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Pistons host Hawks


  • Teams: Atlanta Hawks (7-5) at Detroit Pistons (4-7)
  • Date: November 22, 2013
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Television: FSD

What to look for

The Atlanta Hawks are surprisingly one of the best offensive units in the league. They score 103.4 points per 100 possessions (nine in the league) with the aid of some intriguing pieces that surround Al Horford.

Josh Smith’s defection to the Detroit Pistons should have set the Hawks back but Atlanta is learning to cope. He was replaced by a solid and underrated power forward in Pau Millsap. The former Utah Jazz big man is equipped with decent ball-handling skills, good finishing ability at the rim and a jumper.

In other words, he mitigates Smith’s departure with the blend of skills he brings to the table. Mind you, Millsap is not the lone player alongside Horford that makes this offense click.

Jeff Teague has evolved as a point guard and gives Atlanta some playmaking off the bounce. Furthermore, the Hawks keep defenses honest by running Kyle Korver through a series of screens. This team has players capable of putting the ball inside the hoop and they accomplish this through execution.

This was widely evident in their last matchup against Detroit. Indeed, Atlanta started their offense by running off-the-ball screens on one side of the floor and from there, the big man came over and ran a simple pick-and-roll with the ball-handler.

Some of the Hawks’ sets were incredibly simple and yet, the Pistons simply had no answer. The man setting the ball screen consistently got loose for easy looks because Detroit players struggled with handling a second defensive rotation.

Atlanta ran some stuff that simply confused tonight’s home team and thus resulted in high-percentage looks. Interestingly enough, the tandem of Smith and Andre Drummond is so athletic that there are times where their physical gifts will allow them to get back into plays defensively.

For instance, Drummond was late on a few plays, but he still managed to blow things up by contesting shots seemingly out of nowhere. With that said, Maurice Cheeks’ group has had a chance to view these plays on film and also defend them firsthand.

Consequently, the Pistons should do a better job of dealing with the multiple actions the Hawks run. Granted, they might still bring a few wrinkles to the table but Detroit simply must be better defensively in order to compete with this Atlanta team.

Read about the Hawks

Hawks Hoop.


  • Nov 22, 20137:26 pm
    by Max


    Personally, I will take it as yet another really bad sign if the Pistons don’t win tonight.  
    It might not be a make or break game but we are getting there.  People usually say that you can’t really judge a team until twenty games in and we are getting there too.  There’s not much time left for the team to prove they can be a good collective unit and I hope if the returns after twenty games don’t offer some positive evidence that Dumars will get to work regarding a trade before the deadline. 
    All that said, I’m expecting a win tonight and a convincing one.    

    • Nov 22, 20139:25 pm
      by Max


      Well, I was very wrong. 

  • Nov 22, 20137:34 pm
    by Scott


    Smith off the bench tonigh?!
    Hopefully he handles it well.

  • Nov 22, 20137:56 pm
    by Hook Shot


    Someone had to go the bench. They need a legitimate 3

  • Nov 22, 20138:14 pm
    by frankie d


    have to say i’m pleasantly surprised that someone had a fit of sanity.  
    smith coming off the bench…siva getting PT…even harrelson.
    all of a sudden, they are doing things that at least make sense.  wonder whose influence came to the fore?  was this cheeks’ doing, or is it a joe d maneuver?  hope we end  up knowing.  because it is truly intriguing.

    • Nov 22, 20138:24 pm
      by Max


      Has the team ever looked worse though? 

  • Nov 22, 20138:22 pm
    by frankie d


    this is funny!
    “Josh Smith’s defection to the Detroit Pistons should have set the Hawks back but Atlanta is learning to cope. ”
    smith was one of the most inefficient, worst shooters in the league.  he was so bad even his hometown fans would boo when he took outside jumpers.  his departure was a blessing, as detroit fans now see.
    atlanta has improved offensively, because smith is gone, not in spite of his departure.

  • Nov 22, 20138:34 pm
    by frankie d


    can anyone think of any rational reason why a team would pay josh smith 54 million dollars for 4 years rather than 19 million to paul milsap over 2 years?
    how the hell is josh smith, in any rational way, worth more than mil sap?  and especially that much more?
    who was the foolish team?
    detroit, for spending that much for smith?
    or atlanta?  for letting smith leave and picking up mil sap for a fraction of the cost?

    • Nov 23, 20137:17 pm
      by Jens


      First of all , the “real” Josh Smith, the one we alll thought Joe D acquired for 54 millions is a true two way Player. He can score with a high Efficiency inside the paint and in Transition and he is an excellent Defender one on one and helpside. Plus he is a good Rebounder. The Problem about Smith is, he obviously has to be “well coached”. I suppose he is not the most “confident” Player, so all this foolish “I miss a Long Jumper and then take 2 more , just to prove the world I can do better” routine is just something he is doing to prevent the missed shots to creep under his Skin. The fans in Atlanta probably didn´´t help with this Problem, either.
      Millsaps 19 mio for 2 years contract is a joke. He was supposed to get the same Money Smith did. Nobody understood why the Hawks got him at a Discount.
      The “average” Josh Smith is far more valuable than the “average” Paul Millsap I think, by the way. Think about defense, shot blocks, steals, deflections etc. Think about the way he played Melo… 

      • Nov 23, 20137:27 pm
        by frankie d


        so much nonsense.
        both empirically – and we just saw the two go head to head in two games – mil sap is a more valuable player than smith.
        statistically, he is a more valuable player.
        smith is simply a superior athlete, a guy who “looks” like he should be the better player, but game in and game out, mil sap out-performs him and the numbers and the eye test both prove it.
        i would gladly take 82 games of the solid, consistent play mil sap provides to the 5 or 6 games a year smith goes off and showcases his spectacular gifts, while you tolerate the other 70+  games where you wish that he nad a brain.
        and atlanta was smart to take the discount and avoid paying smith his salary.  too bad dumars was not so smart.
        btw, what exactly are you basing your conclusion about the average players and their respective value?
        stats? facts?

        • Nov 24, 20136:25 am
          by Jens


          Frankie, it is pretty obvious you dislike Josh Smith and I like him alot. So, that´s the main reason for our different “evaluation”. But let me try to back up my personal opinion with some stats (although it Looks like you are right with some of your opinions):
          1.Josh Smith (2008-2013,  5 seasons until right before he came to D):
          2.Paul Millsap (2008-2013, 5 seasons until right before he came to Atlanta);
          FG%: 1.   47,9%
                   2.    51,76%
          FT%:  1.  61,6%
                    2.  73,66%
          3pt%: 1.   29,75% (on about 2 tries/g. I ignored the 7 shots he took in 2009/2010, cause including a 0% 3pt% for that year would have biased the stats more )
                    2.   31,1% (on about 0,4 tries/g. The first two years of that 5 yr span ignored with less than 5 tries/yr, respectively)
          Rebounds: 1.   8,48/g
                           2.   7,78/g
          Steals::  1.   1,76/g 
                        2.   1,26/g
          Blocks:   1.   1,76/g
                       2. 0,98/g
          TOs:       1.   2,56/g
                        2.   1,72/g
          Min.:       1.  around 35/g
                        2.  31,1/g
          So, I think it´s fair to say, that both Players are quite comparable from a statistical point of view. Millsap is the better (more efficient) shooter and Smith has bigger numbers defensively (especially if you consider, that he has the potential to block around 3-4 shots/game. He does not realize it for some reason. But still it cannot be denied that Smith is a helpside factor and Millsap is not.)
          Now, were getting to the interesting stuff and thats advanced stats concerning the defense:
          Winshares/48 minutes:
          1. 0,1164/g
          2.  0,158/g
          Defensive Winshares
          1. 4,52
          2. 3,02
          Offensive Winshares:
          1. 2,35
          2. 4,68
          Offensive Rating:
          1. 102,8 pts/100 poss.
          2. 113,6 pts/100 poss.
          Defensive Rating:
          1. 100,8 pts/100 possesions
          2. 104,4 pts/100 possesions
          Just based on the stats Millsap is the far more efficient offensive Player. But I might add, that statistically, there is this one season (2009/2010) when Josh Smith hardly attempted any Long range Jumpers. In that year isolated, he was just as efficient offensively as Millsap over the last 5 years (4,2!). So, it is not wrong to Claim, that Smith CAN be as good an offensive Player as Millsap. But I give you the full Point here! The more Long Jumpers Smith takes, the more inefficient he is getting , the bigger is the difference to Millsap.
          The stats Show also, that Smith is clearly the better defensive Player, as Long as he is playing the 4
          Overall, I do agree 100% that Millsap´s contract is ALOT better, than Smith´s. But -not to defend Joe D, but to put some things into perspective- maybe we should figure in, that the spot in Atlanta was the only Destination left for Millsap (I really doubt he wanted to go to Charlotte) and so he Chose to Play for a playoff team at a discount. We wouldn´t have gotten him that cheap.
          And imo there is no ther choice than trading Monroe, now and playing Josh Smith the full time 4. This should work offensively and defensively.

          • Nov 24, 201311:37 am
            by frankie d

            Thanks for the cogent response.
            I actually agree that smith is the better player in the sense that he is a very special combination of talent and skill.  Based on athleticism, skill and actual production and impact – at least his potential, each game – smith is definitely top ten and probably top 5.  
            That has always been the frustrating thing about smith: the gap between his  potential and what you get over 82 games.
            I have alwys thought smith was the best argument for forcing kids to go to college for at least 2 years. If he’d had the benefit of working with a guy like coach k, smith would be in the discussion-with lebron and durant – when fans talked about the league’s best.  Unfortunately smith came rightvfrom high school and he is what he is: an uber-talented, inconsistent player who can and will lose games as often as he will win games for his teams.
            This fan prefers the more pedestrian but predictable and solid performance of a guy like milsap.  No way is milsap in smith’s league as far as talent and potential is concerned.  But if smith had half milsap’s bb IQ and willingness ti discipline his game, smith would be all-nba every year.   Sadly he cannot play that way so i would avoid the roller coaster ride smith invariably takes his team’s-and their fans- on.

  • Nov 22, 20139:03 pm
    by Max


    For Otis’ benefit.
    Dominique Wilkins on Greg Monroe,  ”Monroe doesn’t move his feet”, “Monroe is just standing still” and, “The man just doesn’t move”.   

  • Nov 22, 20139:17 pm
    by jason


    smith with 0 points and 6 boards after 3 quarters… 

  • Nov 22, 20139:19 pm
    by jopl


    Lets throw any lineup at the wall and see what sticks!

  • Nov 22, 20139:35 pm
    by Hook Shot


    The spacing on the floor is better with Singler starting. If Jennings ever realized he is a better passer than shooter the team would go places. I get the sense he feels he has to get his or something is wrong. Smith may be coming off the bench more often. Why Joe didn’t go for Milsaps(I was hoping he would) is beyond me. Basketball IQ much higher. 

    • Nov 23, 201312:53 pm
      by T Casey


      Well, you can’t fault him completely. Joe D apparently told him not to focus on passing too much and shoot more.

    • Nov 23, 20131:08 pm
      by T Casey


      Jennings that is. Also, with regards to Millsap, the goal was to get a player who could fill the starting 3 spot. Millsap doesn’t give you that ability. Of course we overpaid for Smith, but the acquisition makes sense.

  • Nov 22, 20139:50 pm
    by Hook Shot


    This team may be better than last year but the playoffs may still be a reach. The defense was a little better but the perimeter shooting from kcp,Stuckey and Jennings was crappy. 

  • Nov 22, 20139:53 pm
    by Steve K


    Jennings’ game drives me crazy. Those turns…

  • Nov 22, 20139:54 pm
    by frankie d


    on the positive side…looks like cheeks is tired of smith’s act already.
    have to say i am surprised he has been willing to voice his displeasure so obviously by sitting smith for long stretches.

    • Nov 22, 201310:01 pm
      by Max


      I wonder if he has told Smith not to shoot so many three pointers.  I think he shot four tonight and Smith was doing other things than not scoring.   

  • Nov 22, 20139:56 pm
    by Max


    Jennings picked Teague’s pocket late in the 4th and thought he had an easy layup to put the Pistons up but Teague Tayshauned Jennings and the Hawks went on a decisive 10-2 run.  Jennings also threw an awful rushed hero pass on the next possession after getting embarrassed by Teague.   

    • Nov 22, 20139:57 pm
      by Max


      Not to forget, Teague threw an alley oop to Horford right after the block.   Play of the year against the Pistons so far.   Smith didn’t score.  Head hanger of a loss.   

    • Nov 22, 20139:59 pm
      by Steve K


      If only Joe D hadn’t traded away that pick… the team could have time to potentially gel. As it stands, they’ve gotta decide soon whether to tank or push.
      Early signs point to tank. Which, of course, they won’t do.

      • Nov 22, 201311:23 pm
        by jg22


        man, i dont understand fans who think solutions to all of a teams problems are in the lottery. 1 rookie is not going to fix a team. That’s how bad teams stay bad, with that kind of thinking. 

        • Nov 23, 20138:04 am
          by Steve K


          I wouldn’t say the lottery is the solution to all of a team’s problems. It’s simply a possible solution for this team. They’ve saddled themselves with a few difficult-to-trade contracts. Besides, it’s difficult to get value for value in a trade. So how do they improve? The draft. 
          This 2013 experiment is not working. Inexplicably there is already internal strife!

          • Nov 23, 20139:56 am
            by frankie d

            Before this summer they were almost done with bad contracts.  Now, with smith and jennings on for 14 and almost 8 million apiece, they are right back where they were when they signed CV and BG, though it may be worse as smith’s contract, imho,  is way worse than BG’s and after this year its going to be tough to dump a skinny, erratic chucker like jennings who will have failed in 2 places and who seems to have become a worse player as he has gotten older.
            Take a look at salaries.  Imho this team could lop of the top 4 salaries, worth almost 40 million, and be a better team.  That is insane.

          • Nov 23, 20133:56 pm
            by Otis

            There is no way to slice it and come to the conclusion that Smith’s contract is worse than BG’s. Ben Gordon is barely in the league anymore, and we probably just sent a lottery pick in a LOADED draft to Charlotte for the inconvenience of getting out of one (1) year of his contract.

          • Nov 23, 20136:57 pm
            by Jens

            Otis is 100% right again. But there is one -imo very alarming- parallel between Ben Gordon and Josh Smith. I mean, does anybody really believe Ben Gordon was NOT an elite offensive Player before he came to Detroit? I mean, look at the stats he put up in Chicago! He was the absolute offensive assassin, respected all over the league. He was the main reason besides a rookie named D.Rose the Bulls pushed the Championship Celtics to 7 games. I mean , those were epic games,BG scoring like 40 Points at Boston in one game. And after 1 season here, he is basically done? All the TV analysts used the same phrases like “obviously he is not the same Player anymore”, So my question is: What happened to BG? And in which way is that being connected to the Pistons Organisation? Is it Dumars? Because I predict one Thing: If the same stuff happens to Josh Smith like it has to BG before, no promising FA is EVER going to come to Detroit again.

          • Nov 23, 20137:37 pm
            by frankie d

            lots of reasons why smith’s contract was worse.
            the market did not necessitate such a contract.  because of the new cba all the free agents were taking major hits, in terms of what they got on the free agency market.  for whatever reason, dumars overpaid smith, even though there was no market out there for that type of contract.
            there was howard, then smith and then a big drop down to the next group of free agents like iggy.  smith should have been getting iggy money, not the kind of money he got.
            he got basically the same money as BG, but in 4 years and not 5 years.
            no one was offering  him that kind of money.  his own team, according to smith, never offered him a contract.  they didn’t want him.  as evidenced by the lack of contract offer and the fact that they had tried to trade him at the deadline and only a snafu scuttled the trade.
            BG was in a much stronger situation, even though he got a worse contract, relative to smith’s. 
            his own team had offered him basically the same money he got from detroit, at the beginning of his last season there.  they had expressed interest in bringing him back, if they could work things out.  BG was pissed at them and wanted to leave so he left, but he was in a much stronger position than smith because he had options.  
            smith had no other options, as was known at the time and as he admitted in his initial press conference with detroit.
            giving a guy like him that kind of contract when there was no other team competing with you was just dumb and helps to make it a worse contract. 
            smith is not the first talented guy who gets a big contract and never lives up to it.  he reminds me of antroine walker, as a matter of fact.
            in 2 years, pistons fans will be grumbling about smith and his contract the same way they grumbled about BG.  problem is smith got a better contract when there was no reason to pay him that much.
            bad GM work by dumars, but then, what else is new.

          • Nov 24, 20138:48 am
            by T Casey

            I never quite understood the hype for Gordon. He was a good, but streaky shooter and that’s a bout it. He didn’t rebound or pass well and the ball always seemed to stick too long when in his hands. He was certainly good for a few years, but never really elite imo and, for some reason, I never felt like his production would last. However, it is worth mentioning, the coaches he played under here weren’t quite upper crust.
            As for Josh Smith, overall, I think he’s been a solid pickup for us. From the start of the season, it was clear that we were a better team with him on the floor, although the coaching upgrade helped too.
            I think the bigger problem is Jennings. When he came back and was inserted into the starting lineup, there was absolutely no improvement in the team’s level of play. In fact, I think we’ve gotten a bit worse personally. Whenever I’m able to catch games I feel like the positive plays he makes are often offset by other boneheaded plays or his constant overshooting and low fg% which take the ball away from the post which is our biggest advantage. The guy’s game just doesn’t seem to add to a winning formula.

  • Nov 22, 201310:16 pm
    by CityofKlompton


    To those of you who still think Siva is the answer…. exhibit B was tonight.

    • Nov 22, 201310:21 pm
      by Max


      Very true.  He looked horrible.  The Hawks challenged him and he fell apart quickly.  

      • Nov 22, 201310:58 pm
        by danny


        It was his second professional game, don’t go too hard on the young fella.  Not saying he is the saving grace of this franchise but come on now. 

    • Nov 22, 201311:26 pm
      by jg22


      I dont remember their PG scoring at all when he was in the game though. True he had a rough go on offense, but his defense was just as good as usual. A stark contrast to Jennings giving up And1s repeatedly all night long.
      Siva is going to be a good PG. Instead of criticizing him in his second game, you should be talking about Jennings 4 turnovers in the final 7 minutes of the game, in his 5th year.

  • Nov 22, 201310:30 pm
    by Michael


    Andre Iguodala was available before J Smith was signed.  He can play defense and doesn’t hurt you on offense at the small forward position… but there were probably 10 better options at small forward than Josh Smith.
    I said it the day they signed him.  They can’t let him on the floor as a small forward all he’ll ever to is take outside shots that “clank on the rim”.  It does not have to be Smith that goes to the bench when the game starts.  Monroe or Drummond will both work.  Just don’t ever let Smith play again at small forward, he is not that…
    There are more than enough minutes to allow J Smith, Monroe and Drummond to play PF and C all game – never put the 3 in together, period.
    Of course now they have more trade bait… Monroe or Smith for a REAL small forward that can play D and can shoot decently.  Throw in Stuckey and you’ll get a good one or a decent one and a #1st round draft pick.  They’re gonna need a first round pick thanks to Joe D’s past free agent fiascos.
    Talk about Stuckey, I guess Cheeks hasn’t realized Stucks out gas after 20 minute or so, he can be really good some days the first 20 minutes, after that it doesn’t matter which day it is.  Letting him close out games when is gassed, is like playing 4 on 5.

    • Nov 22, 201311:27 pm
      by jg22


      The Pistons met with Iguodala in FA. He didn’t want to sign here. End of story. Move on.

      • Nov 23, 20138:02 am
        by Huddy


        Wait you mean the pistons can’t simply put everyone that I like on the team like I do in 2k?  

      • Nov 23, 20136:46 pm
        by Jens


        Thanks jg for making this clear. And btw, Iguodala is not going to age gracefully. I think he already is being overpaid.

      • Nov 23, 201310:29 pm
        by frankie d


        Free agents go to the highest bidder.  Detroit probably did not offer him the same money they offered smith.  Imho, if they offer him a  bit more than he got from GS, less than what they paid for smith, he probably takes the money.  Free agents almost always take the best monetary offer.
        Seems like they valued smith more.

        • Nov 24, 20138:31 am
          by Jens


          I disagree at that Point. Either we offer him pretty much exactly what Josh Smith got or he doesn´t bite. According to hoopshype he gets 12,8 mio the first year and 12,2 the second. Smith is supposed to make 14, although I have read more than once it´d be 13,5/per.

  • Nov 22, 201310:36 pm
    by Vic


    Man this is the first time I felt like the Pistons had a plan. Jennings had 14 assists, Smith played the 4. 
    Obviously our offense gives a lot of shots to the 3 position. Id much rather have Singler or Datome taking those shots than Smith.
    I like them playing Harrelson too, I knew he would produce. 
    Obviously the Hawks have Monroe’s number, but I think if coach cheeks continues to make strategic moves that disregard paychecks and big names, eventually they will start winning more.
    When Smith gets used to his new role he’ll produce at the 4.
    It took some heroIc play by Teague for the Hawks to pull it out but overall I think the Pistons are improving strategically.

    • Nov 23, 20138:06 am
      by Huddy


      Smith doesn’t have a new role.  Cheeks said in the post game that Smith missed a morning practice so he didn’t start, but he is one of the best players so he will be starting (but not “set in stone”).  It sounded a lot more like a disciplinary action than Cheeks flexing his tactical muscles.

  • Nov 22, 201310:37 pm


    It’s clear the trades need to be made

  • Nov 22, 201310:38 pm


    We are not a bad team but it’s just not working we can’t close games

    • Nov 23, 20135:33 am
      by Otis


      50% disagree with this. We are a pitiful team.

  • Nov 22, 201311:34 pm
    by domnick


    bad coaching enuf said… this team has no good offensive sets.. i cant imagine this.. we cant score alot!

  • Nov 23, 201312:32 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    Jennings ruined it all with his turnovers and misses after a pretty good game. His blocked shot in what seemed an easy layup killed us. That could have been a bucket and a foul and turned into a miss and a Hawks easy basket…Damn…

  • Nov 23, 201312:58 pm
    by T Casey


    Our offense may have it’s flaws, but, with the pieces we have, our defense should be enough to see us through most nights if the defensive gameplan and what not were good enough imo.

  • Nov 23, 20135:00 pm
    by Otis


    An open letter to PistonPowered:
    Just because people gripe about the letter grades, doesn’t mean you should stop doing them entirely. I’m not sure if last night’s game wasn’t recapped due to a protest of any kind, apathy, oversight, or just nobody could be arsed to do it, but I hope it’s not because of criticism from the community. I think we all enjoy the letter grades and write-ups, even if we take exception to some of the opinions. Heck, if we didn’t like complaining about things I don’t think anyone would watch this team, let alone discuss it on the internet. Think about it. It makes no sense. We’re all horrible masochists because this team used to be good a decade ago.
    I think I speak for everyone when I say we enjoy the site. We’re not a perfect community, but if we were braindead idiots who covered our eyes and ears and insisted ad nauseam that Greg Monroe was the answer to all our problems despite years of evidence to the contrary, we’d be on DetroitBadBoys. But we’re not. We’re better than that. All of us but Jodi Jezz. Even Max is probably an okay guy in real life. We like it here, and we appreciate what you do. Even if we sometimes have to tell you what words mean sometimes. That’s the trade-off for having a blog. It’s therapy for all of us until Joe is mercifully put out of his misery. Thanks for listening.
    Everyone’s pal,

    • Nov 23, 20136:43 pm
      by Jens


      Thanks Otis for the letter! I agree 100%. This Forum is the most sophisticated and interesting conversation about the Pistons on the Internet and we all do have to appreciate the time and effort put in by everybody involved in the blog.
      Personally, I think it´s the most difficult time being a Pistons fan for the last decade because, from 2011 on, everybody was hoping for the day this would get better (actually since the late 2009/2010 season). And things kept getting more and more disappointing. The losses to Atlanta were especially heart breaking now as the Hawks basically had 2 1/2 good Players this offseason (Horford, Teague, Korver) and got everybody else at a discount. Especially Millsap vs. Smith is looking bad for us right now, although I still believe Smith is the far better Player. He just Needs some Coaching.
      So, Keep up the good masochism!

      • Nov 23, 20137:53 pm
        by Otis


        The thing about the last two games is that the Hawks are totally average, and they looked pretty great just by having a well-coached system and solid-but-unspectacular players. As opposed to us, with no system whatsoever and “spectacular” but not solid players. They schooled us going big, and they looked pretty comfortable when we went small. It was a better game, but they looked much better. We just had guys go off on runs. To think we plugged Singler in at SF, got 22 points (22!) out of him and still lost to the Hawks while rotating our Big Three. This is just some clear evidence that we need a trade. And if Greg Monroe was the answer, he would be fighting for position in the low post, demanding the ball, and putting the team on his back. He is not that guy. And the more it looks like we need a trade, rater than just “wanting to go in another direction” the less we’re going to get in return.

    • Nov 24, 20138:12 am
      by sebastian


      Ditto what Otis wrote, except for the part about Joe. Joe needs to come put from hiding and coach this assembly of players. Before I’m egged to death, just another opinion, 
      Right, Otis?

    • Nov 24, 201310:08 am
      by Tim Thielke


      Grades weren’t initially posted because of technical issues, not complaints.

  • Nov 24, 20138:16 am
    by sebastian


    Joe has to make a move and the move has to be made – now!
    Folks, I’m telling you Josh is not a full-time power forward and neither is Moose. WE are in need of a true PF, a starting SG, and a back-up SF. A trade with the Raptors will acquire the players that WE need to turn this **** around.
    Joe get Ujiri on the phone and present him with the following offer: Moose, Charlie V., Jerebko, and Singler for Amir, Terrence Ross, and Landry Fields.
    Then WE roll with:
    PG- B. Jennings, Stuckey, Will B.
    SG- T. Ross, KCP
    SF- J. Smith, Landry Fields, Linguine
    PF- Amir, T. Mitch
    C- Dre, Jorts
    Talk Chauncey into medical retirement and get him to assist, seriously, Mo’. Mo’ needs all the help he can get.
    Why does Toronto do this trade? They get the opportunity to get the bird rights to a young power forward/center (Moose). They get salary relief from Charlie V.’s contract (and Charlie gets to be closer to his son). The get a scrappy player and a player that the Toronto fans will love (Jerebko). And, they get a SF, who can start for them in a pinch (Singler).
    WE get a real PF, who is familiar with the Pistons (Amir); a young SG, who can run with B. Jennings and finish at the cup (T. Ross), who by the way is still on his rookie contract; and WE get an intelligent player, who can play good minutes as a back-up SF and can play some minutes at the SG position, if needed. Fields is also a good defensive player.
    This trade works for both teams -http://basketball.realgm.com/tradechecker/saved_trade/6360409

    • Nov 24, 20138:39 am
      by Jens


      value for value we don´t get enough in that trade as Ross hasn´t shown his full potential, yet . So it´s too much of a risk. Plus, we still have the problem with Josh Smith. Believe me, I did some Research on Basketnall reference today. The case is compelling. He IS a full time PF. He has the ability to defend SOME 3s (like Melo or maybe even LeBron) but he gets torched by the quicker ones like KD. If you put in Rudy Gay instead of Amir I take that deal if I am Joe. But I doubt the Raptors would do that. I don´t think they deal at all this year. They are closer to the playoffs than we are right now. 

    • Nov 24, 20139:02 am
      by T Casey


      @ Sebastion
      Where’s the offense gonna come from? Smith and Jennings will continue to take the majority of the shots, probably even moreso with that lineup. And no one else there is a quality scorer. Offensively, that squad would be terrible.
      The main problem with this team isn’t the front court, it’s the backcourt. Jennings is terribly ineffficient offensively and doesn’t play good enough defense to balance out his production. He doesn’t shoot well and, until someone steps up offensively at the 2, we won’t have anyone to spread the floor for the bigs or take away any of the pressure on offense.

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