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Andre Drummond snubbed for 2014 NBA All-Star Game

Andre Drummond, as expected, did not make the Eastern Conference All-Star team.

I would have taken Drummond over Paul Millsap, DeMar DeRozan and Joe Johnson, so that makes Drummond a snub to me.

But since Drummond’s stock was highest, a few other East frontcourt players came on strong and Drummond drifted a bit. Simply, he didn’t do enough to make himself an obvious choice, and the Pistons’ 18-27 record didn’t get him any second looks.

That’s not fair to Drummond, who shouldn’t be held solely responsible for Detroit’s struggles when it comes to an individual honor. Yet, that’s the reality of the system.

In the long run, tonight won’t make a blip on Drummond’s resume. Bigger things are in his future, and snubs in his early years will fade into nothingness.

Drummond is just 20 years old. He’ll become an All-Star soon enough.

Here are all the players with at least 5.2 win shares – the total Drummond already has this year – in a season when they were 20 or younger:

  • LeBron James
  • Magic Johnson
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Chris Paul
  • Adrian Dantley
  • Dwight Howard
  • Kevin Durant
  • Chris Webber
  • Tony Parker
  • Elton Brand
  • Kevin Garnett
  • Andrei Kirilenko
  • John Drew
  • Chris Bosh
  • Joe Smith
  • Andris Biedrins
  • Tracy McGrady
  • Greg Monroe
  • Luol Deng
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Carl Braun
  • Amar’e Stoudemire
  • Carmelo Anthony
  • Anthony Davis
  • Brook Lopez
  • Jrue Holiday
  • Kawhi Leonard
  • Thaddeus Young
  • Tyreke Evans
  • Kyrie Irving
  • Kevin Love
  • Stephon Marbury
  • Mike Miller

Of those 33 players, 25 became All-Stars.

Drummond, not even at the All-Star break, has already put himself in special company. As this season continues, he’ll separate himself even further from that group and show just how special he is.

He doesn’t need an All-Star berth to do that.


  • Jan 30, 20147:58 pm
    by gmehl


    If your team is under .500 and your not voted in by the fans then I don’t think it’s much of a snub. Dre is already a great player but as consistent as he is putting up 12/12 on q nightly basis I want to see him have couple of 20/15 or 30/15 games before you vote him an all-star. The kid is young and his time will come plus could you imagine then using hack-A-drummond in the all-star game… how embarrassing would that be (joking).

    • Jan 31, 20141:59 am
      by kevin s.


      “If your team is under .500 and your not voted in by the fans then I don’t think it’s much of a snub.”

      Why? Is it his fault Dumars signed crappy players in the offseason?

      ” I want to see him have couple of 20/15 or 30/15 games before you vote him an all-star.”

      Well, he did that, whether you saw it or not.

      • Jan 31, 20144:55 am
        by grizz3741


        .. the head coach is part of the reason things are not going well

      • Jan 31, 20145:43 am
        by gmehl


        @Kevin I never said it was anyone’s fault but rather just that players with winning records are much easier for coaches to vote in for the allstar game and I’m cool with that. Also I am well away of Drummonds statistical progress it’s just that for him to be an allstar he’ll have to start piling up more 20/15, 30/15 games then he already is. I think we all forget sometimes that the kid is only 20 and can’t even legally buy a beer yet. There’s no rush so I say let him concentrate on adding a baby hook to his repitore and between 10 to 20% on his free throw percentage.

  • Jan 30, 20148:11 pm
    by Javell


    I DONT GET THE WHOLE “award wins” LAST YEAR KYRIE IRVING MADE THE TEAM WITH ALMOST THE WORST RECORD IN THE EAST… Andre leads the league in offensive rebounds…. Second in dbl dbls( 1rst in east BY FAR) and deserves to be am allstar  

    • Jan 31, 20149:17 am
      by Vic


      Kyrie is a pg, people like how pgs move 
      Also Kyrie has better marketing and was a #1 pick
      Coaches should know better, but obviously JD fieldhouse is on a losing tear, so why would the coaches vote him in?

  • Jan 30, 20148:13 pm
    by Marvin Madison


    Im not shocked the team aint doing well so Drummond wont get the notice 

  • Jan 30, 20148:26 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    I am so SAD that Brandon Knight didn’t make the All-Star game :(( at least over Joe Johnson! #Sarcasm 
    What a boring Eastern Conference All-Star team! Hibbert? Noah? Millsap? Bosh? 

  • Jan 31, 20144:56 am
    by grizz3741


    the win shares argument by Dan Feldman is a really good one .. bodes well for the future …

  • Jan 31, 20146:07 am
    by freeparty


    What about a trade scenario shipping Drummond and a pick or stuckey/cv to Philly for Nerlens Noel and Thad Young/Evan Turner?  Or package for a superstar like Carmelo.
    Drummonds ceiling is lower than Detroit fans want to be believe.  Andre resembles Deandre Jordan more than Shaq or Dwight.  Dre cannot be considered untradable and still try to slice the team up to make them competitive.
    Monroe at the 5 is just as promising as Drummond.  If the rim was higher I would say otherwise.  But Dre seems to have some Iverson in him.  He hits the floor a lot for a big dude with a bad back, minimizing his shelf life.
    Limitations and ultimatums are restricting the improvement of this team to perpetual lottery picks.  For every one good player we need two to compete with championship caliber teams.  Going 8 deep with Singler and Stuckey and pick your adventure (JH, LD, JJ, CV, WB) can´t keep pace with winning teams.
    Centers better than Drummond (13): Greg Monroe, Andrew Bogut,  Tyson Chadler, Demarcuss Cousins, Marc Gasol, Roy Hibbert, Al Horford, Dwight Howard, Al Jefferson, Deandre Jordan, Brook Lopez, Joakim Noah, Nicola Pekovic.
    I would be sad to see him traded but I would rather see the Pistons winning.  And the potential fans speak of is moreso the personification of “Detroit Hope” based less in reality than the culture of belief for the people of Detroit.
    Or bring him off the bench with a reserve unit and move Singler to starting 3.  Its not like anyone other than Jennings, Smith or Monroe have set plays to create their offense.  The other two on the floor with these guys are there to defend, rebound and hit open shots.  Runnnig the offense through Smith or Monroe at the 4/5 sounds much better than through Smith at the 3 at the top of the key.

    • Jan 31, 20147:07 am
      by gmehl


      Ummm yeah ok let’s trade the 20 year old centre in the 2nd year of his rookie deal rather than say Monroe who is about to command a max deal… I agree that Dre is way over valued by piston fans but to some degree it’s warranted. He probably won’t end up anywhere near Shaq’s level but he ends up somewhere between Howard and DeAndre Jordan that’s still pretty darn good. We just need to get fair value in trading Monroe and we’ll be sweet. That combined with keeping this years draft pick could go a long way to shortening a return to relevance. I think people forget that we are the youngest team in the league and that our time will come.

      • Jan 31, 20147:30 am
        by oats


        Actually, we have the youngest starting lineup but aren’t the youngest team. Philly’s old guys are 25 (not a joke, their oldest player doesn’t turn 26 until April 28th), and they have the youngest average age for their roster. They were tied with the Cavs, but going from the 26 year old Bynum to the 28 year old Deng broke the tie.
        That aside, you are largely right about this team being really young. On top of that, Drummond’s already nipping at Jordan’s heels as a player. Jordan is a much smarter defender thanks to being 5 years older than Drummond. Drummond has better hands and is better on the offensive glass, and as a result he’s already the better offensive player of the two. I’d still give Jordan the edge for now, but at the rate that Drummond seems to be developing it could flip as soon as next year.

    • Jan 31, 20147:16 am
      by oats


      @ freeparty. No, no, no. That’s a terrible trade idea. Noel is both suffering a major injury and rail thin. There are legitimate questions as to whether he will be a good NBA player at all. Evan Turner is not good. He shoots a ton because Philly has no offense really, but he’s a bad shooter that plays absolutely no defense. Thad Young is a bit better, but we’re still talking about a pretty average starter or a good bench player. I personally doubt he is any more capable of guarding the 3 than Josh Smith, and Smith has been awful. He’s also a bad rebounder for a PF. He’s a competent stretch 4 with his shooting, and he’s an ok defender at the 4. These guys aren’t even close to worth Drummond.
      Your insistence that Monroe is as valuable as Drummond is way off base. First of all, Drummond is clearly the best player on this team. Monroe’s a decent offensive player, but we’re talking about a guy taking 2 more shots to score 1.6 more points. I suspect that even a guy as unpolished as Drummond could match that scoring output if he got a few plays called for him now and then. So they are already similar in terms of scoring ability. Monroe is a better passer and therefore the more complete offensive player, but the game is more than just offense. Drummond’s defense is definitely a work in progress, but it’s still way better than what Monroe can manage. Oh, and Drummond is neck and neck with DeAndre Jordan for the best rebounder in basketball right now. Drummond is already noticeably better than Mornoe. He’s also 3 years younger which means he has more time to develop before hitting his peak, and his greater athletic ability also suggests that he has more room for growth. Drummond is way more valuable than Monroe, and it isn’t close.
      From your list I’d drop Monroe and Lopez (who doesn’t rebound or defend). Pekovic, Jefferson, and Bogut are all close, but I’d still rank Drummond over them. I’d add Pau Gasol, Tim Duncan, and Chris Bosh (yes, Bosh is clearly playing center most of the time in Miami). If you are buying Anthony Davis as a center then he needs to make the list ahead of Drummond too. So 11th-15th depending on how you view these guys (and I’d say 12th). Cousins, Davis, and Jordan are the only 3 guys ahead of him that are 25 or younger. That’s why his value is so high. He’s both already this good and he’s 20.

    • Jan 31, 20147:22 am
      by Huddy


      Drummond has had a better statistical start in fewer minutes than Dwight Howard did in his career.  That doesn’t mean he will be Dwight Howard, but to say its clear his ceiling is already lower doesn’t make any sense.
      Your list of centers better than Drummond would look a lot different if you looked at “centera who were better than Drummond when they were 20″.  Roy Hibbert, for example, doesn’t put up better numbers, he just has better defensive awareness and a go to hook shot.  If Drummond has to be better than the best big men in the league at 20 while they are all 5+ years in the league then your expectations are too high.

  • Jan 31, 20148:03 am
    by Seriouslynow


    Drummond is not a snub and only homers feel otherwise. He’s got elite potential but he’s not there yet.

    • Jan 31, 201410:39 am
      by oats


      Except he doesn’t actually need to be there just yet to make the All Star team for the East. The conference is pretty bad, and Drummond has a very strong argument for belonging. I don’t think it requires a bias to think he should have made the cut.

  • Jan 31, 20149:45 am
    by I HATE LOSING (Predicting A Strong Finish)


    Stupid trade Drummond because of his ceiling is low if stupid….u don’t know his ceiling….example….look at his FT shooting in the last 10 game he is only getting better….notice the post move he is developing…put those together for the rest of the year he can easily go from 13ppg to 17ppg…. property have no vision…

    • Jan 31, 201410:25 am
      by oats


      Yeah, that’s only 50 free throw attempts in the last 10 games. I’m assuming you already know the obvious reply, but I’ll say it anyways. It’s a small sample size. 48% from the line in those games constitutes a hot streak, and it’s really sad that 48% at the line is a hot streak. I guess it could be the beginning of an upswing for him, but I’ll believe that if he actually maintains this for any significant amount of time. It’s also not like we have good reason to think that his “good” free throw shooting will result in his scoring going up all that much since he’s also scoring 11 points a game in that stretch, which happens to be below his season average. I think it’s highly unlikely he scores 17 points a game for the rest of the season because he has shown no signs of being able to sustain that kind of offensive production for any significant length of time. For that matter, the team has shown no signs of being willing to give him the shot attempts necessary to do it. I guess it’s possible in the way that weird things sometimes happen in sports, but all of the evidence we have says the likelihood is terribly small.

  • Feb 1, 20149:00 pm
    by T Casey


    I don’t think he’s been good enough to call his absence in the all star game a snub. Especially not with how bad our team has been.

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