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Road game in Dallas


  • Teams: Detroit Pistons (17-26) at Dallas Mavericks (25-20)
  • Date: January 26, 2014
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Television: FSD

What to look for

Expectations ultimately end up dictating what we consider successful. The Dallas Mavericks came into this season expecting to be somewhere between good and great, and they are right on track.

After missing the playoffs last season, the Mavs project to make the postseason this year. The additions of Jose Calderon and Monta Ellis have given Dallas some scoring and playmaking punch.

And yet, the offense feels a bit underwhelming. Rick Carlisle’s group is fairly old and as a result, the Mavs are a half-court team. They run most of their sets through Dirk Nowitzki, and space the floor with a combination of shooters and ball-handlers.

It allows the Mavericks to consistently get Nowitzki some looks from the top of the floor and in the low post. When defenses decide to converge on the German, he is a willing passer that will set up the play that leads to the score (the hockey assist).

The way the offense is designed, one would be tempted to think it’s borderline unstoppable. Indeed, when one-on-one players are afforded with single coverage, it typically gives them an advantage where scoring is concerned.

Think of the Portland Trail Blazers for instance, LaMarcus Aldridge does wonders for that team because his comrades get the opportunity to go at one defender.

The Mavericks have no such luck. They are mostly a matchup-oriented team. Thus, they will thrive against teams with multiple poor defenders or bad discipline. However, against stout defensive units, the recipe produces incredibly mixed results.

Dallas is an average paint scoring team per Team Rankings, which means they rely on a lot of jump shots to get their offense going. Great teams are fine with giving up those types of field goals, but they also do a pretty stellar job of contesting them.

Hence, the Mavs can potentially have issues there. To be fair, that will not be the case tonight against the Detroit Pistons.

Detroit has struggled with rotations and pick-and-roll coverage all season. Dallas is going to force them to defend those sets all night. If the Pistons are not up to the task, the Mavericks are going to get a multitude of open looks.

Therefore, the Mavs may very well end up looking unstoppable tonight. In no way, shape or form does this mean that Detroit is doomed though.

Dallas is not a great defensive squad by any stretch of the imagination. What’s more, they love going to the zone every now and then. The Pistons do not have great long-distance shooters, but they are an excellent offensive rebounding team. Zone defenses make it difficult to find players to block out on the boards, and Detroit will likely profit from that.

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  • Jan 26, 20146:11 pm
    by Brigs


    I’m lookin for Drummond to have anthor monster night on the boards tonite, idk if that will translate to a win though

  • Jan 26, 20147:34 pm
    by PistonFanSinceDay1


    We need to see Smith/Monroe play more together if we want to win. 

  • Jan 26, 20147:46 pm
    by Windy


    Pistons lose by 14…we will be down no fewer than 20 points midway through the third…then once Dallas throws in the towel on an easy win, we will make a run to get it to within 10 and have Dallas drop a few triples to send us on our way…can’t wait to hear Blaha say “don’t look now folks the pistons are only down 10″…What a joke…MAKE A TRADE FOR MOOSE, Stuckey and CV…idiots sell them now before they leave for nothing!!! 

  • Jan 26, 20147:50 pm
    by frankie d


    The dallas announcer could only say:
    “Just a horrible-looking shot from josh smith..i dont know what that was…oh my goodness!..

  • Jan 26, 20148:17 pm
    by James


    Yeah, and Monroe is doing his greatest Tayshaun impression crying to the refs, always behind on the play when the other team gets a defensive rebound. I can’t root for Monroe or Smith, this is just not  a good team, period.

  • Jan 26, 20148:51 pm
    by frankie d


    Is monroe’s crying annoying?  Sure, but if any player ever had a reason to biotch, it would be monroe.  He gets routinely hammered and mostvtimes the refs look the other way.
    That being said…i just dont see that as a firing offense.
    Smith, on the other hand kills the team with his consistently braindead but arrogant play.  His refusal to play within his skills is the kind of stuff that stops teams in their tracks.
    Ask atlanta how happy they are now that they basically traded smith for millsap.  Too bad joe d couldnt see what even most casual fans see about smith.

  • Jan 26, 20149:27 pm
    by James


    No arguments here, I hate the Smith signing as well. I simply don’t like Monroe on this team either. 

  • Jan 26, 20149:41 pm
    by James


    I noticed Jennings shaking his head walking away from Cheeks and the clip board. UNREAL. 

  • Jan 26, 20149:46 pm
    by jinzzy


    why is singler in the game ? wtf

  • Jan 26, 20149:56 pm
    by James


    Still not running a play to get a shot. Jennings isolate,  Smith isolate, Stuckey isolate, ZERO POINTS. Cheeks is awful. 

  • Jan 26, 201410:05 pm
    by starlight0997


    Okay, this is just painful to watch now. It may be obvious at this point, but the Pistons have a high chance of not getting to the playoffs. Let us think about that for a minute. This is the 2013-2014 NBA season where the Eastern Conference only has two teams well above .500 (so far). In fact you may only have to be .400 to get the eighth seed in the East.

  • Jan 26, 201410:08 pm
    by jinzzy


    This shit is so depressing ,I’m actually considering watching the royal rumble

  • Jan 26, 201410:26 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    What a waste of time watching them! I am in so much pain :(

  • Jan 26, 201410:47 pm
    by Jerrific


    Smith gets forty minutes, neither Monroe or Drummond crack thirty. Can we officially call this a tank job yet?

  • Jan 26, 201410:48 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Why was Jennings taking off when he was hot in the 3rd again?
    Why was Drummond getting pulled off every 10 seconds?
    Why did we hire Cheeks again?
    Why Why Why

  • Jan 26, 201410:57 pm
    by microjfox


    Can we please get rid of Josh Smith. It could be for fruit salad at this point.  Cheeks might quit before he is fired.

  • Jan 27, 201410:12 am
    by James


    How about a 3 for 1 Mr Alan style. Monroe, Smith and Cheeks for ANYTHING!

  • Feb 4, 20144:19 pm
    by like vv6


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