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Playoff Push: Jonas Jerebko

What is the No. 1 thing Jonas Jerebko can step up to do to help the Pistons make the playoffs?

Take only good shots

Jerebko’s play unraveled last season for many reasons, most of which was his insistence on hunting shots. That’s not Jerebko’s game, at least in the NBA, and it sapped his energy for hustling and rebounding. Jerebko can be a very effective reserve with the right mindset, and narrowing his shot selection would go a long way, especially now that the Pistons have more competent offensive options. If he does that, then maybe he gets back to doing the little things that endeared him to the Pistons in the first place.

-Dan Feldman

Remember who you are

When Jonas Jerebko is a hustling, energetic, bundle of movement who runs the floor, finishes, plays physical defense and crashes the offensive glass, he’s a valuable rotation player who can help the Pistons significantly at multiple positions this season. When he’s a guy convinced that he has any semblance of an offensive game, he’s a negative presence on the court. I want Jerebko to be the player the Pistons thought he was when they re-signed him based on a promising rookie year, not the player who was justifiably benched last season.

-Patrick Hayes

Stay positive

Jerebko will likely buried on the bench behind Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe, Josh Smith and Charlie Villanueva and will be competing for minimal playing time with new Pistons Josh Harrellson and Tony Mitchell. In tough times like these it’s hard for a player to keep up his work ethic and maintain hope, but that’s exactly what Jonas needs to do. Just keep working, and unlike last year, don’t sulk if he doesn’t get minutes immediately.

-Jameson Draper

Rebound, a lot

It’s pretty simple: if the Jerebko who shot everything he touched early last season comes back this season, so will the Jerebko who sat on the bench for a quarter of the season. The Swede needs to get back to his roots as a rebounder. There are other Pistons capable of being that energy forward off the bench, so the pressure is on Jerebko to prove himself.

- Brady Fredericksen


  • Oct 7, 20136:09 pm
    by gmehl


    I really can’t see anything that JJ offers this team now other than being trade bait. We more than likely will be sporting one of the best (if not the best) rebounding teams in the league and than is what JJ is best at so I’m afraid due to that alone if someone offers up something worthwhile for the big swede then I think he is gone. It sux because we all remember his rookie season where he outplayed Daye and Summers who were both drafted before him. The problem is JJ isn’t that hustling guy he was in his rookie season anymore.

    • Oct 8, 20133:30 am
      by Some Dude


      Stuckey and Villanueva will most likely get traded before anyone even considers trading JJ. JJ is a bit younger, and is still a better fit on this team than the other 2.

  • Oct 7, 20136:58 pm
    by CNA5


    Hit the open 3 without hesitation.  If he does that along with chasing loose balls and rebounding, he’ll get minutes.  If he goes into Swedish Superstar mode trying to show off his ballhandling and pump fakes or trying to create his own shot, he’ll find himself where he was last year- out of the rotation.

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