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Maurice Cheeks reportedly threatened woman, pulled her hair and called her a (expletive)

Tammy Stables Battaglia of the Detroit Free Press:

A 45-year-old Atlanta woman visiting Cheeks, 56, in August told Birmingham Police that she confronted him after finding a glass in the dishwasher rimmed with another woman’s lipstick, according to the investigation report released today under the Freedom of Information Act.

“During the argument, (she) threw the glass down a flight of stairs, shattering it on the bottom of the staircase,” the officer wrote in the report. “She stated Cheeks was trying to prevent her from leaving and was taking her belongings out of the suitcase and throwing them around the bedroom … screaming at her to clean up the broken glass and calling her a (expletive).”

The woman told police that Cheeks blocked her from leaving, pulling her hair and putting his fist against the side of her face. She said he agreed to let her leave when she agreed to clean up the broken glass. Instead, she fled and called 911. Police picked her up just after midnight Aug. 31, at the corner of Woodward and Bowers.

Pistons spokesman Kevin Grigg today also declined to comment on the allegations released in the report.

“This situation’s closed for us because nothing ever came — it was thrown out,” he said. “The issue’s closed for us.”

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Oct 18, 201312:53 pm
    by Aaron



  • Oct 18, 20131:33 pm
    by labatts


    So this is two incidents, right?  Before he has coached a single game.

  • Oct 18, 20131:50 pm
    by Ryan


    It’s one messed up incident. Not a good look.

  • Oct 18, 20132:39 pm
    by Windy


    It’s the same incident but now the story of what MAY of happened has come out…

  • Oct 18, 20132:39 pm
    by jg22


    I don’t really see how this anyone’s business, tbh. No charges were filed, so he isn’t in trouble legally. It sounds like he just cheated on his girlfriend and they had an argument over it, with his girlfriend then escalating it into a physical confrontation when she decided to smash a wine glass in his home. My guess is she didn’t press charges because she was the one at fault, in someone’s else’s house damaging their property. At that point Cheeks has a right to self defense, regardless of what happened after that. 

    Like the Pistons said its a closed case, so nothing else needs to be said about it and just move on which it sounds like Cheeks and the Pistons already have.

    • Oct 18, 20137:46 pm
      by butterscotch


      I feel the same way that you do. All this 45 years old woman had to do when she saw the lipstick on the glass was to grab her things and jump into a taxi, heading toward the airport.  After she acted that way at Cheeks’ home, he should have given her a ride to the airport, himself.  Grow up and act like adults.  This is no big deal. Now Coach Cheeks, the next time this happens, you know what to do.

  • Oct 18, 20132:53 pm
    by Normal 2


    “wait a minute, he’s wearing armor..he’s human after all”–1989 batman

  • Oct 18, 20134:46 pm
    by Maurice Cheeks


    Why not make the woman’s name public as well?  Seems like everyone should wear the stink equally.

  • Oct 18, 20135:26 pm
    by pistons moribund



  • Oct 19, 20132:43 am
    by Some Dude


    Well I’m glad that’s cleared up, now lets forget about it and play ball!

  • Oct 19, 20133:35 am
    by gmehl


    My 2 cents would be that this is her side of the story and we all know there is always 2 sides to a story so until (which is highly unlikely) we hear Cheeks’ side to the story you can’t totally believe what was said. For all we know the story could’ve been blown out to be more than what it is to make him look bad. I am not defending him but just stating that your innocent until proven guilty. I am sure Cheeks would like to share his side but it’s one of those situations where mud sticks when it is thrown.

  • Oct 19, 201310:50 am
    by Drloyal


    A woman scorned is what it sounds like & yes I am defending the Coach I have know this man for 50 years  and there is a reason through out his entire NBA career you “never” heard of him being a part of any negative press it’s because of the caliber of a man he is it makes me sad a woman would throw dirt on his name out of jealousy. He is a single man in “his” own home  and she disrespected it but harm her no way ask her to leave yeah I can see that!!!

  • Oct 20, 20139:35 am
    by Blocks by Dre


    With all of this being said…..

    Cheeks >>>>>>> Frank 

  • Oct 21, 20134:01 pm
    by Hardy


    The first question you have to ask is why is this glamorized leak pushed out here?
    The second  question why are people so worried about this man’s personal life?
    The third regardless of what happen she was at his place destroying personal property so she is lucky she wasnt arrested.

  • Oct 24, 20139:28 pm
    by Wall-E


    Nvrmd.  Just further details of the same incident.  Forgive me, I’ve moved to Chicago and am not getting daily Piston news except for this site.

  • Jan 23, 20149:15 am
    by visa


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