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Pistons travel to Brooklyn for early game


  • Teams: Detroit Pistons (4-8) at Brooklyn Nets (3-9)
  • Date: November 24, 2013
  • Time: 2:00 p.m.
  • Television: FSD

What to look for

The Detroit Pistons are coming off back-to-back losses at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks and will try to rebound today in the state of New York. Greg Monroe and company will take on a struggling Brooklyn Nets in the “bottom of the Eastern Conference” bowl (note the early start time for this game!).

The Nets are facing a multitude of issues that have derailed the start of their season. One of the biggest problems Jason Kidd has stumbled upon is the inability to play his best guys for long stretches.

Indeed, Joe Johnson’s 32.7 minutes per game surprisingly leads the team. The remainder of the players are either right at 30 minutes on average or less, which is mind blowing to say the least.

The combination of age and injuries has forced the coaching staff to sit players for long stretches of games in an effort to conserve them during the 82-game grind. The strategy makes sense on the surface because Brooklyn is playing for May and not November.

However, the Nets actually have to make the postseason and in turn, that requires them to play better collectively starting now. The obvious answer here is to feed more minutes to top guys on the team but that is not the lone area of focus.

Brooklyn is a bottom-third offense and defense. Read that again. A team that many assumed would give the Miami Heat a run for their money in the Eastern Conference is looking up at the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics in the standings. Oh the irony.

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce exited Boston because the team was going into a different direction — a losing one — for the bright lights of NY. Obviously, it’s still early in the season and Kidd can right the ship, but the decision of the former Celtics to defect certainly looks questionable now.

Brooklyn has lost four games in a row and owns the fourth worst scoring differential in the entire NBA at minus-7.3. The absence of Deron Williams certainly contributes to the team’s woes.

Their floor general will miss today’s game and consequently the Nets will probably rely on an isolation-heavy offense. Johnson and Pierce will likely see the ball in their sweet spots and take things from there. The problem of course is that they have struggled shooting the ball in 2013-14, which partly explains Brooklyn’s ineptitude on this front.

The contest will probably be played in the mid-90s and the unit that has does the best job defensively probably comes out with the win.

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  • Nov 24, 20132:07 pm
    by danny


    The whole starting line up is pretty much out, if we still lose…

  • Nov 24, 20132:37 pm
    by Tim Thielke


    Andray Blatche scores Detroit’s first basket.

  • Nov 24, 20134:14 pm
    by Tim Thielke


    hack a drummond begins

    • Nov 24, 20136:46 pm
      by Keith


      At some point this has to be seriously addressed, right? You know there is another highly promising young center that all but flamed out thanks to a complete inability to hit free throws. It made him passive, and he could never have the ball in his hands in order to develop. That player is Andris Biedrins. Drummond seems like he should be different, but remember even Biedrins managed to land a 11 million per year contract on the supposed strength of his rebounding and youth. I can’t imagine Drummond isn’t trying hard to improve, but nobody should be that bad. If our coaches aren’t helping him, get a specialist.

      • Nov 24, 20138:03 pm
        by TheBigS


        I agree that Drummond needs to improve his free throws, but he is a very different player than Biedrins. Dre is more athletic and plays more above the rim than Biedrins. Drummond is so powerful and athletic that he should not worry about being fouled because he can finish through a lot of contact anyways

        • Nov 24, 20138:14 pm
          by Keith


          Biedrins was very athletic when younger. Drummond also doesn’t play a particularly strong game. He doesn’t often muscle opponents out of position or push himself inside to establish better position himself. He CAN finish through contact, which is great, but I’m not sure that makes him unsusceptible to the problem at hand. If Drummond can’t be counted on to hit ANY free throws, teams will adjust to never letting him get the shot off. It’s one of the reasons we never almost never post him up (despite significant athletic advantages he could utilize). It’s the reason we can’t give him the ball down low even if it’s just to help space the rest of the offense. Teams will foul him before he can shoot, and Drummond getting fouled is only slightly better than Drummond turning the ball over right now. There’s a reason we don’t actually run any offense for him, it’s because anything that could be challenged will be – and we can’t afford Drummond to spend time at the line.

  • Nov 24, 20134:36 pm
    by WishuWould


    Stuckey was beast mode again.  And then there was silence from all the Stuck haters…

    • Nov 24, 20134:43 pm
      by Vince


      Nope still here. Its always great when he can carry our team, but the reason Stuck has so many ‘haters’ is because he has proven to be inconsistent, Rod isn’t going to drop 27 on most nights, contract year or not, I don’t expect him to average more than 15 a night – which I’ll take considering his previous lackluster seasons.
      One game doesn’t mean he has changed, it just means he was feeling it tonight.

      • Nov 24, 20135:16 pm
        by frankie d


        you just described the typical nab 6th man, a team’s off the bench scorer.
        that should have been stuckey’s role from the very beginning of his career, but unfortunately, he is just stumbling into it this year.  when he’s having one of those games, ride him.
        when he is not, play him 18-20 minutes and see what you can get from him that game.  and hope he doesn’t hurt you too badly.
        dumars’ stubborn insistence that he was a point guard, and several coach’s inability to properly use him have led to his current situation.  hopefully, they are smart enough now to continue to use him in the role he has always been well-suited to fill.

      • Nov 24, 20135:20 pm
        by sebastian


        Vince, currently Stuckey is averaging 14.8 pts, 2.4 rbs, 2,2, during the his first 12 games and 19.8 pts, 3.0 ast, 2.4 rbs, and 1.2 stls.
        Just like I typed in October, Stuckey can be OUR Jarrett Jack. Stuckey is properly cast, as OUR 6th-man … first guard off the bench.

        • Nov 24, 20136:33 pm
          by Vince


          Frankie, Seb, I’m not disagreeing about Stuck’s numbers this season but more about his overall play for his career. Rodney has never been a consistent threat, and that has been well documented, he could go for a tear for 3 games and then quiet down for 20 before putting up eye popping numbers. 
          I agree with Frankie when he says Joe D misused him, there was too much pressure on him to succeed, especially after Chauncey was dealt and I think that may have affected him somewhat. That being said, I’m fine with him being our sixth man, as Frankie said, Cheeks can easily reign him in or let him loose depending on which Stuckey shows up to play. What I’m not so sure about is how consistent he can be with those numbers Seb posted, if Stuckey is still averaging those numbers come April I would rooting for him to get Sixth Man, but I’ll also be rooting for him to get another contract elsewhere than the Detroit area, there is no reason to believe that he will continue to put up those numbers next year once he signs a new contract.

      • Nov 24, 20138:50 pm
        by jamesjones_det


        I’ve been a Stuckey disliker (I don’t want to say hater because he does have value in specific roles) but he’s played very well this year, way above my expectations of him.  As you say he’s not a reliable guy, we saw this in the first Atlanta game but for now he’s exactly what this team needs on the offensive end and from the bench.

        • Nov 24, 20139:00 pm
          by jamesjones_det


          To be clear when I say the first Atlanta game I’m talking about the 2 TOs and 2 bad fouls late in the 4th when the wheels were coming off.

  • Nov 24, 20134:51 pm
    by Hook Shot


    Nets fans so far have it worse than we do. They have no coach, old, and they suck. 
    Good of win for moral’s sake. Jennings and Pope still shooting bricks. Stuckey confounds but he saved the Pistons today. 

  • Nov 24, 20135:32 pm
    by gmehl


    So is it worth me watching the replay of this one? By look of things Stuckey’s trade value come the deadline could actually be worth something after all. Does anyone think he could land us. A late 1st rounder?

    • Nov 24, 20136:37 pm
      by Steve K


      Yes. but probably only from one of the 4 teams with multiple picks. 

      • Nov 24, 20137:08 pm
        by gmehl


        Who are the 4 teams with multiple picks?

        • Nov 25, 20135:13 am
          by Steve K


          Utah, Orlando, Phoenix, Philly. Perhaps more depending how season shakes out. 

  • Nov 24, 20135:50 pm
    by WishuWould


  • Nov 24, 20136:53 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    I will be the first to admit that Stickey is playing his best ball in years maybe ever.  And Yes I have trashed him in the past and it was well deserved !!!!  If he can play this well this year where was he the last 3 ?   OK part of it was trying A make him a starting Point Guard … and B make him a starting shooting guard, and so part of it is on coaches and management.  Look good where he should have been playing all all along … Combo off the bench… can finish games if necessary. 
    OK where Gigi   after one of his best outings he been benched ?  for vilinuava ?   give me a break, let the guy have some time / rhythm on the court before benching him.. guy has hardly any time to warm up.  ?   

    • Nov 24, 20139:30 pm
      by oats


      The last 3? Stuckey was really only bad for one season. Last year he was just bad. The year before that he put up as many points, although in a few more minutes, and he also had more assists than he does so far this year. His field goal percentages are better this year, but he was better at getting to the line and actually had more less the same true shooting percentage as he has this season. The year before that was arguably his best season, averaging 15.5 points and 5.2 assists. That was definitely his best year as a passer. Once again the shooting percentages were lower, but he was getting to the line a lot so his true shooting percentage was still pretty close to the same. The passing made up for that though. Stuckey really has only had one bad year.

  • Nov 24, 20138:32 pm
    by Vic


    Stuckey has always been a quality backup pg.
    Ive never complained about him, I’ve only complained when they misuse him. He’s very valuable as a pg, especially off the bench. It’s that combo junk that I hate, always trying to put square pegs in round holes because basketball is all of the sudden “position less” 

    • Nov 24, 20139:55 pm
      by oats


      Huh? Stuckey is a combo guard. He’s never been a good enough passer to justify using him as the full time PG. I guess he makes an adequate backup PG, but he’s a good enough player to deserve more minutes than most guys that only play as back up PG tend to get. I’d much rather have Stuckey play some PG and some SG so he can actually get around 30 minutes a game. It’s not like he’s a bad SG or something. He’s having one of his better seasons this year and he’s playing an awful lot of SG. He plays two different positions, and is probably best served by playing both of them. That’s a combo guard.

  • Nov 24, 20139:11 pm
    by domnick


    good win.. then beat milwaukee next game and 6-8… 2 more games to get back .500

  • Nov 24, 201310:50 pm
    by hoophabit


    Is it unreasonable to suggest that Cheeks should get some credit for using Stuckey in the role to which he is best suited?

    • Nov 25, 201312:30 am
      by Ryan P.


      Might be one of the few things he has done correctly so far.

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