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Detroit Pistons fire Maurice Cheeks

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

The Detroit Pistons have fired coach Maurice Cheeks

In a season that has fallen short of playoff expectations, Detroit owner Tom Gores has been pushing for changes, league sources said.

Eight different coaches have been replaced under Dumars’ run as GM, but league sources told Yahoo Sports he had been an advocate of giving Cheeks more time as coach – especially in light of back-to-back victories over the weekend.

Maurice Cheeks getting fired as the Pistons’ head coach was predictable. The timing was not.

The Pistons have won two straight, certainly not enough to instill confidence in a turnaround, but  enough to make this timing a little strange. Then again, if this move came directly from Tom Gores, the delay is at least understandable. Overseeing the team from California likely causes at least some delay in him making and implementing his decisions.

This put Dumars, who has hired yet another failed coaching, even more firmly on the hot seat. Even if the Pistons make the playoffs, that might no longer be enough to save Dumars’ job.

Gores is clearly unhappy, and he’s taking action. Quite likely, Cheeks’ firing was only the first domino.

We’ll have much more on the firing later today.



  • Feb 10, 201411:10 am
    by PistonManiac


    Finally, Gores made the move! I suspect Dumars is next. As much as I love Joe D, the time is right for him to leave. I know it bothers Joe because he wants Detroit and fans to have a winner. However, Joe has lost his touch. Bad move after bad move, botched coaches after botched coaches. Its time to close the Dumars chapter! We need someone who young and on the cutting edge. Personally I don’t even think thoroughly scouted Josh Smith. I also read in drafted Pope because he was one of the fastest players getting up and down the court. He made the same stupid decision for drafting Cleaves (although sit-up or push ups instead). The bottom line is Joe needs to GO. I have been patient with him for a long time. He doesn’t have a plan

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