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Brandon Jennings shows up Bucks with dribbling display, bothers Caron Butler

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.

Updated: Caron Butler sure as heck doesn’t hold the higher ground (hat tip: bvpiston):


  • Nov 26, 20131:43 pm
    by bvpiston


    Yeah, ok…What a douche!

  • Nov 26, 20132:08 pm
    by Windy


    This game by Jennings is what I want to see more often, in control for long stretches, shooting with some poise, finding teammates, steals…effective basketball…if he can bottle this game and keep it up it will really help this team who is a little out of whack…when he starts hogging the ball, over confident, giving up on plays it really breaks this team apart…We know how important the PG position is, Jennings needs to take that next step and be fine with scoring 15 on a night where he had 13 dimes…or if we need him to go off and score know when to do that too

  • Nov 26, 20133:31 pm
    by Zdwtr


    Jennings follows the NBA closely he knows whats up with tough juice

  • Nov 26, 20134:45 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    Looks like Jenning won’t be doing that again, since everybodies goal is to not bother Caron Butler.

  • Nov 26, 20136:14 pm
    by omar


    it would be better if we could read your thoughts on this site.

    • Nov 26, 20139:02 pm
      by jerrific


      My thoughts on this comment can be found on my website. 

  • Nov 26, 20137:32 pm
    by Mister D


    Caron Butler wit’ his Devo lookin’ as$.  Tuck ya chains!

  • Nov 27, 20136:28 am
    by Derek AKA Redeemed


    It wasn’t the most mature thing to do, but Jennings is not Knight when it comes to maturity.  As for a dude who calls himself Tuff Juice not liking it, so what.  Didn’t he show a guy up last year at the end of the game?  He pretended to shake his hand only to go for the steal in a game where the Clips where catching the beat down.
    My take away from the video is Jennings has wicked handle.  AND  Jennings was really motivated to beat his former team.  Good for him, let’s beat the other teams ahead of us now. 
    Next up: Chicago

  • Nov 27, 20138:51 am
    by MrHappyMushroom


    We all okay with saying “Fuck you, Caron Butler!”?

  • Nov 27, 20139:13 am
    by DG


    Just goes to show how easy it is to get in Butler’s head.

  • Nov 27, 201312:09 pm
    by Tim Thielke


    I actually loved that Butler steal. It was hilarious. But his getting pissed with Jennings for some flashy dribbling is absurd.

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