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PistonPowered Live: Pistons at Heat

Tonight’s guest for PistonPowered Live is HawksHoop.com editor and HardwoodParoxysm.com blogger Bo Churney (@bochurney). Tune in at halftime to see the show!

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  • Dec 3, 201310:36 pm
    by CNA5


    Jerebko would have amazing success if he would concentrate on getting stronger in the post and having a reliable long range jump shot.  If he shot reliably 35-38% from 3 and played closer to 240-245 as a passable stretch 4, he’d play 15-20 minutes a game.
    But, he dedicates too much of his time to being a 3 and being the international superstar.  Yes, he’s Sweden’s best player.  But, that doesn’t translate to the NBA.  He’s exceptionally quick and athletic for a 4.  He’s not for a 3- instead, he’s slow.  His ball handling and passing is really good for a 4.  It’s not for a 3.  In fact, he’s below average in both.  Defensively, he’s in no man’s land of too slow to guard 3′s and too weak to guard 4′s.  His size sometimes gives him success at the 3, but in a league with Paul George, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant, and others who are all 6’9 225+, he really doesn’t have enough of a strength advantage to use it much.
    Dumars gave him that contract thinking he’d grow into that scrappy undersized stretch 4 who hustles, puts back a couple of offensive boards, runs the floor on the break, and steps out and knocks down a jumper or two.
    Jerebko has only himself to blame for not making the rotation.  All of the Pistons coaches have been dying for a stretch 4 to open things up.  That’s why they keep going back to Charlie V in an attempt to see if he can play passable enough defense to use his jumper.  I don’t think any of the coaches have a bias against Jerebko.  As a guy who runs the floor, hits the glass hard, and likes to play close to the rim, he’s limited because Drummond, Monroe, and Smith all do it better.

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