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Preseason Game #2: Miami Heat at Detroit Pistons


  • Teams: Miami Heat at Detroit Pistons
  • Date: October 10, 2013
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Radio: 97.1 FM The Ticket, 950 AM
  • Television: None

What to look for

The clash of the undefeated titans happens tonight!

In all seriousness, the Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons both won their preseason openers and will meet tonight at the Palace of Auburn Hills for an exhibition game that will give a bit more insight on the home team.

Miami is bringing back the same core as least season, thus we have a clear indication of what to expect from the defending champions. After missing the first preseason game, Dwyane Wade is scheduled to play tonight in Detroit.

The Heat have two newcomers in Michael Beasley and Greg Oden that are both reclamation projects and it will be interesting to see what happens with them going forward. Both were once upon a time projected to be franchise saviors, but at the moment they will have to fight to make the team.

It’s quite doubtful we will see both tonight at the Palace.

From the Pistons’ standpoint, tonight’s contest comes with a lot of intrigue because of how the team looked against Maccabi Hafai. Detroit shared the ball and played in unison in their preseason opener.

Because it was an exhibition game against an overmatched opponent, it’s difficult to use that contest as a projection of things to come. Still, there were some things seen in the matchup that raised eyebrows a little.

Between Josh Smith and Andre Drummond, the Pistons have two players that are terrific finishers at the basket. In turn, that means Brandon Jennings and company will be better on this front in 2013-14.

In 2012-13, they were second in the league in total shots at the rim but converted those field goals at a bottom-five rate. Smith and Drummond change that equation a little. Have a look at the video below and watch as Greg Monroe sets up Drummond for a paint shot in the preseason opener:

The Pistons will have to run several actions to get shots directly at the rim because they lack a premier player to manufacture those shots. The coaching staff has already made that realization and thus they have a couple of sets with a few reads that will free up guys at the basket.

In the video below, Detroit runs a simple baseline action that Lawrence Frank used last season. Drummond sets the screen and watches his man cheat over the top a little. Rodney Stuckey reads the defense and just throws the ball up for the alley-oop connection:

Detroit scored 56 points in the paint against Maccabi and it will be interesting to see if they can approach that total against the Heat. Miami was one of the best defensive teams in 2012-13 and they were amongst the 10 best teams at defending the paint last season per Team Rankings.

Thus, Detroit’s ability to create and convert shots at the rim will give a semblance of an idea whether this will be something the Pistons can capitalize on during the 2013-14 regular season.

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  • Oct 10, 20136:04 pm
    by The Guru


    This should be a win!!. I heard Singler is supposed to start at the 2, hopefully that’s false information…

  • Oct 10, 20137:41 pm
    by Reaction


    Why isn’t Jennings playing… why put Will Bynum in as a starter..

    • Oct 10, 201311:06 pm
      by Anthony J.


      BJ, Datome, Siva and Stuckey were all on the injury list at the game.

  • Oct 10, 20137:42 pm
    by Windy


    Sticker out 6 weeks broken hand

  • Oct 10, 20138:47 pm
    by gmehl


    @Windy I assume you mean ‘Stuckey’ is out 6 weeks and its actually with a broken thumb. No offence to Stuckey but I am sure this is a higher power saying to coach Cheeks to give court time to KCP.


  • Oct 10, 201310:21 pm
    by Ryan


    That’s a bummer for Rodney Stuckey but for the team I think it’s a good thing. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope getting more minutes is helpful for us.

  • Oct 10, 201310:30 pm


    I really lke what I saw tonight

    • Oct 10, 201310:45 pm
      by jamesjones_det


      I thought they looked pertty good overall as well but I still have my concerns about outside shooting, if they continue to draw 40+ free throw attempts a game I’m not that worried but I don’t think they will get some of those calls in the regular season. 
      KCP also needs a lot more work on offense than I thought (at least based on the first two preseason games).  Defensively he’s a beast but he still seems to be struggling to hit jumpers.

      • Oct 10, 201310:48 pm
        by jamesjones_det


        I forgot to add that in fairness KCP only had a couple open looks this game but I’m still not encouraged but what I’ve see so far (though I’m also not worried yet).

    • Oct 10, 201311:08 pm
      by Anthony J.


      I agree. The crowd was electric today. The one thing I want to point out is that we totally killed Miami in the rebound department (which was expected) and we played good defense overall. If we can bring our  offense along nicely then this team can truly rack up some wins.

  • Oct 10, 201310:38 pm
    by Some Dude


    The first unit played well again tonight. Smith went 2/3 for 3 point range, he’s been efficient so far. Drummond was awesome as usual, nail his free-throws.

    The game got out of hand in the 4th with the second unit. Bynum played 46 minutes with the other 4 PG not playing. But he did well playing really fatigue. The Heat defense was pretty good not allowing any open threes. KCP never really got a open look and wasn’t shooting until the final minutes of the game. He was pulling up for 3 trying to cut the lead. He went 1/5 but he wasn’t getting good looks. A few went in a out, but I like that he keeps shooting. Those shots will drop eventually.

    • Oct 10, 201311:11 pm
      by The Guru


      I agree, our first unit will do serious damage against our opponents…Our Smith/Monroe/Drummond combo looks fantastic…

  • Oct 11, 20139:23 am


    im surprised theres no post game break down here…. although Lebrobn was coasting, and Billups nor Jennings played….

    Floor spacing wasnt a serious issue …we actually looked really hard to defend at times…

    we dominated the boards, thats something I can see happening often…

    We had 8blks….

    Turnovers were high @ 23 , but i dont know if that would be the norm with Jennings or Billups running the point….

    3 point shooting was off, but I have to believe our designated 3 point shooters like Pope, Charlie, and Singler wont go 2-12 for 3′s on a night to night basis….

    in the first 3 qrts were pretty legit

    • Oct 11, 20139:41 am
      by tarsier


      You have to recognize that some of this is the uniqueness of playing the Heat. In that matchup, you expect to do better than normal on the boards, turn over the ball a lot more, and shoot reasonably well from mid-to-deep.

      • Oct 11, 201311:51 am
        by I HATE FRANK


        How you been Tar,

        Been awhile

        And i agree completely….

        but theres a certain style of play i expect to take place, the only thing I would love to see improve is the reserves and their shooting

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