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Metta World Peace to the Pistons?

The artist formally known as Ron Artest appears to have some time on his hands after being bought out by the New York Knicks earlier this month. As for that tweet? It suggests, well, I really don’t know? Is World Peace talking about places he’d like to play? Is he bringing up teams who are solid? Or is it just Metta World Peace being Metta World Peace?

If I were a betting man, its all World Peace blabbering and not a whole lot of substance. Prior to his departure from New York, he was in the midst of his worst season and if you can’t play for the Knicks, what does that say about your value overall?

Chances are World Peace ends up signing with someone in time to be active in the playoffs, but that team most definitely won’t be Detroit. That’s not even based on his history in Detroit with the Malice at the Palace, it’s based on him being a bad basketball player.

It’s also worth noting the tweet prior to the one above:

Maybe he was just talking about who could win the title — and maybe he thinks the Pistons are a sleeper because he’s World Peace.

But just for fun, imagine having Brandon Jennings, Josh Smith and World Peace on the court simultaneously. The shot selection would unbelievably horrible — almost as bad as, say, World Peace, J.R. Smith and Raymond Felton.


  • Feb 26, 20144:02 pm
    by Hotmale


    ALMOST as bad!

  • Feb 26, 20144:21 pm
    by YeezusdaDon


    At this point I would welcome any kind of change …cuz this team is already horrible to watch …why not roll the dice 

  • Feb 26, 20144:37 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    He sure would make the tanking more interesting.

  • Feb 26, 20144:40 pm
    by Parsons


    Dear God no! I know I’ve been shouting at us to nab one of the waived players but for the love of God not him. Literally any other player would be better. Jimmer or Roger Mason Jr would bring 3 point shooting try them. Meta doesn’t really do anything anymore. Although listening to George Blaha be forced to call him Metta World Peace could be interesting.

  • Feb 26, 20145:59 pm
    by Mark


    The previous tweet finishes with “and who do you have winning in September?”
    Spring training just started. He’s talking about Baseball with the next tweet. 8 decent teams in the MLB and the tigers are his sleeper to win.  

    • Feb 26, 20146:11 pm
      by Huddy


      it finishes with “who DID you have winning in September” as in who did you think was going to win the finals at the beginning of the NBA season.

  • Feb 26, 20146:17 pm
    by Ken


    If you backtrack through his tweets that day, he mentions something earlier about Glen Davis being a good signing for LAC, because he thinks the best teams are the teams with size. 
    So I’m guessing he thinks Detroit is a sleeper for the Finals because they have size. I don’t think he’s talking about signing here.
    But who knows maybe he was asking the question to ask fans which team he should join to give him the best chance at a championship. So if he legitmately thinks of Detroit in that way, maybe he is considering signing here. However, there has to be mutual interest and I don’t see any way or reason Gores would have interest in signing him. Not only is he a problem player that they don’t need, but he’s not even good anymore. So it would make no sense

    • Feb 26, 201411:31 pm
      by Smitty


      I think you have to make the playoffs to make the finals.

  • Feb 27, 20141:12 pm
    by M. Madison


    He always said Detroit got good “hoods” but it wont happen peace might be crazy but he aint stupid he know he will get national exposure on a playoff team and thats where most of these buyout vets are going… to payoff teams

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