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Maurice Cheeks breaks preseason pledge

Maurice Cheeks announced before the season he’d have no lead assistant, and at that point, Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News wrote:

When Cheeks was asked who would take over as acting coach in the event he were ever ejected from a game, Cheeks cooly replied, "I’m not getting ejected," before smiling and walking away.

Cheeks was ejected after getting two technical fouls in Detroit’s loss to the Hawks on Wednesday, and Maz Trakh took over head-coaching duties. I was a little disappointed Cheeks implemented a plan that involved keeping his cool and couldn’t stick with it, but I’m already over it.

I’m much more disappointed Cheeks hasn’t implemented a defensive scheme to lift the Pistons above last in defensive rating.


  • Nov 21, 201310:20 am
    by Ryank


    What metric are you using to quantify the Pistons’ defense as worse in the league?

    • Nov 21, 201312:04 pm
      by Who Wants Metrics?


      Defensive efficiency…..

      • Nov 21, 20133:30 pm
        by jamesjones_det


        What???  You mean leading the league in force turnovers doesn’t mean they play good defense??? </sarcasm>
        Don’t tell JS or Jennings, they might take to Twitter and try to pick a fight with some lowly player on the Knicks roster.

  • Nov 21, 20131:19 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Trade should be on the way! This is unacceptable. Jeff Green? Nicolas Batum? Rudy Gay? Someone? 
    I am with the Idea of trading Monroe. We don’t need him. Josh Smith can get the job done at the PF position. 

    • Nov 21, 20131:43 pm
      by Otis


      Amen. And just as importantly, Smith can’t get it done at SF. Whoever we got for Monroe would probably be half the equation, with an equally important trade of Smith the SF for Smith the PF.

    • Nov 21, 20133:32 pm
      by jamesjones_det


      Smith can if he stays away from that 3pt line, but I don’t have any faith he will give that habit up.  Just watch some film of him in ATL and you will see whether he is playing the 3 or 4 he will be standing 500ft from the basket on offense and please don’t tell me you plan to post Dre…

  • Nov 21, 20131:23 pm
    by dvs


    Cheeks needs to watch some Spurs and bulls games to learn how to play defense.

  • Nov 21, 20131:49 pm
    by Desolation Row


    Why did we hire this guy again?

  • Nov 21, 20132:02 pm
    by Vic


    I’Ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that since Mo cheeks is a players coach, it’s really the players that coach. All we can hope for is he plays the right players, which we have plenty of.
    This team is going to rise and fall on the intelligence of Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith. Whatever games Jennings gets Monroe and Drummond the same amount of shots as him and Smith wil be likely wins. Whatever games Josh decides to shoot good shots only and play smart defense and paint passes will be wins.

    • Nov 21, 20132:05 pm
      by Vic


      That’s pretty scary but that seems to be what it is

    • Nov 21, 20133:00 pm
      by Otis


      One of the stat heads at Detroit Bad Boys just pointed out that Monroe gets the second most touches after Jennings. Whether you want to call it passiveness or ineffectiveness, he’s not getting it done. God knows he’s not here for his defense, so if that guy’s not fighting for position in the low post and demanding the ball, what good is he? “Feed the Moose” will never be a consistent solution to any of our problems.

      • Nov 22, 20133:54 am
        by oats


        Sorry, but what is that based on? He’s third in shots per game behind Jennings and Smith. Not only is Smith leading him in shot attempts, he is also leading him in assists and turnovers. So what stat backs up Monroe having more touches than Smith exactly?
        Monroe has the 7th highest Usage Rate on the team, although I have to admit that CV should be tossed out since he’s only played 5 minutes on the season. He’s 8th in shots per 36, although once again CV is ahead of him. As far as I can tell, Monroe is 3rd on the team in touches behind Jennings and Smith, but on a per minute basis he is also well behind Stuckey and Bynum. 3 of those 4 guys either play point guard or play some point guard, but they are all shooting it much more frequently than Monroe.

  • Nov 22, 20131:02 pm
    by TheBigS


    I love Greg Monroe and think he is one of our best players. But it is looking more and more like Moose needs to be traded. We can’t trade a player we just signed to a 4 year deal, and Dre is the most efficient(and the player with the most potential). If their play keeps up, there is no way the pistons would resign Monroe to a max contract given how poorly the trio does together. The pistons should trade him for a SG or SF who can shoot and spread the floor for Smith and  Drummond on the inside. 

    • Nov 22, 20133:35 pm
      by Brandon Knight


      I agree 100 percent. 

  • Nov 22, 20133:28 pm
    by L Boogie


    We need someone who has a defensive pedigree to teach these guys how to play pick n roll defense, yes perimeter defense needs to improve, but, pick n roll is just a disgrace!!! I bet you michigan state could run the pistons out of the gym, why, becuz Izzo knows how to teach these guys DEFENSE, DEFENSE, and get jennings to pressure the ball more, and stop free lancing, he is to passive, he is trying so hard to be a pass first guy, but his offense is suffering, he does not know how to balance them both; Coach Cheeks looks so disinterested on the side line, sitting down, know passion, know intensity, when they screw up. what about bringing in Lionel Hollins if he’s available????

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