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Brandon Jennings has powerful ally in Twitter beef with J.R. Smith: Truth

Me at the Detroit Free Press on the Brandon Jennings-J.R. Smith Twitter beef:

Jennings is right, and Smith is a hypocrite.

It’s an open secret that the New York Knicks signed Chris Smith only to appease J.R. Smith, a fine player but not one who deserves that level of special treatment. Jennings might not have anything to gain by pointing that out, though he used it as an opening to say that two of his friends should be the NBA. But he certainly isn’t wrong.

J.R. Smith chides Jennings for deleting tweets and tweeting about someone without including the @ symbol so the tweet appears in the other person’s mentions. But Smith deleted most his aforementioned tweets and doesn’t tweet to Jennings’ actual username once.

Jennings’ only mistake here was deleting his tweet. If you’re going to be a jerk, own it.

I have no reason to believe that Jennings isn’t working hard enough to become a better basketball player. Jennings spending part of his day tweeting is not a distraction nor detriment to the Pistons.

People have opinions, and Jennings shouldn’t be pressured into hiding his — especially when he’s clearly right. This is all good fun, and it only brings more intrigue to Tuesday’s Pistons-Knicks matchup.

Maybe by then, Jennings will be playing better and will have meshed more with his new teammates. But there’s still plenty of time for him to settle in.

For now, I just hope Jennings grows the courage to stand by his opinions, even if they rattle a few people.

Jennings apologized, according to David Mayo of MLive, and I’m cool with that, too – as long as that’s what Jennings wanted to do. But, now everyone knows what he thinks about Chris Smith, so Jennings might as well own it.


  • Nov 15, 20135:56 pm
    by Hook Shot


    Focus on basketball and your team, Mr. Jennings. 

  • Nov 16, 20133:25 am
    by Windy


    Who cares..boring story and honestly adds zero hype to the game…you’d think the nso and the twitisphere would have so much more to run with…
    ill help you out, I’m from Canada…google Ron Ford and enjoy your afternoon haha

  • Nov 16, 20133:26 am
    by Windy



  • Nov 17, 20133:28 pm
    by Quin


    Actually, I wouldn’t have the apology as the side note. It would be the heading, followed by maybe two sentences. It takes maturity to apologize when you know you’re wrong. He should leave those kinds of statements to fans and media.

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