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Brandon Jennings heeds Joe Dumars’ advice: Pass less

David Mayo of MLive:

However, in a conversation with Joe Dumars a few days ago, the Pistons’ president of basketball operations apparently told Jennings a little selfishness could be a good thing for a point guard, despite the latter’s promise to get his new teammates more involved offensively than during his shoot-first days with the Milwaukee Bucks.

"That’s one thing me and Joe talked about," Jennings said. "That was my first problem in the beginning, when I came back — trying to please everybody, trying to make sure I was being a pass-first point guard instead of just playing basketball. But like tonight, I’ve just got to play basketball. If the shot’s there, I’m going to take it. If not, then I’m going to pass it."

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Nov 19, 201311:35 am
    by am


    We have some dominant big man scorers and you want to continue to take unbalanced awful shots??!!.. Jennings shoots us out the game but when then start hitting shots after were down double digits and it’s to late for a possible comeback. 

  • Nov 19, 201311:54 am
    by Mikeyahoosports


    If no one is around to pass it move yourself to a spot that is available to find a person to pass it to just don’t shoot it up

  • Nov 19, 201312:16 pm


    OH LORD the kid had 14 ast!
    name the last Piston that had 14ast?
    last year Knight had 3 games with 10 or more ast…Bynum had 4 games….Jennings no Preseason…or real time to gel with the guys already have 2 games will 10 or more ast…
    he games where he is shooting, we are losing down double figures…
    we arent even 20 games in yet, and people are pushing the panic button

    • Nov 19, 20135:06 pm
      by oats


      The last Piston that did it was Jose Calderon, putting up 10 and 16 against the Knicks on March 6th. It’s been less than 9 months since we’ve seen a 14 assist game from a Piston, and already you’ve forgotten. Additionally, Stuckey had two of them in 2011. Stuckey put up 3 points and 14 assists against Toronto, and then he put up 29 and 14 against Clevland. Will Bynum has also done it twice, both in 2010. He had the 6 point and 14 assist game against Minnesota, and the even more impressive 5 point and 20 assist game against Washington.

  • Nov 19, 201312:18 pm
    by Huddy


    I think it is obvious that Jennings needs to take less bad shots (Smith as well).  I don’t think that the solution is to completely flip is game on its head though.  If he spends every play second guessing his decision making he is likely to remain a negative contributor in games.  He can’t become a Jose Calderon type point guard…its just not going to happen.  The way the line up in crafted he really does need to contribute scoring and be a threat to help keep the floor spread.  If he spends too much time dumping it inside (the only place we really want to see the front line get the ball) then there are going to be a lot of double teams and turn overs on entry passes. 
    As much as we all love Drummond he can’t create his shot and is going to be getting a lot of garbage buckets.  The way the team is set up they are probably going to need Jennings to take over when others are shooting poorly, just not as much as we are seeing.  The team really needs to work the two man game with Jennings and Smith/Monroe more effectively.  With their passing ability Jennings should be able to appease his scoring side when defender collapse on Monroe/SMith and they kick back for OPEN shots if they work together more effectively.  The Pistons do far too much giving the ball to Monroe or Smith and getting out of their way completely, which forces bad shots.  I am really not seeing the kind of ball movement (all around not just Jennings) that is needed for the team to work together.

  • Nov 19, 20133:01 pm
    by JHops


    Calm down people… I can tell most of you haven’t even seen a game.  This kid is playing very good basketball at the moment.  Josh Smith is killing us right now.  We also need to get back to post up play with Monroe.  The Pistons lack perimeter shooting.  We’ll be fine… Like someone said earlier, too early for the panic button. 

  • Nov 19, 20134:35 pm
    by T Casey


    Telling an inefficient chucker who already leads the team in shots to shoot more doesn’t sound like a recipe for success, even with him being our best offensive bet outside of our bigs.

  • Nov 19, 20134:41 pm
    by frankie d


    Jennings is horrible.  Would much rather have knight.  Knight was a good and conscientious defender and he usually played within his obvious limitations.
    Jennings does neither and his defense is killing the team.  Good defense starts with good on ball pressure and jennings has no interest i even trying to defend.  He makes calderone look like lindsay hunter.
    The only question is how badly is he going to hurt the team.  A little, or will he contribute to a complete meltdown that leads to a 25 win season.
    I guess we will see.  Stay tuned.

    • Nov 21, 20132:34 pm
      by Clinton


      I too think Knight was a better option.

  • Nov 19, 20134:46 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    No matter what Joe said it’s still up to the coach what Jennings does.  I have never heard Joe say anything about what the coach should or shouldn’t do since he has been here.  So if Jennings is taking a large amount of shots, it must be OK with Mo.

    • Nov 20, 201312:36 am
      by frankie d


      jennings is totally joe dumars’ fault.
      if he doesn’t do the sign and trade, jennings is stewing in milwaukee.
      now, since he’s here, cheeks has to deal with him.  but i think it is unfair to expect a coach to take an established player like jennings and remake him into something he is not.
      jennings is who he is:a career 39% shooter who shoots too darn much for any good team.
      i feel sorry that cheeks has to deal with him.  could cheeks mess with his PT and try to control his shots through that tactic?  
      i guess…but i just can’t imagine that kind of tension playing out well over a season.  pistons’ fans – and mo cheeks – just have to accept jennings for who he is,  unless he has some kind of epiphany and finally understands what he should be doing out there on the court.  it could happen, certainly, cause anything is possible,  but i just wouldn’t count on it.
      btw, i watched cheeks as a young point guard when he was with philly.  i was living in new england when he was a young player with philly, and the philly/celtics games were wars.   cheeks is the total antithesis of jennings – he rarely, if ever, took a bad shot and shot over 50% for his career, i believe.  he valued the ball like his very paycheck depended on it.
      too bad he’s not a strong enough personality to mold this or any team in the image he maintained as a player.  mo cheeks, the player, would have this pistons team vying for an eastern conference finals appearance.   seriously.  if somehow cheeks could transform himself into his philly rookie self, he’d grab this team and jerk it into shape and they would win a lot of tough BB games.  too bad something like that is just a fantasy.

  • Nov 21, 201312:07 pm
    by mary hall


    You have one of the best defensive players sitting on the bench. Bring out Tony Mitchell and see how he will add  to the defense. Teams are killing us  on defense. Am I  the only one who can see this.

  • Nov 21, 201312:10 pm
    by mary hall


    Look at our scoring. We are missing too many three point shots. It’s fine when they are falling but you need to go to the goal .Use the paint. Look at the stats for the games and see what adjustments need to be made.

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