

That jives with everything we’ve heard lately, and I’m glad about the development.

Regardless of whether the Pistons value Greg Monroe enough to give him a max contract (a necessity if they’re keeping him past today) or whether they’re just stagnant due to Tom Gores stripping power from Joe Dumars, Monroe should remain a key building block.

It’s unlikely the Pistons get fair return on Monroe now, when other teams see the Pistons desperation and also know they can make a run at him in free agency.

Monroe has major deficiencies, most of them on the defensive end. But he’s very talented offensively and still young. There’s no guarantee he’ll become a major success, but he’s worth taking a chance on – especially considering the Pistons’ limited resources to add another potential star through other means.

If the Pistons keep Monroe today, I’d appreciate that. But they better follow that with a strong plan for him this summer, when he’s a restricted free agent. Otherwise, it’d all be naught.


  • Feb 20, 20149:13 am
    by gmehl


    If we stand pat and do nothing then I’m pretty sure we are tanking and I’ve made peace with that. Time to start playing Siva and Mitchell and Datome.

    • Feb 20, 20149:31 am
      by something


      I’ve accepted tanking at this point too. It would be worthless to get to the playoffs this season.

  • Feb 20, 20149:49 am
    by Smitty


    We might as well just keep this whole damn team for the next 3 years. Joe D is a piece. 

  • Feb 20, 20149:58 am
    by Corey


    Sad part is that we’ll probably stand pat and then NOT tank- not play the young guys, and win just enough games to lose the pick.

  • Feb 20, 201410:23 am
    by zdh


    im not sure its really “tanking”. they’re just not a cohesive team, but its not on purpose. i wouldnt consider it tanking to not make a terrible trade of monroe just for the sake of change. but mitchell, kcp, and datome should get minutes that have been going to jerebko and singler. see what we have in those guys. we know what singler and jerebko can do at this point.

  • Feb 20, 201411:28 am
    by Chris


    I just hope we can get something out of Stuckey before he leaves for greener pastures this summer, and then become content to tank enough to get us that pick for one last year in this loaded draft (to hopefully get Harris or Doug)

  • Feb 20, 201412:01 pm
    by GW


    Just fix this mess of a team.  All of this equal value talk is so crazy.  We are treating Monroe like the last bag of salt during a salt shortage, with a storm coming.  If he was putting up Kevin Love numbers I would be more stubborn on keeping him.  We did this same nonsense with Tayshaun Prince and traded him like 2 years too late.

  • Feb 20, 201412:44 pm
    by The Rake


    Dumars is a lame duck, thats why I wouldn’t expect any major move. Thats a positive. The problem with tanking for a pick is look at how (if you’re Dumars) we screw it up anyway. Everybody wanted McLemore, and look at him. We pass up Burke for KCP. Draft is an inexact science and people clamoring for draft pick to me are misguided. Can be bungled far too easily.
    I would be heavily in favor of moving every single player on this roster save for Drummond if it meant we saved money, but again, how is that money going to be put to use? This is a no win situation until Dumars leaves in off-season and we hope to have a competent new guy in place. Thanks for what you did as a player and exec JD, but as of now, you have long overstayed your welcome here. 5000.

  • Feb 20, 20142:31 pm
    by Dave


    Trade Monroe and Smith for Love

  • Feb 20, 20142:46 pm
    by Andy


    Why is it good that we are keeping Monroe? He only puts up the numbers that he does because our team is so awful. He’s soft, he disappears in the big moments, ESPECIALLY in the fourth quarter and has no defensive presence on the block. Monroe for Barnes would have balanced the roster, given us a young prospect who excels at the exact areas that we struggle in and provided us with something to show for losing Monroe (who would be out of his mind to resign with the worst-ran organization in the NBA.)
    No light at the end of the tunnel again..

  • Feb 20, 20142:48 pm
    by Andy


    It wouldn’t be the Pistons who would regrest Monroe for Barnes, it would be the Warriors!!

    • Feb 20, 20143:02 pm
      by oats


      I think it makes no sense for either team. The Warriors can’t afford to keep a Lee, Bogut, and Monroe front court rotation together. Barnes is just not good. He’s being outplayed by Kyle Singler this year.

  • Feb 20, 201410:32 pm
    by The Microwave


    So no deal today. Fine. This unit could be together for a long time to come. Hopefully Jennings keeps playing well and we can dish him in the offseason. Nobody will want Smith. So he’s going to have to take a backseat next year. Maybe play him 20- 25 mins a night off the bench. Kinda like Granger did for the Pacers. That is unless he keeps shooting 3′s then I say sit his overpaid butt right back down. Monroe and Drummond will gel . And a good PG and a 3 point threat and presto we could be awesome next year! In the meantime lets see what Willy B can do with some more playing time. Get the Italian our there to drop some game time experience. And, lets make a PLAYOFF run!!! A trip to the playoffs will be great for the team chemistry. Even if its only short lived. DETROIT BAAAAASKETBALL!

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