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Kyle Singler replaces Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as Pistons’ starting shooting guard

David Mayo of MLive:

Kyle Singler to start at shooting guard for #Pistons tonight. Cheeks says he’ll decide that spot on game-by-game basis. KCP to bench.

At ProBasketballTalk, you can read why I find this move questionable, to say the least.

Also, just a hunch, but I think Kyle Singler will remain the start ahead of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope indefinitely. Even though Maurice Cheeks might consider switching each game, I suspect he’ll leave the lineup as is. That’s just usually how these things go, especially if/when Singler likely performs well tonight against a subpar Magic team.

I don’t think the Pistons are tanking. They’ve been talking playoffs for too long and have backed it up with their offseason moves. But since the season has really gotten going, they’ve frequently looked like a tanking team:

Add this to the list.

If the 76ers made some of these decisions, critics would complain they’re tanking too blatantly.


  • Feb 5, 201411:10 pm
    by James


    Talk to Gores with EMPTY SEATS! That’s his only chance at seeing how frustrating this really is. 

  • Feb 5, 201411:41 pm
    by Marvin Madison


    Thank God now were talking, keep screwing up the line up let the tanking begin!

  • Feb 6, 201412:29 am
    by JYD for Life


    Sorry, folks…Cheeks isn’t going anywhere.  With L.Frank still technically on the payroll this season and a few more years on the Cheeks deal, there’s no way Gores pays another coach.
    Half joking about this:
    Not sure Chauncey wants it, but what would they have to lose if they gave cheeks the boot and slid Big Shot down a few spots down the bench?  Try it for the rest of this season and pick up his option for next year.  they could do worse…

    • Feb 6, 201412:36 pm
      by sebastian


      No need to joke at this point, JYD for Life, I have been thinking the same thing, since about the 10th game of the season, when it became quite apparent that Mo’ couldn’t coach and Chauncey couldn’t play, anymore.
      It is the only logical and fiscal decision to make with OUR current coaching situation: Fire Cheeks, now, and promote Chauncey to the Head Coach position!

  • Feb 6, 20141:38 pm
    by Hallofrecord


    The Pistons must really be thrilled that they passed on Trey Burke.

  • Feb 6, 20146:34 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    I like Chauncey. But the last thing Detroit needs is another M Curry… ( player with no coaching experience ) actually Curry at least was an assistant for a year or so ….) 

  • Feb 6, 20149:15 pm
    by mr detroit dee


    Man we are really horrible this year this is as worst as it gets. get joey d out of there he hasn’t done one thing right  since he traded for rasheed. everything else has been a disaster I am embarrassed to be a piston fan. look at the palace   wow    we ust to lead the league in attendance. Monroe will be gone  joe is to dumb to trade him  watch him walk. we are going to end up middle of the row in the east and the bobcats will have our pick. kcp will have no confidence, mo checks will continue to be incompetent and we have no hope for the future. this year maybe a good draft and we will miss out on it. damn joe you suck  kick rocks, skate, join the bulls I don’t care but im only going to ask you to fine the exit once politely.

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