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Andre Drummond makes Rising Stars Challenge

Update: I participated in a Rising Stars Challenge mock draft on ProBasketballTalk, where you can see how high Andre Drummond went. I also tried to get Kentavious Caldwell-Pope into the mock game.

Andre Drummond was selected for the Rising Stars Challenge, a game for first- and second-year players that will be played Friday, Feb. 14 during All-Star Weekend. Drummond, who still has an outside chance of making the All-Star game, was an obvious inclusion.

The other eligible Pistons – Kyle Singler, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Tony Mitchell, Peyton Siva and Luigi Datome – aren’t surprising omissions, though Caldwell-Pope and Singler at least could have made arguments.

Aside from Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Singler is the top vote-getter from last year’s All-Rookie team not selected. But John Henson and Mason Plumlee are much bigger snubs among second-year players, who reserved half the 18 spots in the All-Star-weekend game.

That leaves nine spots slotted for rookies, and Caldwell-Pope was the No. 8 pick in the draft, so…. Yeah, the Pistons don’t really have much to feel bad about here. The No. 1 (Anthony Bennett), No. 3 (Otto Porter), No. 4 (Cody Zeller), No. 5 (Alex Len), No. 6 (Nerlens Noel) and No. 7 (Ben McLemore) picks also didn’t make it. This has been a really awful year for highly drafted rookies making an immediate impact.

Here’s a full pool of players:

  • Andre Drummond
  • Anthony Davis
  • Bradley Beal
  • Damian Lillard
  • Dion Waiters
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • Harrison Barnes
  • Jared Sullinger
  • Jonas Valanciunas
  • Kelly Olynyk
  • Mason Plumlee
  • Michael Carter-Williams
  • Pero Antic
  • Steven Adams
  • Terrence Jones
  • Tim Hardaway, Jr.
  • Trey Burke
  • Victor Oladipo

Teams will be drafted Thursday, Feb. 6 on TNT, though it hasn’t been announced who will be the general managers this year.


  • Jan 29, 20146:58 pm
    by Javell


    Trey burke + andre drummond = happy me 

  • Jan 29, 20147:25 pm
    by gmehl


    Raptors fans are angry about Terrence Ross not being named yet. I don’t think he’s that good but c’mon the guy recently just put up a 50pt game.

    • Jan 29, 20148:08 pm
      by oats


      They have a legitimate argument that Ross belongs in over Waiters, but they got Valanciunas in over Miles Plumlee and John Henson who have both been better than him. Even if they want to use the fact that their team is good to help Valanciunas out, Plumlee has the same claim with the Suns. They had 2 fringe candidates and one of them made it.

      • Jan 30, 20149:42 am
        by Huddy


        I wouldn’t over value the 50 pt game either.  It’s an impressive stat line and I give him credit for that, but Ross has had some nice opportunities for playing time all season and based on the whole body of work it isn’t really all that crazy that he wasn’t selected.  It’s the same reason Will Bynum doesn’t get an all star bid in the season he broke the pistons franchise record for points in a quarter.  It’s an impressive outing, but as a whole doesn’t represent the player well, in Ross’ case he certainly has time to prove he is capable of more, but as of now not really there.

  • Jan 29, 20149:51 pm
    by LT


    Mason? not Miles? …Huh

  • Jan 29, 201410:53 pm
    by bvpiston


    I think the GMs are Chris Webber and Grant Hill this year if I remember correctly.

  • Jan 30, 20148:46 am
    by I HATE LOSING (Predicting a Strong Finish)


    this game wont even be close 2nd year players are gonna run away with this thing

    • Jan 30, 20148:48 am
      by bonerici


      it hasnt been freshmen vs sophomores for a while, the two GM’s draft and then play, it’s more fun that way

  • Jan 31, 20146:24 am
    by DG


    Team Feldman should win.  Could have used another guard as insurance, but otherwise pretty good.

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