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Pistons-Hawks game rescheduled for April 8

The postponed Pistons-Hawks game has been rescheduled for Tuesday, April 8, at 7:30 p.m. in Atlanta.

That adds another tough game to what’s already a difficult April slate for the Pistons:

  • at Pacers
  • at Nets
  • vs. Celtics
  • at Hawks
  • at Cavaliers
  • at Bulls
  • vs. Raptors
  • at Thunder

Unless the Pistons are tanking by then. Then, the April schedule looks pretty good. Just have to figure out how to lose to the Celtics and Cavaliers.


  • Jan 30, 20146:00 pm
    by gmehl


    Welcome aboard the pistonpowered tank train express Dan Feldman so please take a seat and enjoy the ride… captaining your journey will be captain Smith and captain Jennings. To anyone who hasn’t got a ticket then I advise that you un-board asap as this b!tch is on a downward spiral to keeping our 2014 top 8 protected 1st rounder. 

  • Jan 30, 201410:58 pm
    by CDR


    Lose it all and get the number one pick. So many teams are doing this on a yearly basis to become elite.

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