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PistonPowered Live: Pistons-Warriors, 10:30 p.m.

We’re adding a new aspect to PistonPowered.com for this NBA season- during halftimes of Pistons games, we’ll be doing a short live show about the game, featuring a guest from the opposing team’s blog.

Tonight’s guest on PistonPowered Live for the Pistons-Warriors game is blogger and stat head Jacob Frankel (@jacob_frankel) writer for Hickory High. Tune in at halftime to watch the show!



  • Nov 13, 20132:21 am
    by Otis


    Nice piece for the most part. Gosh you guys look young.
    Few things: For one, it would truly have been a nice move to give Moose more burn to work on his offensive repertoire. He still basically looks lost half the time at the elbows, and after literally the first game I ever saw him shoot jumpers with regularity and be effective, he looked like shit in that regard today. Jameson you said he hit two jumpers, but I counted one. He sure took a few. As far as him being a specialist who has one move, you’re spot on. It’s that clunky but effective drive to the basket that ends with a wild shot, and he doesn’t really work in the flow of the offense. It’s just isos. Not a terrible option, but not a great one and not worth max money.
    Also, Jameson, you say the difference is the Warriors’ defense, but let’s be honest here. They have passing and shooting and movement. They’re active. For heck’s sake, their starting lineup consists of a 1 2 3 4 and 5. Not two 1s, two 5s and a 4. Smith is an above average four and a below average three, and you’re paying him a fortune. Moose is a much better five than a four, and we’re going to max the guy out. This formula is just bad. Defense is truly godawful, but counting only our established rotation players coming into the game (as in, not counting KCP or Gigi) we hit ZERO threes tonight.
    At this rate we’re going to be giving the ninth pick in the draft to Charlotte and come back next season with the same damn team except costing a lot more money because we’ll have to max him out to keep him. Something has to give. We can’t possibly go through 75 more games of this.

  • Nov 13, 20133:28 am
    by Ryan P.


    I liked how KCP and Gigi played…they should never have another DNP (unless there’s an injury) the entire year.  We need better defensive guys, KCP provides that, and we need better shooting and passing, which gigi certainly provides.

  • Nov 17, 20134:22 pm
    by hirobeats


    Be honest, I’m sure at least one of you embarrassingly second guessed how seriously you all take the commentary hear after you saw how young these guys are. =D 

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