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Playoff Push: Will Bynum

What is the No. 1 thing Will Bynum can step up to do to help the Pistons make the playoffs?

Provide a spark from outside the rotation

Bynum will likely begin the season in the rotation with Rodney Stuckey out, but if every guard hits his upside, Bynum should be pushed out. It’s far from guaranteed that will happen, but it would bode well for the Pistons’ playoff chances. Besides, Bynum can best serve the team as a non-rotation player. Bynum plays the same way all the time: full throttle. Deploy him when the Pistons trail big late, and he at least increases variance. If he’s driving to score and set up teammates, perhaps a comeback is possible. If he’s turning the ball over and missing jumpers, oh well. A loss was likely, anyway.

-Dan Feldman

Keep playing like he’s fighting for a contract

I’m admittedly the self-appointed president of the Will Bynum fan club. The draw of Bynum, for me, has always been how he often plays like he’s trying to prove himself on a 10-day contract rather than enjoying his third NBA contract. I find that fascinating – it’s probably a byproduct of how hard he’s had to fight just to have a NBA career in the first place. But now? The team wanted him back, even with other guard options, and re-signed him, which was a mild surprise. His coach, Maurice Cheeks, is a fellow Chicagoan who seems to connect with him. And the player he complements most on the team just so happens to be Andre Drummond, one of the most exciting young players in the league and, the Pistons hope, their franchise center for the next decade or more. I’m very curious how Bynum performs with, seemingly, a secure role for the first time in his Pistons career.

-Patrick Hayes

Perform consistently

Last year, Bynum played like a superstar one game, and a D-Leaguer the next game. This season, he’ll see his minutes cut a little bit due to Stuckey and Billups getting time with starter Brandon Jennings. The key for Bynum this season is to just make sure that he plays like a serviceable bench player in his time on the floor. He doesn’t have to play like he did last year when he dropped 31 points against the Hawks in December, but he also shouldn’t play as poorly as his 2-for-9, five-point performance against Charlotte in January. He must find a happy medium.

-Jameson Draper

Wait for his opportunity

There really isn’t a defined role for Bynum right now, but as the season progresses he’ll emerge. There are plenty of reasons why he’s not the perfect player, but if he’s used correctly as a change-of-pace guard, he’s a valuable piece. Plus, let’s just get this out of the way now: As great as it is that Chauncey Billups is back in Detroit, he’s not going to stay healthy for all 82 games this season.

- Brady Fredericksen


  • Oct 12, 20134:26 pm
    by Duke


    I have been a Pistons fan since the Bad Boyz days. However lately I only watch because of Will, he’s what’s right about the team and league, a true master of hard work. I wish more could see the work ethic, his “all in” nature just makes everyone else work harder. I think he will have a breakthrough year.

  • Oct 13, 20133:31 am
    by Some Dude


    Was this article written before or after the first 3 preseason games?

    Bynum deserves to be in the rotation even with everybody healthy. He’s been lighting up the floor so far. He gets to the basket and scores at will, while racking up nice assist numbers. I think he’s proven to Cheeks already he needs to be in the rotation with consistent minutes. His chemistry with Drummond is a plus plus. 

    • Oct 13, 20138:51 am
      by tarsier


      You can’t take the time to look at the top of the article and see that it was posted Oct 12 at s:49 PM?

      Anyway, whether it was written before or after a few preseason games is completely meaningless. We care a bit about how rookies look in the preseason because we don’t have much other data on them. We’ve seen Bynum for years. We know what he is as a player. And a couple preseason games aren’t changing that.

      Also, he’s been good but not great in the preseason anyway. 

      • Oct 13, 201310:58 am
        by Travis


        (personal attack removed) SomeDude asked when it was written, not posted. The answers may well have been written 2-3 days ago and then posted on the 12th. No one likes a jerk.

        • Oct 13, 201311:09 am
          by Some Dude


          @ Travis: Yeah, that’s exactly what I was think actually. I was thinking these articles could have been written while ago and only just posted recently.

        • Oct 13, 20132:25 pm
          by tarsier


          The greater point (most of my comment) was that a couple preseason games are irrelevant. They’re preseason. And we have lots of information on Bynum anyway. He can be awful or fantastic and averages out to a decent backup. And if he gets no PT because there are enough better guys on the roster to sop up all the PG minutes, that’s nothing but a plus.

      • Oct 13, 201311:05 am
        by Some Dude


        I know it was written recently, I was being sarcastic. The article also didn’t mention anything of Bynums recent play, and I think he deserves the mention. Sure it’s only two games, small sample size, but he picked up the slack and played 47 minutes the other night and play efficiently.

        The fact that he gets to the basket so easily and hits his layups at a high percentage works to the teams advantage. Hence why it makes sense for him to be in the rotation if they wanna increase their chances of winning. I wanna see the rookies play as well. But for this team to be successful. The guard rotation must be Jennings/Billups with Bynum/KCP as backups. You could even switch Billups and KCP, not a problem with me.

        That, imo, is the most effective 4 guard rotation. I do want Stuckey to play also however, because I think he can help the team. But with his skill set, he’s out of place. I would have been perfectly fine with Stuckey in the rotation and Bynum out of it. But since Stuckey is injured, that ain’t happening.

      • Oct 13, 20135:52 pm
        by Kenny


        For all you who are disrespecting Bynum, go get a life. Bynum has been the most explosive guard in our rotation the past 4 seasons. He has the team record for points scores in a quarter, plays 47 minutes and scores 28 against the Heat, gets 11 assists in less then 30 minutes, and you people and these clueless blog writers keep saying he is expendable. What a bunch of morons!

        • Oct 13, 20136:21 pm
          by tarsier


          He has done all of those things and has been one of my favorite Pistons for years. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is expendable.

          • Oct 14, 20132:22 am
            by Some Dude

            At this point tho, I’d feel more comfortable with Bynum as the main backup PG. Actually, I rather have Billups do it, but it seems he’ll play SG, so scratch that. Stuckey is injured, which leaves Siva. I’m pretty high on Siva and want him to get on the floor, but right now Bynum is simply the best option here (talent wise and experience wise). His explosiveness and scoring ability is what we need off the bench. Billups is always there if things need to be under control. But Bynums the man for the backup PG job.

          • Oct 14, 20138:26 am
            by tarsier

            With Stuckey out, it would definitely hurt to lose Bynum. But between Jennings, Biilups, Pope, and Singler, you could fill out a guard rotation with minimal use of Siva. That is why Bynum is expendable. And because Stuckey isn’t out for the season or anything.

            But yes, over the course of Stuckey’s injury, Bynum should be good for adding one or two wins to the Pistons. So I guess it depends how you define expendable.

  • Oct 13, 20136:38 am
    by Some Dude


    Pistons not the only team with injuries tho. Trey Burke broke his finger last night.

  • Oct 13, 201311:23 am
    by Duke


    Some people just aren’t Will fans and wil never give him credit for anything, so I don’t debate with them any more. As a Pistons fan and a big Bynum fan I just want the team to do well.  I do wish some of the negative posters would post somewhere else sometimes however, I mean they seem to only look for the bad.

  • Oct 14, 20134:59 am
    by Jens


    I do not understand this whole conversation here! I guess it´s indisputable, that Bynum is one of the few guys who clearly helped themselves in the preseason so far (the others Drummond, Jerebko and Singler). There were also some dudes NOT helping themselves. Those were primarily Villanueva and Stuckey (regardless of the broken finger and regardless what Cheeks publically said).

    Everything else, INDEED, has not changed for years with Bynum He is one of the most explosive Players who can do wonders on a certain night, but is not consistent enough to built on him as a starter. I wouldn´t Play him for like 10 minutes a night, rather use him as a catalyst whenever the Team has a big deficit or Jennings has a bad day.    

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