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3-on-3: Pondering the trade deadline

Modeled after ESPN’s 5-on-5, three of us will answer three questions about a Pistons-related topic. Please add your responses in the comments.

1. The NBA’s trade deadline is just six days away, and the question is simple: Do you think the Pistons will make a trade this week?

Dan Feldman: No. For one, I’m not convinced what trades Joe Dumars is even authorized to make. He apparently can’t choose who coaches the team the rest of the season. Also, Tom Gores’ last interview suggests he likes this roster, at least for now.

Brady Fredericksen: I do, but I also do not. After the whole coaching-debacle, I’m not sure Gores is even going to give Dumars enough leeway to make a hail mary of a deal at the deadline. At the same time, they almost have to do something. This team’s ability to shoot has gone from being funny joke to sad reality. With big, fat expiring deals from Rodney Stuckey and Charlie Villanueva, there has to be some sort of bad-contract-for-bad-contract trade out there.

Tim Thielke: If I had to put a number on it, I’d consider the odds less than 50 percent, but more likely than most seasons.

2. Is there one Pistons player that you feel has the greatest chance of being traded?

Dan Feldman: Stuckey. Because he’s been reasonably productive and has an expiring contract, he could be helpful in a trade whether the Pistons are buying or selling. For the same reasons, he’d appeal to the most teams.

Brady Fredericksen: Stuckey. I don’t think they necessarily want to trade him or Greg Monroe for that matter, but Stuckey is a valuable trade chip for two reasons. In the final year of his contract, he’s been the NBA’s most consistent bench scorer, and he’s got that $7.5 million expiring deal. If a true contender acquires him, they can sit back, benefit from his contract year surge and then watch all that money melt away this summer.

Tim Thielke: Monroe or Josh Smith has to be the most likely because they and Andre Drummond have the most value to another team relative to how much they have to Detroit. And I just can’t see Dumars trading Drummond even if a great offer came along.

3. If the Pistons were to make a trade in hopes of getting over the hump of mediocrity, who is a player they should target?

Dan Feldman: Trevor Ariza. I totally stole this idea from Patrick, but how about Stuckey for Ariza? The Pistons need a wing shooter, and the Wizards need a backup guard capable of playing the point. Both have expiring contracts, so this would totally be about re-configuring rosters to fit better.

Brady Fredericksen: I’ll admit that I play around with ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine way too much. If reports of the Pistons being locked into keeping Monroe are true, the guy I think would make sense for them to target is Eric Gordon. He’s injury prone, yes, and he’s vastly overpaid, but he’s only 25 and he’s the king of shot-creating guard the Pistons need. What if New Orleans took a Smith for Gordon deal? It seems farfetched, but they’d be exchanging bad contracts and getting a player who fits very well on paper with Anthony Davis.

Tim Thielke: Definitely a shooter. But which depends on who they’re planning on giving up. Going after someone on a tanking team makes sense because they don’t mind getting worse. That includes Gordon, OJ Mayo, Arron Afflalo, Jeff Green, Ben McLemore, and Alec Burks among others.


  • Feb 14, 20144:30 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    I posted this trade before but I will put iy for you guys again to check it out! 
    Why would Denver do it! Well, Gallinari will be coming back and they are not going to need Chandler anymore! Plus they get rid of Miller’s contract! In return they will get Stuckey; they don’t have a point guard at all now available to play. 
    Why would Orlando do it? Well, they will be getting Monroe! That is more than enough return for Afflalo!
    Why would Detroit do it? Too obvious! 

    • Feb 14, 20144:31 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Is Denver getting picks? Because I can’t see them giving up a really solid player in Chandler for less than half a season of Rodney Stuckey.

      • Feb 14, 20144:56 pm
        by JYD for Life


        I asked B Knight the same question earlier…probably would happen if Orlando sends this back to Denver…but I really think that’s way too much to give up for Chandler and Miller.  
        I’d rather get Afflalo and the pick from Orlando.   Then flip CV for Miller straight up (could work because I don’t see anyone giving up a pick for Miller) and Stuckey for Ariza (if that’s possible).  Let Ariza walk after you draft a SF.     
        Denver will convey the less favorable of its 2014 1st round pick and New York’s 2014 1st round pick to Orlando
        This also isn’t that great because Afflalo can opt out after next season.  He’s going to command probably around 10 million per (we can project)…I love him at 7.5M, but not at much more than that…

        • Feb 14, 20144:58 pm
          by JYD for Life


          That being said, I love the first option and I think that pushes us to the conversation of top 3 teams in the East next year with the addition of a backup PF/C.  
          Really good find, B.Knight!

  • Feb 14, 20144:40 pm
    by I HATE LOSING (Predicting A Strong Finish)


    Still like Barnes

    • Feb 14, 20144:56 pm
      by JYD for Life


      But how are you proposing they get him? 
      He’d be a good fit, but what trade do you make to get him? 

    • Feb 14, 20146:48 pm
      by Brady Fredericksen


      what exactly do you like? dunks? hype? inconsistent shooting? subpar ball handling?

      • Feb 15, 20143:14 pm
        by I HATE LOSING (Predicting A Strong Finish)


        Well His potential and athletic ability is very nice…he is only 21…he is also shooting 41% for 3′s….
        In the 16 games he started 13ppg 44% 38% 3′s…he can play SF and in a Pinch give you minutes offensively and defensively at PF….
        5rebs….. so yeah nothing to like about him

        • Feb 15, 20144:25 pm
          by Brady Fredericksen


          Harrison Barnes has made his name in hubris. He’s a replacement-level player, at best. I’m more saying that as retort to the folks (not you) who think Monroe-Barnes makes sense, somehow.

          • Feb 15, 20147:56 pm
            by I HATE LOSING (Predicting A Strong Finish)

            He’s the 4th option of a good offense….id I like the kid, I watch him play…just think his situation to show his complete offensive game isn’t available 

    • Feb 16, 20143:05 am
      by koz


      What the heck is wrong with Barnes? Y’all got your head in the clouds Frederickson. Talk about hubris! Not good enough for ya? 21 year old athletic wing like that and still not enough for ya? Whatever.

      • Feb 16, 20149:38 am
        by JYD for Life


        Not for Monroe.  
        Also – how are the Pistons getting him? 
        Golden State doesn’t have cap room to re-sign him unless we take David Lee in a deal.  
        They still don’t do that midseason because it shakes up too many things for one of the better teams in the league before they head into the playoffs.  
        The body of work is also limited on Barnes.  Be careful jumping to conclusions after one great playoff series or you might end up with another Stuckey-esque player for five years. 
        Barnes might be a good fit for our roster, but not for Monroe.  

  • Feb 14, 20145:14 pm
    by JYD for Life


    I still like Boston as a potential trading partner: 
    Bradley is a restricted this year…you could see how KCP progresses and what kind of market there is for Bradley.  If Bradley commands too much or KCP rapidly improves, sign and trade or walk away. Worst case, you match a deal and use Bradley as trade bait next year or the year after once KCP is ready to start again.  

  • Feb 14, 20145:15 pm
    by alvin500


    Monroe and Jerebko for Wilson Chandler and Kenneth Faried
    Monroe and Villanueva for Marcin Gortat, Otto Porter, and Glen Rice Jr.

  • Feb 14, 20145:20 pm
    by JYD for Life


    Deng is really unhappy in Cleveland (not sure how much he would love Detroit, but it’s not as much of a mess), so at worst, we just shed Smith’s deal.  

  • Feb 14, 20146:31 pm
    by Matt


    There is one trade I wish we could make; and that’s offer anything not named Drummond, including draft picks, to Orlando for Victor Olidipo and Kyle O’Qiun. What ever it is you would have to do , do it. A strong inside and outside presence like that would be wonderful in the long run.

  • Feb 14, 20146:58 pm
    by Parsons


    Stuckey for Ariza
    Then Monroe and CV to Orlando for Afflalo and Harris.

    Only problem (besides getting Toronto and Orlando to actually say yes) is 3 new players plus a new coach would be a lot but I’d still do it. Ariza might not be as useful then because of his expiring contract and us taking awhile to gel. That would leave us with essentially a new team from a year ago. I like this part the most. I really don’t like that we’re the cleveland browns of the NBA. I really hope we start distancing ourselves from this.

  • Feb 14, 20147:23 pm
    by Smitty


    Neal for Bynum.

    • Feb 15, 20146:41 pm
      by jg22


      I love this trade!
      Neal needs to be a Piston ASAP and Bynum needs to not be a Piston ASAP

  • Feb 14, 20147:31 pm
    by Tom


    I’ve long thought Gordon would be a good fit with us; I really like the idea of him for Smith. Seems like they are comparable  in that they have some skills that suggest all star caliber but have limitations that have kept them short of that. Both seem like better fits if they switch teams so it seems like a win-win except they’re getting an older guy on rebuilding team. 

  • Feb 14, 201411:20 pm
    by Smitty


    Drummond 30 points and 25 rebounds!!! Should have draft Hardaway Jr instead of KCP.

    • Feb 14, 201411:46 pm
      by Tim Thielke


      That’s just nuts. Hooray for Drummond, making it not miserable to be a Pistons fan.

      • Feb 15, 201412:17 am
        by gmehl


        His most impressive stat was his 6-8 ft shooting. The kid had 30/25 and no one was really passing him the ball.

    • Feb 15, 20143:38 am
      by grizz3741


      Thought Hardaway Jr would have a great career based on his attitude and work ethic … Hope he does great with the Knicks .. I still like KCP but …

  • Feb 15, 201412:19 am
    by Smitty


    did you guys see the trophy presentation haha!

    • Feb 15, 20142:55 am
      by gmehl


      Yeah Dre almost rebounded the trophy as well. His instinct was there to grab it and he almost did. Young fella was working overtime :-)

  • Feb 15, 20141:45 am
    by Marvin Madison


    I just dont see them making a move while dumars is still gm the only move i want by the deadline is a dumars firing 

  • Feb 15, 20142:59 am
    by Chris


    So here’s a trade I came up with based on Washington’s interest in Monroe, and the rumors coming out of Atlanta that they aren’t happy with Jeff Teague. It sheds us Brandon Jennings, gets us a shooter in Ariza and a decent back-up for Drummond in Seraphin, and we get Teague (who I personally like at PG). There are probably 1 million reasons why this trade would never happen, but hey NBA trade machine is pretty fun haha.

  • Feb 15, 20144:26 am
    by jg22


    Drummond…30 points and 25 rebounds in 28 minutes!!!???
    I didn’t even know that was mathetically possible lol

  • Feb 15, 20144:36 am
    by grizz3741


    here’s a link to Drummond’s Rising Star Highlights …

  • Feb 15, 20147:06 am
    by JYD for Life


    So after seeing that, does everyone still disagree with me that it’s imperative we make the playoffs? 
    Here is why:
    - Drummond wanted that trophy and the exposure.  A playoff appearance on national tv will get him even more.  
    - why not start that now instead of tanking to get a pick in “the greatest draft ever!”…meaning a rotation player we select in the lower half of the lottery. Even if they’re swept, it would be a step in the right direction.
    - being at events like these and team USA this summer opens the line of communication for him to plot his exit (like LeBron, Wade, Bosh).  It’s not to say that can’t go the other way and he could bring talent here…but I could easily see Lillard (just as an example-it seemed like Drummond was friendly with Beal though) recruiting him to go play in Brooklyn 3 years from now.  
    - you almost have to start catering to him privately and not leak things like “Drummond and Gores spoke regularly leading up to Cheeks’ dismissal” – get his feedback on decisions, but do not let him make them.  
    - He needs to be surrounded by a stable culture or he will just be counting down the days until he can leave.  That means they need to quickly move past the circus that has been the past two years.  
    I’m all in favor of them keeping Monroe, but if he and Drummond are not that tight (I can’t tell…Drum seems to have some kind of connection with Smith lately), then moving Greg to balance out the roster and ensure a playoff appearance makes sense.  

  • Feb 15, 20148:18 am
    by JYD for Life


    This statement says it all…
    “He’s a terrific player who’s playing with those other idiots up in Detroit. And they’re not going to win,” Barkley said.
    When the rest of the “NBA on TNT” panel, including Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith, questioned that statement, Barkley continued: “They’ve got some idiots on that team. They’ve got some talented players who are not going to ever get it.”

    • Feb 15, 20148:40 am
      by JYD for Life


      So knowing that a majority of your team has never won anything (aside from Chauncey and Stuckey a little bit), the trash needs to be cleared out.  Losers like Stuckey, Bynum, Jerebko, CV all need to be gone by next season.  
      I would make a case for Smith being traded, but I think we all can agree that most likely won’t happen.  
      What does need to happen is surrounding the core (assuming it’s Jennings, KCP, Smith and Drummond) with guys who work and know how to win.  
      - I’m all for a deal of Monroe & CV to Orlando for Afflalo, Nelson and a 1st round pick.
      - Then trade that pick, Jerebko and Datome to Boston for Jeff Green (you might even be able to get one back from them, if this Orl pick is an upgrade) – Say what you will, but a late lottery pick will probably max out with the potential of Jeff Green…it will just be 6 years younger…at this point, the Pistons don’t have 6 years to wait without appeasing Drummond
      - Trade Stuckey to Sacramento for Jason Thompson and Jimmer Fredette 
      You have a starting lineup of: 
      Drummond/Smith/J.Green/Afflalo/Jennings & a bench of Thompson/Singler/KCP/Jimmer/Nelson 
      Your cap sheet is relatively clean and flexible with one more year of Nelson, Jimmer expiring. 

      • Feb 15, 201410:29 am
        by Jon


        The idiots he’s talking about are Jennings and Smith presumably. not exactly who you want to be your core.

      • Feb 15, 20146:40 pm
        by jg22


        Its funny because Barkley has never won anything either.
        In fact he and Smith have a lot more in common than you’d think. Neither have won a championship and both are the worst 3pt shooting big men in history.
        I love Charles and I know he gets paid to talk, but sometimes he forgets that he played too, and some of the stuff he criticizes other players for he had the same problems.

        • Feb 15, 20148:30 pm
          by Huddy


          He has similar 3 pt shooting woes, but was a better individual player with nothing close to the physical gifts Smith has.  I am not surprised that 6’5 Barkely looks at a player like Smith that has been granted incredible gifts that one can only be born with and thinks he’s an idiot for misusing them.  Charles barkely wasnt perfect, but when you look at the effort and intensity it takes to accomplish the scoring, rebounding, etc that he did at his size he clearly was doing more with less and has the right to call out a player like Smith that has achieved at a reasonable level, but year after year finds a way to waste his physical abilities in some way with decision making.

          • Feb 15, 20149:23 pm
            by Max

            Forget doing more with less.  I’m not even sure Barkley had less with his strength, power and speed.  Barkley was an absolute superstar and dominant player even if Smith is better on defense.   Just because Barkley never won a title doesn’t mean he can’t call Smith out.   When exactly was Barkley really supposed to win the title?  He had a couple of chances with very good teams but he’s still one of the very greatest to have never won.  
            That said, the funny thing about Barkley calling out Josh Smith is that Barkley didn’t take a lot of threes for his career per game and took 1.9.  His first year with Olajuwon he took 3.9!  I guess it took him a year to figure out what a dummy he was because the next year he averaged 1.2 threes a game.  He did shoot above average for himself that year. 
            Now a lot of people are down on Josh Smith right now and Dumars for signing him but Josh Smith’S career average for taking threes is 1.5 and this year is taking 3.5 and shooting worse than he has shot for his career.  We’d probably be happier with Smith if he reverts to his norm of 1.5 and maybe it will take him a year to figure it out like Barkley.  
            Still, I do think it’s pretty damning when somebody like Barkley talks about you like that.  

          • Feb 16, 20149:19 am
            by Huddy

            I mean more starting with less.  You can add strenfth, but Smith naturally has the body required to be a superstar with his size.  Can you imagine Barkley if he had another 4 or 5 inches with his strength and the way he played?  

  • Feb 15, 20149:33 am
    by greg


    which pick do you expect orlando to give up? the top 5 pick of 2014? ridiculous…never will they do that…

  • Feb 15, 201410:04 am
    by Rob


    Whatever we do, we NEED a shooter, 4-23 from three is not cutting it

  • Feb 15, 201411:02 am
    by JYD for Life


    Greg – they get Denver or the Knicks pick this year. Whichever is worse.  
    Jon – absolutely.  But tell me how you get rid of them and turn things around this season.  

    • Feb 15, 20148:33 pm
      by Huddy


      The losers you mentioned are either on expiring contracts or low close to expiring deals, Bynum and JJ aren’t impeding much next year.  Moving them isn’t having much of an impact.  They either need to figure out how to make the starters work or make a bigger move than that.

  • Feb 15, 20144:49 pm
    by zdh


    i cant wait for the trade deadline to pass so we can stop seeing all these half-baked trade proposals

  • Feb 16, 201411:33 am
    by alvin500


    Four team deal that sends out smith and Monroe and brings back eric Gordon, illyasova, and Otto porter.

  • Feb 17, 201412:18 am
    by BigMike


    Monroe and Villanueva’s expiring (about 12+ million together) for Andre Iguodala (12m/yr).
    Detroit would get the unselfish 3 and D small forward they need next to Smith and Jennings. Plus the biggest threats in the Eastern Conference are Small Forwards: Melo, LeBron, and Paul George. Getting one of the best wing defenders is a big deal for Detroit.
    Golden State can extend Monroe after the season with money that would’ve went to Iguodala, plus a little more. Towards the end of his deal. David Lee can move to the bench, where his scoring and rebounding, and leadership are needed. DLee’s inconsistent defense won’t hurt as much, because he won’t be asked to guard the best Power Forwards of the West for 30 plus minutes. Monroe gives the Warriors a long, athletic, and strong PF who can hold his own with the Western PFs. His low post presence on offense would balance out the outside heavy game of the starting unit. Also, Harrison Barnes goes back to starting and benefitting from having Steph and Klay to space the floor.
    win/win for both teams.

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