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Maurice Cheeks basically calls Charlie Villanueva out of shape

David Mayo of MLive:

Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks speculated that Charlie Villanueva’s 0-of-8 shooting on 3-pointers in two preseason games is the product of training-camp legs. "If you’re a shooter, you’ve got to get yourself in that shape to be able to make those shots," Cheeks said.

"If you’re a rebounder, you’re not rebounding, they find somebody to rebound. If you’re a shooter, you don’t shoot, they find somebody to shoot," he said.

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Oct 15, 201312:58 pm
    by tarsier


    Hooray, there is at least one positive for hiring Cheeks.

  • Oct 15, 20131:03 pm
    by CityofKlompton


    Agreed! Score one for Mo.

  • Oct 15, 20131:04 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    I can’t wait until we don’t here his name mentioned in any other context other than being a former Pistons.

  • Oct 15, 20131:29 pm
    by tarsier


    I’d just as soon give any “shooting big man” minutes to Tony Mitchell. Why bother with CV?

  • Oct 15, 20131:33 pm
    by Matt


    Does this mean we won’t be reading any “Villanueva is in the best shape of his life” articles?
    If so, I am disappointed. It was something to set your calendar by, sort of like the leaves changing color.

  • Oct 15, 20131:39 pm
    by swish22


    Good to see Mo calling a spade a spade!!   This should keep him at the end of the bench if not off the team completely!  

  • Oct 15, 20135:02 pm
    by gmehl


    Time for Jorts to stake his claim. If he can fill that stretch big man role off the bench then we don’t even have utter CVs name unless it involves the word ‘trade’.

  • Oct 15, 20135:41 pm
    by Thiago


    JJ and Mitchell!

    Enough with this CV crap. Bury him in the end of the bench, please. 

  • Oct 15, 20135:54 pm
    by Desolation Row


    I’m predicting a bounce back season for JJ. 

  • Oct 15, 201310:16 pm
    by domnick


    if mitchell can shoot then go. .. coz right now he can only rebound

    • Oct 15, 201311:20 pm
      by tarsier


      He shot pretty well in college.

  • Oct 16, 20132:30 pm
    by RB


    Please move this player he has been out of shape for the entire contract with Detorit

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