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Why Lawrence Frank will help Maurice Cheeks in Pistons’ locker room

Before last night’s win over the 76ers, I answered a few questions for Carey Smith of Philadunkia, including one about the possibility of Maurice Cheeks losing the locker rom:

Philadunkia:  Between the Josh Smith run-in and a month long stretch filled with losses, is 76ers legend and former Sixer head coach Mo Cheeks on the verge of losing this Pistons locker room?

Dan Feldman at pistonpowered.com:  Maybe, but Cheeks has several things working in his favor.  I think these Pistons respect Joe Dumars enough to at least try to bite their tongue about coaching grievances during interviews, which is the same reason I think the Pistons mostly internalized their problems with Lawrence Frank last season.  Plus, after Cheeks was hired, the players spent a lot of time praising Cheeks as a person just to make Frank look worse by comparison.  I think they know if they complain about Cheeks now, they’ll be contradicting something they said recently and will want to avoid admitting their own mistake. As far as Smith specifically, I think he wants to shed the “difficult” label he developed in Atlanta.  I don’t know whether he has the patience to do that, but I believe he’s trying.


  • Jan 11, 201412:39 pm
    by Parsons


    No he can’t help. No half-assed bargain bin coach will help. A real coach that knows what he’s doing will help. The NBA has diminished the role of the coach. Jason Kidd is the best example. The reality is though having a good coach is a must if you want to win.. A good coach can get the most out of their players. Tiago Splitter isn’t that good without Popovich. Chicago would be awful without Thibido (apologies for the spelling). Even Miami probably wouldn’t have had their pieces fit without Spolstra. None of our coaches can even get career average numbers out of our players. Thats goal #1 for me is a good coach you feel confident in handing over the keys for 5 or more years to. A new GM is tide for goal #1 for me. Its a whole lot easier to build a team to fit a coaches system when the coach actually has a system. That was terribly worded sorry.

  • Jan 11, 20141:02 pm
    by Brigs


    just throwing this out there, I read the n.o is looking to trade Eric Gordon for a big man to have next to Davis. So how bout smith streight up for Gordon 

    • Jan 11, 20144:38 pm
      by jg22


      No on Smith (he wouldn’t even fit next to Davis anyways – both play same position) but Monroe would be a perfect fit for them.
      That could be a trade worth exploring. Monroe would get to go play in his hometown too, so Joe wouldn’t feel bad about dealing him. 
      The issue for the Pistons, while Gordon would provide a lot of what we need, he’s making a ton of money and not sure he’s worth it. Plus, he’s a SG, which means we would have invested a ton of money and a high lotto pick into the same position. Unless KCP can play SF (which is a possibility), I don’t know if its the best fit for us. Because if not we still need a SF, and would have no money left to spend.
      I might do it as a last resort sign-and-trade this summer, but I think I’d rather wait to see if we can get Carmelo or Deng first in FA, because we need a SF a lot more than SG.

      • Jan 11, 20144:49 pm
        by jg22


        Also, Gordon is only 6-3. I’m not sure investing 15 mil/yr in an undersized SG is something the Pistons need to be doing right now. That would leave them undersized across the whole 1-4 positions. 
        Jennings 6-1, Gordon 6-3, KCP, 6-5, Smith 6-9
        I’d rather keep KCP at SG and go after a legit SF. Gordon isn’t worth 15 mil/yr anymore than Monroe is.
        One thing maybe worth considering though is if we can get him in a salary dump deal, just for our expirings, that might be something to look at. Adding Gordon to this team, and keeping Monroe, bringing him off the bench could be exactly what we need. We don’t need All-stars at every position. If we can keep our huge size advantage up front by keeping all 3 bigs, it won’t matter so much if our guards are undersized. Then we could just go with Singler at SF.
        I could get down with that rotation.

  • Jan 11, 20142:37 pm


    @Parsons Jennings and Singlet career years….Drummond is having and borderline all-star year…. Stuckey is having a bounce back year….

  • Jan 11, 20144:23 pm
    by Leon


    I’m hoping this response touches somebody. Bottom line in regards to the posted topic in a morbid way maybe Franks could help. I see good cop bad cop type of scenarios going on. Since it’s almost a given that some of the players can’t stand Franks. They could have a better reason to rally around Cheeks. Making them more prone to hear him. But that’s that’s the only way I can even remotely see that happening.
    Another thing. I hope people realize trading Moose or Smith will not help this team unless they were to get like LEBRON or Durant in a trade. Since that’s not gonna happen. We would be darn fools to trade two decent bigs for what…. I’ve heard people say trade for Afflalo and big baby. What do that solve? You still need a SF. Big Baby is a PF so now what? Oh we gonna use Smith at the SF… How’s that working out for us. Not to mention our best Center skill wise with all due repspect to Drummond is actually Moose. I mean truth be told God forbids if Drummond go down. Our best bet is to have one of our power forwards come of the bench… Which one doesn’t matter. I heard moving Singler to that SF position for now is our best bet or even Gigi. But we got to stop playing people out of theit position all the tine despite their athletic ability. You can’t do something like that for every flipping minute of the game. That’s why peoe tend to get mad with Smith. Realize his only option by the time he gets down court from running around chasing a true small forward is to heave up a long range shot. Sure you say oh well he can take the guy down low. True but if he’s using energy chasing this dude and then expected to get around a player who is quicker than him not to mention the possibility of help defense it’s a hard task hence the long range twos he settles for. No I’m not trying to make an exscuse for these guys but that’s bball. And our biggest problem have been trying youse players a position or two be above or below  who they naturally our. You look at a team like the Spurs. Everybody on that team pretty much plays theit natural position. Sure they may be able to do things that other players at different positions do but not at a high clip. Only a few teams in the league have players like that. With us it will start with Developing what we have and drafting well and making resonable trades off of sound decision making and not impulse. We need to build around And not teardown PEOPLE. Get a better Small forward and backup to that position and then we will be cooking. But trading one of our Big Three would be the dumbest move since Re-electing George Bush. 

  • Jan 11, 20145:19 pm
    by Corey


    Trading smith for Gordon? Maybe. Monroe? Heck no. Gordon hasn’t been able to play reliably for years. He’s always hurt. And KCP shouldn’t play SF. He’s too small. Maybe in a couple years if he bulks up a little. But for now, he’s too light and skinny. Strong shooting guards can post him up, much less SF’s.

  • Jan 11, 20145:49 pm
    by Windy


    KCP could play stretches at SF…look at Terrance Ross in Toronto, that kid is blooming…

  • Jan 11, 201411:49 pm
    by grizz3741


    I hated Frank .. but note that he is an azzhole .. and you need that kind of streak in a coach like Pop, Riley, or Jackson did … Cheeks is too classy .. but I like him .. but recognize he is not yet anyone our players fear .. and that is part of the problem nowadays….. So ..it isnt out of world crazy to say having him back as an assistant could help the team .. But .. the problem with Frank throws everyone under the bus except himself .. and yet does some really dumb stuff as a HC .. So No thank you ..

  • Jan 12, 20146:01 am
    by Cicero W. Hayden III


    You are definitely right about Frank as a coach and person. It is funny how his last sistuation with the Nets as a assistant. Was this a similar situation with the Nets before when he serves as a Assistant to the former Laker and coach of the Nets. I do not want to see him again.

  • Jan 12, 20141:09 pm
    by Fartboy


    Quoting yourself as the whole article, while much much better than quoting Patrick, is lame.

  • Jan 12, 20149:35 pm
    by sam


    I think if we had larry brown around it would of been better

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