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Playoff Push: Peyton Siva

Each year, we do a themed preview series to ready for the season. This year’s theme is "Playoff Push."

What is the No. 1 thing Peyton Siva can step up to do to help the Pistons make the playoffs?

Cheer enthusiastically

Obviously, there are more important things for Siva’s NBA career, but because this preview is focused on the Pistons making the playoffs this year, and I doubt Siva sees many minutes with Brandon Jennings, Chauncey Billups, Will Bynum and Rodney Stuckey ahead of him at point guard. But Siva, clearly a passionate player, can still have a positive impact if he shows the same enthusiasm while cheering from the bench. Too many times the last few years, the Pistons looked disinterested in a game. That wasn’t a huge problem when improving the team’s lottery odds was actually more beneficial than chasing an unrealistic playoff berth. Now that the postseason is in reach, every game matters much more, and Siva could help the playing Pistons get geared up.

-Dan Feldman

Practice like a beast

If Siva plays meaningful minutes this season, it will likely mean the Pistons stated goal of making the playoffs was derailed somewhere. Any expectation that Siva contributes or even plays during games is misguided. Instead, he can help the team simply be being the defensive terror in practice that he was at Louisville. Harass and pressure the Detroit guards, particularly Jennings and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in practice, so much that any pressure they feel in games from other guards will be minimal. Then, perhaps by next season, he’ll be ready to challenge for the backup point guard position.

-Patrick Hayes

Be competent on offense

Siva was drafted to be the Pistons’ last guard off the bench late in the second round for this reason and this reason only: his defense. He has a small frame, but he was one of the best defensive guards in the country at Louisville. Siva will only see playing time on the Pistons this year when they’re in dire need of some defense, because he’s useless on offense. He’s not a great facilitator, and when you combine that with the fact that in his last season at Louisville he was a 40% shooter from the field, there really isn’t that much there on the offensive side of the ball. If he can work on his shot this year and become at least a competent offensive player, he could possibly see a lot of playing time.

-Jameson Draper

Constantly bring energy

Chances are Siva won’t be seeing the court a whole lot for the Pistons this season. That’s probably a a good thing at this point, but Siva still has value to this team. He’s a shifty, quick point guard who can get to the rim and set up others. During practice, a guy who can slice up your defense is valuable, and that’s where he needs to bring that energy. Be valuable even if you’re not in games.

-Brady Fredericksen


  • Oct 1, 20132:04 pm
    by brgulker


    Never play. 

  • Oct 1, 201310:10 pm
    by Kathy Clater


    Siva will do all of the things each of you listed, because he’s a selfless, team first, natural leader.  The only legitimate issue you’ve raised is his jumper, and he’s working hard on that.  Why did HOF Coach Pitino call him his all time favorite player, and want the ball in his hands every minute of the championship game?  His teammates called him a role model and a player/coach.  People wonder why that team was so close, answer – Siva.  Analysts have always underestimated him.  It may take a few months, but Siva will earn minutes.

    • Oct 1, 201310:23 pm
      by frankie d


      I agree to some extent.  His profile and history is remarkably similar to the young mo cheeks.  Cheeks may give him a real shot, as a result.  I certainly dont think he is going to take billups spot or jennings spot but he may well get more than garbage time minutes and if that happens, imho,, his plusses will become very evident and it will be clear that the team needs some of what he can bring to the court: toughness, tough d at the point and leadership.

  • Oct 1, 201311:08 pm
    by Ray Lauifi-Siva


    He is going to do great!  He has talent that people already tried to underestimate.  I believe he can show him self approved.

  • Oct 2, 20133:24 am
    by Some Dude


    Hopefully the Pistons will have enough games where they lead by 20 to allow Siva those garbage minutes. Other than that, it’s hard to see him on the floor with so many guards in front of him. His best bet, is that Stuckey is traded, which will loosing things up a bit. Either that or some injuries happen to the guys in front of him. It’s possible, as injuries can’t be avoided.

    • Oct 2, 201312:06 pm
      by Kathy Clater


      Lots of talk about Stuckey being traded.  Trades, fouls, flu, injury, Jennings reverts to old ways, Arnie wants to rest Billups, playing against a fast guard, need aggressive D, need to take better care of ball (Summer League assist to turnover ratio leader).  Anything can happen.  Siva will earn his opportunity.

    • Oct 2, 20131:46 pm
      by CNA5


      Remember, teams only get to dress 12 players.  Siva’s unlikely to dress unless they lose multiple PGs.  At PG, he’s behind Jennings, Billups, Stuckey, and Bynum.  The rest of the 12 will probably be Smith, Datome, Singler, Drummond, Monroe, Caldwell-Pope, Villanueva, and Jerebko.
      Tony Mitchell (because he’s talented) and Josh Harrellson (if they need another center against bigger teams) are much more likely to play.  So, garbage time is unlikely for Siva.
      Best thing Siva can do for his career is to get to the D-League and play his ass off.  If the Pistons move 1 or more PGs, he can make his case to get on the active roster.  If not, he can try to play his way onto another team for a second look.

  • Oct 2, 20131:19 pm
    by tarsier


    So which of you Siva backers would have had the same expectations for him if any other team in the league drafted him?

    Since Detroit took him, I’ve seen plenty of people espousing his merits. But I never saw a single comment before the draft by anyone hoping that the Pistons would wind up with Siva.  

    • Oct 2, 20132:33 pm
      by CityofKlompton


      Exactly. I think there are a lot of people who have suddenly become enchanted with Siva because he is now wearing the Pistons’ colors and appears to have a hood attitude. You know who else had a good attitude, was the leader and glue-guy for a national championship winning squad, and didn’t have a jump shot? Maternal Cleaves. I think we all know how that went…

      • Oct 2, 20132:34 pm
        by CityofKlompton


        *good attitude

      • Oct 2, 20132:35 pm
        by CityofKlompton


        Also, *Mateen…. gotta stop commenting from my phone…

    • Oct 2, 20134:18 pm
      by tarsier


      I’m not trying to say that there is no chance he will ever be rotation-caliber. Just that in this past draft alone, there are a ton of PGs I’d rather have:

      Burke, McCollum, MCW, Schroeder, Larkin, Canaan, McCallum, Wolters, Jackson, Neto

      Half of those guys will fail to affect the NBA landscape one iota (even if they do play sometimes). And those guys are all better prospects than Siva. They all had people excited about drafting them… before the draft happened.

  • Oct 2, 20132:54 pm
    by Ryank


    How likely is it Siva seems some time on the floor…  I think it’s unlikely Bynum and Billups are healthy for the entire season.  Stuckey could be traded anytime and that opens things up for Siva to play behind Jennings.  Assuming the veterans are healthy and Stuckey isn’t traded, Siva will not see much action…


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