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Pistons-Wizards preview intriguing season opener with less-interesting preseason game


  • Teams: Washington Wizards at Detroit Pistons
  • Date: October 22, 2013
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Television: NBA TV
  • Radio: WXYT 1270 AM

What to look for

I answered a few questions for TruthAboutIt.net leading up to the game:

Q #1: In the offseason my gut feeling was that the Josh Smith-Greg Monroe-Andre Drummond 3-4-5 combo simply would not work, partially because Smith at 3 seems like a bad offensive situation for him and partially because I suspected that Drummond would be better coming off the bench for another season. The trio has obviously started all preseason games, so how have they looked? (And will they give the small ball lineup of Wall-Beal-Webster-Ariza-Nene the Wizards are capable of turning to fits?)

@danfeld11: Drummond is way too good to come off the bench. Heck, he was too good to come off the bench last year (though that didn’t stop Lawrence Frank).

It’s tough to say now how the frontline will work, because the Pistons’ backcourt has not been at full strength. Brandon Jennings (wisdom tooth), Rodney Stuckey (slammed thumb in car door), Will Bynum (food poisoning) and Chauncey Billups (old) — what a comical set of circumstances — have been out during the preseason, and second-rounder Peyton Siva can’t orchestrate a work-in-progress offense.

Maybe Smith, Monroe and Drummond will work together. Maybe they won’t. But they have no chance without decent guards to alleviate some spacing pressure.

Chauncey Billups is back, but we still can’t judge the Smith-Monroe-Drummond frontline tonight. David Mayo of MLive:

Siva, Billups, Singler, Monroe, Drummond starts for Pistons. Josh Smith out for rest.


  • Oct 22, 20137:04 pm
    by gmehl



  • Oct 22, 20138:22 pm
    by haydzzz


    they are dominating… i havent seen us look this good in a while.. i know its preseason but its encouraging and jennings and smith aint even playing

    • Oct 23, 201312:26 am
      by Anthony


      That’s what scares me. We’re dominating and our “beat players” aren’t even playing. Is that a good sign that when they’re back were even better? Or does that mean were better off without them? 

  • Oct 23, 201312:09 am
    by jacob


    “Billups(old)” yup

  • Oct 23, 201312:42 am
    by The Guru


    KCP continues to prove me right…KCP=6th man!..There’s nothing wrong with that though, hopefully he can get his jumper to start falling in…

  • Oct 23, 201312:50 am
    by tarsier


    If all the PGs are out of commission, I wonder how Smith would do as a point forward. He’s a good ball-handler and passer and it might let Detroit get away with playing 2-3 other wings (along with one or both of Monroe/Drummond).

    I’m picturing running the offense through Smith regardless of whether he brings the ball up the court. Two to three of Pope/Singler/Datome/Jerebko can flank him. Then on D, Pope can pick up the PG, Datome can guard the other team’s least capable wing, and Smith can defend the better wing.

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