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Is the “Pistons butt bump” a thing? Yes, says TV

The New Girl is a show that people watch. Coach* is a character on that show. These are facts as best I can tell because I haven’t actually watched the show.

* Sidenote: Coach is played by Damon Wayans’ son. Damon Wayans’ son is 31. We are all SO old.

There might be a reason for Pistons fans to check it out, though now. Apparently, Coach is a huge Pistons fan. Also, apparently the “Pistons butt bump” is a thing that Pistons fans do? I dunno …

Here’s the description:

“We’re trying to find a balance where Jess trying to be friends with Coach through sports created some kind of conflict with Nick [Jake Johnson],” says New Girl writer Rebecca Addelman in a behind-the-scenes look at the episode, “and we landed on a sex standoff.”

But Nick is not upset by the newly initiated bonding, he’s mad that Coach manages to get Jess to root for the Detroit Pistons instead of the Chicago Bulls. Jess’ Pistons affection gets her kicked out of bed when she turns up in a Detroit T-shirt.

And of the butt bump:

Coach quest, alas, also involved a fair amount of lying because Jess didn’t know a damn thing about a “basketsball.” You know who did know about basketball? Nick. A diehard Bulls fan, he was predisposed to despise the Detroit Pistons, Coach’s team of choice, but he was willing to humor his lady. That is, until she made some headway by somehow convincing Coach the “Pistons Butt Bump” was a thing (it’s not, right?) and slithering into his bed wearing a Pistons shirt. Thus began the “sex stand-off”; the “sex tap” was off.

Having never watched the show, I can’t really recommend whether it’s good or not — fans in the comments can hash that out. I can emphatically say, however, that Rick Mahorn would DEFINITELY be the king of the Pistons Butt Bump.

Also, in other TV news, a former Pistons dancer and the mother of Rodney Stuckey’s son is already making quite the impression on The Bachelor this season.

Hat tip to Ian Casselberry of Outside Corner and KJ of The Only Colors.


  • Jan 15, 20145:56 pm
    by gmehl


    Wait a minute am I the only one here that got that Stuckey has a son to a former Piston dancer called Trey. I seriously hope that the kid has taken his mother’s maiden name because growing up being called ‘Trey Stuckey‘ is likely to develop some nasty long term name calling issues.

    • Jan 15, 20146:32 pm
      by Tim Thielke


      I must be missing something. What’s wrong with that name?

  • Jan 15, 20145:59 pm
    by Byron


    It’s a good show! Particular from the last third of the first season through the end of the second.

    • Jan 15, 201410:07 pm
      by maeby


      It’s a great show. Honestly one of the best comedies on TV.

  • Jan 16, 20149:52 am
    by sebastian


    The Bulls are currently 18-19 and OUR Pistons are a disappointing 16-22 and have been doing absolutely nothing with the ill-fitted roster with a full 5 days off. Note: The Pistons did nothing will the same ill-fitted roster, when they enjoyed another 5 days off, two weeks, ago.
    Over the last 3 weeks, Joe has the opportunity to alter the roster yet nothing has been done.
    I hate the Bulls, too, but damn!

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