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PistonPowered Live: Pistons at Hawks

We’ll have a live show at halftime, and in the meantime, use this thread as an open thread for the game.

Tonight’s guest for the show is HawksHoop.com blogger Cole Patty (@ColePatty).


  • Nov 20, 20138:57 pm
    by curriergroh


    Dear Coach Sheed,
    Tell Andre what a rotation is.

  • Nov 20, 20139:06 pm
    by jinzzy


    Singler needs to go , why is the coach is just standing around trying to look good and shit geez 

  • Nov 20, 20139:30 pm
    by Windy


    Wow! Wow! Wow! How bad can this defence be? Painful to watch us get cut apart…can’t even come close to guarding a pick n roll…you would think they would address it at some point in the season Hahaha…worst running offence in the league and worst defence…sad stuff…
    like Monroe on O but trade him for a true SF and another shooter…he looks about 50 years old on D…just makes everyone else that bad…

  • Nov 20, 20139:34 pm
    by Windy


    This ship is sinking quick with these wacky lineups and awful coaching from Cheeks…Joe you better be looking over your shoulder because its way worse than people ever imagined…
    Nothing better than watch one guy dribble the ball down to about 12 seconds before making an initial pass…pretty obvious something has just got to give because its getting worse by the game 

  • Nov 20, 201310:20 pm
    by Otis


    Yeah I gotta admit this is a lot worse than I thought it would be. And my hopes weren’t high.
    At some point the excuses have to stop, right? I mean, a few guys missing chunks of the preseason is worth talking about in the first week, but we’re ten games in and everybody basically looks lost. Cheeks is as bad as I expected, and I gotta trust that something just has to give, right? Bad defense, bad offense, weird rotations. If Stuckey wasn’t playing WAY over his head, I’m not sure we’d have two wins right now.

  • Nov 20, 201310:45 pm
    by Keith


    Through 11 games this season, the book on Jennings:

    Lowest scoring efficiency of his career (including rookie year).

    Of the sever starting PGs with lower efficiency so far, 1 is a second round rookie, 5 are perennially terrible shooters/scorers, and 1 is returning from a year lost to injury.

    Despite the above, Jennings has the highest usage rate of any Piston.

    Jennings has the highest usage rate of his entire career.

    Jennings has the highest assist rate of his career,

    Jennings’ career high assist rate still ranks in the bottom half of PGs in the league.

    The Pistons, as currently constructed, don’t need a worse version of over the hill Allen Iverson as their starting PG.

  • Nov 20, 201311:11 pm
    by Windy


    I’m in the boat of trading Moose…guy is a solid player but just such a hack on defence and it looks so much worse now that he is stuck at playing power forward…package him because there is just no way we can pay him 15mil and have this type of starting lineup…
    I’m not going to put these losses on guys like KCP and Gigi but the fans and this team could benefit from some consistent shooting from the outside…
    I can see changing lineups around as there are a lot of new guys but one lineup that has consistently been bad is our starting lineup…even lineups that Cheeks puts together and has success he never goes back to them or just keeps them out their way way way to long…

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