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Andre Drummond to Dwight Howard: ‘Thank you’

Andre Drummond on what he told Dwight Howard after the Rockets center had 35 points and 19 rebounds in Houston’s win over the Pistons on Saturday, via Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

“I thanked him. I told him thank you for teaching me something,” Drummond said. “It was my first time playing him, it was definitely a learning experience for me.”

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  • Dec 23, 20139:49 am
    by Mikeyahoosports


    Thanks for kicking my ass

  • Dec 23, 201310:22 am


    the comparisons have been there since day one…
    Drummond has a chance to be as good if not better in time, but the problem with Drummond right now is that he is on a time that not built around him…
    He is the most important player on our team, but he is not our featured played…thats the next level for Drummond

    • Dec 23, 201310:15 pm
      by T Casey


      That’s how it was for Dwight starting out as well. That Orlando team wasn’t really built around him. He had to develop into the focal point of that team before they began putting pieces around him to try and win. Hopefully Drummond can also make the transition from being a good starter to a star and leader on the floor.

  • Dec 23, 201311:27 am
    by ZekeKhaseli


    Dre= humble kid. so rare to see these days

  • Dec 23, 20131:57 pm
    by RussellC


    I guess now we can turn all of our frustration towards the Pistons. Well baseball season is only three months away. Who knows maybe Jennings and Smith will learn how to play team ball, Drummond will stop going for the highlight reel play, Monroe will decide to be unstoppable, KCP will remember that at one time he could shoot and Gigi and Singler will become automatic on corner threes. Or maybe Boston decides that Charlie V and Stuckey are enough for Rondo. Well I guess its time to wake up

  • Dec 23, 20135:43 pm
    by L Boogie


    I am so TIRED of watching these guys who call themselves the DETROIT PISTONS, they frustrate me so bad, they play with no passion, no intensity, they play like there is some bad blood in the locker room and no one wants to say anything; there is no people movement, they look as if they do not want to play; they continue to play down to lower level teams, and sometimes get up for big teams ( pacers, heat, portland) but get embarrased by charlotte, minnesota, boston, houston, I can go on and on; some changes are still needed; Josh Harrelson looks like a keeper, maybe moose should be moved with Josh coming on strong and more offensively polished than monroe. I just need some passion, some intensity, FOCUS, and play with an edge; can somebody tell the coach what to do, he is just a little to calm for me, when he should display more fire like Doc rivers; is it just me or does anybody else in Piston land feel this way??????

  • Dec 23, 20137:50 pm
    by domnick


    drummond will outplay DH12 next year… dont be impatient…
    to me.. drummond has come so good so far… just need to stay consistent every night…

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