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Will Bynum pays electric bill to keep two Chicago women’s shelters open

Wendell Hutson of DNAinfo Chicago:

After he pays the electric bills Tuesday for two women’s shelters, Detroit Pistons point guard and Chicago native Will Bynum will host a Thanksgiving dinner for the shelters’ residents.

Clara Kirk, founder of the West Englewood United Organization, which runs Clara’s Place and Clara’s House at 1650 W. 63rd St., said Bynum will pay nearly $3,000 owed to ComEd.

Bynum, who once lived in Englewood and attended Crane High School, said his efforts go far beyond money.

“This is bigger than just paying an electric bill and giving dinners to those in need, it is about me seeing a need and doing my part to help," Bynum said. "I want the homeless and battered women who are living in the shelter to know there is someone who cares, that the situation can and will get better."

Never change, Will. Never change.


  • Nov 27, 201310:47 am
    by Kobina


    How are we supposed to rebuild the “Bad Boys” when Will keeps pulling incredibly humane, completely admirable, uplifting to the bone, good guy stunts like this?  I ask you, HOW???

  • Nov 27, 201310:58 am
    by Otis


    He’s the best person on the planet.

  • Nov 27, 201311:07 am
    by Danny


    Will just keeps displaying what a real stand up guy he is, on and off the court.  More people are needed like him, especially in the sports department. 

  • Nov 27, 201311:21 am
    by ryan



  • Nov 27, 201311:43 am
    by Victor


    You gotta love this guy. Not just the actions. Not just the words. But the way he puts everything together. 

  • Nov 27, 20132:01 pm
    by TheBigS


    Bynum is a great guy to have on the bench. Good guy and hope he never changes

  • Nov 27, 20134:52 pm
    by gmehl


    Will the Thrill paying the bills!

  • Nov 27, 20136:51 pm
    by sebastian


    Big ups to Will B!

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