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PistonPowered Live: Pistons at Heat

After a month-long hiatus, PistonPowered Live is back! Tonight’s guest on PistonPowered Live is Hawks.com blogger Robby Kalland (@RKalland). Yes, he’s a Hawks blogger, but he’s a good friend and is extremely knowledgeable about NBA basketball. Tune in at halftime to see the show!




  • Feb 3, 201410:54 pm
    by pablum


    This was a superb game. Superb effort. Rife with mysteries. To wit, who told Mo to play JJ so much in the 3rd4th quarter in what would be very productive minutes? Why JJ? Doesn’t have Cheek’s fingerprints…But at least he looked in command with the clipboard tonight.
    Josh Smith did not play bad. He’s an all-star if he’s only asked to be a compliment player, NOT a leader, for which he will never be equipped; still valiant flailing for victory tonight, and I’ll take valiant flailing anytime with Josh.
    “Bah!” I declare to all the Jennings Jeerers. (Just like with Death. My mantra is “Bah!”) “Bah!” I say. The kid is the real fucking deal. The Hoops Gods gave him unreal talent. He’s scary. Vain scary. And the last few games he’s been a killer on the court. A legit pain in the ass “I will kill your momma’ to win” Piston. (And for those who don’t but should know, that’s what Mark Aguire said about his best friend, Isiah Lord Thomas)…
    We made the King and his insta-team champions play all 48! I raise my glass to it! I do!

    • Feb 3, 201411:39 pm
      by JYD for Life


      Pablum – if we could get Aguire or Zeke to teach Jennings how to play defense, I might agree with your proclamation that he is in fact the “real deal.” 
      Chalmers walked into the paint countless times (as does ever other opposing point guard) and picked apart the other four scrambling defenders in the first half.  
      Jennings is the furthest thing from a “killer.”  Did you see him jump away from Norris Cole after he slapped the ball out of his hands?  
      Total trash.  He would rather catch a cold than a loose ball.  He’s a Blue-Light Special kind of deal…unworthy (at this point) of wearing a Pistons uniform.    

      • Feb 4, 201411:30 am
        by pablum


        Also will say, It’s Jenning’s fire recently that’s caught my eye. He’s playing with fire, with anger, it’s obvious he want’s to win — And this team NEEDS that period. 

    • Feb 3, 201411:47 pm
      by JYD for Life


      I’m also surprised that someone who respects the Bad Boys era as much as you do would ever have complimentary words for Josh Smith.  
      5-20 from the field and 6 turnovers is bad.  He is the furthest thing from an All-Star this year.  
      Not an attack on you, I’m just still trying to figure out if you were being sarcastic.  

      • Feb 4, 201411:16 am
        by pablum


        JYD, you wee a worthy Piston despite your limitations in talent! Which Jennings doesn’t have! There’s no limit on the kid’s raw talent. None. He can hit you for Fiddy; he can dime with the best of ‘em; he’s a blur with the ball…But I’ll concede his D sucks. Still whom amongst us can deny the obvious skillz as a PG?! He can hang with anyone on any given night and I’ll defy anyone here to name me a better PG we’ve had since Zeke. Stave your salvos of Pablum’s an Idiot! Yes, Chauncey was brilliant for us. But for 6 years he bounced to some 5-6 teams and he never had speed. Mr Big Shot. Yes, sir. I salute the great Chauncey Billlups. But he never had the raw potential talent and SPEED with the rock —  arguably the most important quality of a PG — that Jennings has. Woe is me for saying so, but I believe it. Jennings most talented PG we’ve has since Zeke. Hard-Har-Har! Bah!
        As for Josh Smith — I can’t stand him. But I won’t blame him either fro being the primadonna the system turned him into when he was 7 years old and on. He’s an obvious athletic prodigy, which is why it’s reasonable to say he is an all-star caliber player. His athletic skillz are on par with the best. But he is a primadonna in perpetuity, so the only way he can be consistently effective is if he’s a 3rd/4th option, period. IMHO. And several of his shots toinght were rim rattlers — he easily could have shot 8-20, whihc ‘aint bad. My thing was that he actually seemed to be playing TEAM ball tonight – a rarity for him.
        Lastly,  in my old azz superannuated view, our beloved Piston’s problem is OBVIOUS: We don’t have a #2. NO SG to speak of, period. You put a RIP with this team and we’d be a top 5 team in the SFT East (again, nodding to the great Reggie Watts here: “Fuck-Shit-Stack” — Shit-Fuck-Stack East).

        • Feb 4, 20147:47 pm
          by JYD for Life


          Pablum – First let me say that I enjoy reading your posts and definitely respect your opinion…Not once did the term idiot come to mind.  
          Jennings clearly has elite-level talent.  His questionable shot selection can be tamed (he’s still young and obviously learning, so I’d never question that he has room to grow).  
          It really is the defense that will keep him from being in that conversation.  If he can become an average defender (much like Chauncey Billups), he has the support system in place to compensate.  As is though, he hurts the team too much on the defensive end to even consider his offensive contributions worthwhile.  If he can find a way to bring that fire and anger to his defense, then we’re talking about the PG of the future Pistons.    
          While you’re right about this season specifically, I disagree with you about KCP for the long haul.  I think a veteran like an Afflalo would thrive in his role and KCP (who projects to be about the player that A.Afflalo is) almost appears scared to touch the ball.  
          It also seems that if we had a SF who did not take 20 shots per game, he might have more of an opportunity.  With a PG like Jennings, who needs the ball and likes to shoot, KCP could grow into the perfect complimentary guy next to him.
          You’re right though that a SG who could put up 15-20 ppg on a given night would solve a lot of problems.   
          Looks like we both agree about Smith being terrible as a primary option on this team, but probably being awesome as the fourth or fifth best player on a good team.  However, I would contest that despite being a product of the system, that doesn’t mean he can’t take the time to develop his skills to become elite or even All-Star caliber.  It still amazes me that he can’t shoot with his right hand around the basket…and won’t even attempt to.    

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