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Detroit Pistons players contributing to defensive woes, too

Before the Pistons’ loss to the Clippers yesterday, I answered a few questions in a panel for ClipperBlog, including one about Detroit’s defensive issues:

Given their personnel, why have the Pistons struggled so much defensively?

Dan Feldman, Piston Powered, (@PistonPowered): The biggest letdown, based strictly on defensive ability relative to defensive output, has been Josh Smith. Miscast as a small forward, he’s struggled to chase quicker players around screens on the perimeter. Rodney Stuckey has underwhelmed too, sometimes relaxing on defense as he focuses on scoring during a contract year. Otherwise, the defensive problems have mostly been expected. Andre Drummond has high defensive potential, but he hasn’t mastered the finer points of help-side rotations. Brandon Jennings is only occasionally interested in defending, and even an engaged Jennings is just a so-so defender at best. Greg Monroe showed flashes of defensive improvement earlier in the year, but he’s regressed back to his typical subpar level. And with Maurice Cheeks in his first with the Pistons, confusion is still common.

If you read my game grades, you know I don’t blame the Pistons’ defensive problems totally on the players. But there are player-related issues, too.

At ClipperBlog, we also addressed the Andre Drummond vs. DeAndre Jordan debate and where Maurice Cheeks ranks among the NBA’s coaches.


  • Jan 21, 201412:05 pm
    by Smitty


    Less than a month to go to change this.

  • Jan 21, 201412:16 pm


    It’s the SF position…..

    • Jan 21, 201412:51 pm
      by Parsons


      and PF, and PG, and SG, and Cener.

      • Jan 21, 20145:00 pm
        by gmehl


        Nope I think its the organisation from top to bottom. I’ll go in to bat and say guys like Mike Abdenour, Arnie Kander and Rasheed Wallace are awash of any blame and of coarse there are some players that should be spared the majority of the blame but I won’t name names.

  • Jan 21, 20144:47 pm
    by NBALive14


    It’s the players playing out their natural position that’s what the problem is 

    • Jan 22, 20149:57 am
      by Patti #1


      And instead of doing less of it Cheeks thinks it’s a good idea to do MORE of it.  Bynum PG, Jennings SG, Stuckey/KCP SF, Singler PF and Center is Smith, Dre or Monroe.  YIKES.

  • Jan 21, 20146:14 pm
    by Parsons


    Drew Sharp “The Pistons are less of a team and more of a collection of movable parts. It’s time to start moving them.” 

    This is exactly how I feel.

  • Jan 21, 201411:20 pm
    by Jerrific


    “Detroit players contributing to defensive woes, to.” Well, duh. 

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