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Pistons hit the road for Charlotte


  • Teams: Detroit Pistons (22-31) at Charlotte Bobcats (24-30)
  • Date: February 19, 2014
  • Time: 7:00 p.m.
  • Television: FSD

What to look for

The Detroit Pistons simply have no answer for Al Jefferson. Indeed, Jefferson has tortured them this season to the tune of 28 points, 13 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game so far this season.

The big man has essentially carried the Charlotte Bobcats to a pair of double-digit victories at the expense of the Pistons, and it’s difficult to envision Detroit bouncing back tonight.

Still, that’s exactly what they must do as a unit given that Charlotte has a firm hold on the final playoff in the Eastern Conference standings. As outlined yesterday, the Bobcats’ schedule is slightly more favorable than Detroit the rest of the way, which means the Pistons need a win in the worst way tonight.

Read about the Bobcats

Queen City Hoops.


  • Feb 19, 20148:08 pm
    by James


    Monroe’s game is equivalent to a Great Dane on ice skates!!!! Just clumsy and awkward as hell!

  • Feb 19, 20148:19 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    I just want to know what happened to “Otis”
    That guy was a beast. He was right on Everything!!!
    Monroe is a fu*cking clown awkward b*tch. Yeah B*tch. He b*tches the whole game. WTF?
    I hate him so much!
    Dion Waiter and Loul Deng
    Greg Monroe and Stuckey!
    If Deng walks away…we still have Waiter! The guy is really talented don’t underrate him

    • Feb 19, 20148:52 pm
      by Herman Neutic


      Isn’t Pablum really Otis being sarcastic?

      • Feb 19, 201410:23 pm
        by pablum


        Isn’t Otis, “Notis” down below. But thanks for the shout hermeneutics — (you know I was just talking about Jesus on the Bynum Bayless thread with Tim).

  • Feb 19, 20148:29 pm
    by microjfox


    That jumper out of the break by Smith had me to tears on my couch. My God what an ugly shit.

  • Feb 19, 20148:30 pm
    by James


    And when did Drummond come up with this defeated, sissy ass look every time he gets scored on? And why in the hell can your point guard NOT USE HIS RIGHT HAND AT THE RIM?

  • Feb 19, 20148:33 pm
    by microjfox


    I can’t watch. It’s actually hurting me. Charlotte is on fire.

  • Feb 19, 20149:03 pm
    by jinzzy


    monroe has to go 

  • Feb 19, 20149:06 pm
    by microjfox


    Can we trade Monroe and Smith? Is that a possibility?

    • Feb 19, 20149:34 pm
      by sebastian


      … not after 3:00 PM .EST, tomorrow. But, I’m with you. Trade both of thos M@therF#ckers, along with Jennings’ azz, too!

  • Feb 19, 20149:06 pm
    by NOtis


    Picked up where they left off …go pistons…what a joke …full tank session anyone?

  • Feb 19, 20149:06 pm
    by Hook Shot


    Pitiful display of basketball. I am thru with this team. do these guys watch film or ever review how not to let a player drive the lane?  My recommendation? Just stank and tank. 

  • Feb 19, 20149:21 pm
    by I HATE LOSING (Predicting A Strong Finish)


    Wow….im glad I didn’t take off to watch this game….its just so stupud

  • Feb 19, 20149:22 pm
    by Windy


    This team is so ineffective it’s not tolerable to watch…not cutting, hack defence, constant conplaining but never any true hussle for 48min…Jennings is massively ineffective night in and night out, his shooting and his defence sucks, I could care less if he is UP in assists…I would rather have a guard that could shoot and play defence then pass the ball half well now and again…this team is so out of whack, people want Monroe running the hub…he gets the ball hacked out of his hands constantly…
    Wake up and shake things up for gods sake, I can’t believe they get away with this garbage on the floor and literally NOTHING has been done…ya fire a coach who even the fans knew sucked!!! 
    We are so far removed from actually being a legit contender for playoffs its painful…Cheers to resigning Bynum because of his wicked chemistry with Dre…wow you can lob a ball to an athletic monster…it’s like signing a guy who sets up the tee for John Daley drive…Hope you love Stuckey because he is sixth man kinda good!!!

  • Feb 19, 20149:35 pm
    by YeezusdaDon


    My thoughts exactly when they resigned Bynum 

  • Feb 19, 20149:39 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Wow you just nailed it dude! well said. I don’t anybody can say it better without being biased. So True!
    Jennings flat out inefficient and sucks at defense. His guy gets passed him with ease. Opponents point guards penetration is one of the main problems we got that nobody addresses. I can’t believe it.
    And then you get this big tall whacky guy in Monroe. He whines the whole game and get frustrated easily. And also sucks at defense.
    You get this athletic, physically gifted guy in Smith that makes bad decisions all night.
    Finally you have Drummond…He’s a kid…Enough said. Did you see his reactions after Al Jefferson scored on him? So sad!

  • Feb 19, 20149:58 pm
    by Anthony


    J smith and stucky for B Gordon, R Sessions, C Zeller/ 1st rd. draft pick?

  • Feb 19, 201410:00 pm
    by Windy


    You can hide Monroes defence flaws a lot more if we have better perimeter defence, look at a guy like David West, never the quickest but as part of team defence he doesn’t get exposed…when Jennings and his O’LE defence are in the floor it makes Moose have to cover so much faster which in turn puts Dre outta whack as well…when you got an anchor who can protect the rim you just need guys on the perimeter who can funnel their man into him…very tough to watch because again Joe supplied us with two guys who just are not PISTON type players…went down the road of a no defence, whiny, lazy players in BG and CV and didn’t learn his lesson and spent even more money on Jennings and Smith…when you have solid rebounding in Moose and Dre ready to go for the future why on earth surround them with terrible shooting? As a fan you would think upper management nba guys would see this but it really makes you think how smart these guys actually are basketball wise…when we drafted KCP I thought it was a nice move because a backcourt of Knight and KCP would have been strong defenders and capable of shooting the ball(KCP has really disappointed there)…once i heard we traded for Jennings I begged for Trey Burke back…I could live with passing on Burke if we kept Knight but to add Jennings…ugh

  • Feb 19, 201410:13 pm
    by Brian


    What a heartless bunch of ballers. Even Andre is starting to whine about foul calls. At this rate, I am confident that Cleveland and New York (!) will breeze past Detroit in the standings. I would feel more confident about keeping our draft pick if we could get at least one more team to win. I am not betting on the Celtics, but perhaps the Jazz or Kings will come through for us.

  • Feb 19, 201410:14 pm
    by Windy


    We’re due for a CV hot stretch now that we actually should tank…

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