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Pistons want their own D-League team (Grand Rapids would make sense)

David Mayo of MLive:

The Detroit Pistons have engaged in discussions about acquiring exclusive control of an NBA Developmental League team, Joe Dumars said Friday.

The Pistons’ president of basketball operations was not specific about whom the team had negotiated with, where any such team would be based, or whether the pursuit focused on an existing or expansion franchise.

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Oct 9, 20136:58 pm
    by John F


    I’m pulling for Grand Rapids. The Griffins hockey team has a pretty loyal fanbase and that team has had a lot of recent success. Surely the idea of a D-League basketball team in the same city isn’t too far fetched?

  • Oct 9, 20139:13 pm
    by CityofKlompton


    Being a Grand Rapidian, I would be ecstatic if the Pistons brought a D-Leahue team here. We previously had a CBA team until Isaiah Thomas ran the league into the ground. Then an IBL team that nobody seemed to know existed.

  • Oct 9, 20139:18 pm
    by Robbie P


    Umm… Are we missing the obvious with the Flint Tropics?! I mean Gores is from that area, right?

    • Oct 9, 201311:11 pm
      by gmehl


      They need to seriously make this happen. They need to get the same jerseys and sign up Will Ferrel as the #1 ticket holder :-)

  • Oct 9, 201310:09 pm
    by RyanK


    Toledo it is!  The Mud Hens are there and they have a brand new arena downtown.  I mentioned this to someone high in Pistons management a couple years ago and he thought it was likely that a D-league team ended up there.

    • Oct 9, 201311:59 pm
      by CityofKlompton


      Screw that! Toledo sucks and our arena is still vastly superior to theirs! 

      But there have been rumors about a D-League team coming to Toledo for quite some time I think…. sigh….

      • Oct 10, 20137:17 am
        by RyanK


        Have you been to their arena?  I’ve been to both and Toledo’s is better.  It’s obvious you are from Grand Rapids, because it takes a very bias person to make your statement.

        • Oct 10, 20131:17 pm
          by CityofKlompton


          I was being sarcastic. Damn text and it’s complete failure to convey sarcasm. My bad.

  • Oct 10, 20139:23 am
    by acr


    I’d like for them to create a new D-League team in the city of Detroit and use that as their affiliate.  

  • Oct 10, 201310:00 am
    by ryank


    wow the D league team in the city of Detroit while the  Pistons play  in Auburn Hills.  that would be a major slap in the face.  no way that’s going to happen

    • Oct 10, 201310:31 am
      by tarsier


      that would be hilariously awesome

    • Oct 10, 20131:27 pm
      by acr


      I think that it could be perceived as a slap in the face to some, but it would also bring some good basketball to a city that loves the sport, establish a re-connection between the organization and those that live in the city, and lay the groundwork for a potential move back to Detroit (granted, likely 10-15 years down the road, if at all).  You could also argue that investing resources in Grand Rapids instead of Detroit would be perceived as an ever greater slap in the face…

    • Oct 10, 20132:39 pm
      by jamesjones_det


      Would make complete sense sense to me, no one wants to watch the DLeague and no one wants to go to Detroit.  Seems like a perfect match.

  • Oct 12, 20131:18 pm
    by Andy


    I like the Flint Tropics idea.  Louisville,Ky would be great for me Lol.  We love basketball down here unlike anywhere else

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